After filming wrapped on the latest installment of the Twilight franchise, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson wed in real life on October 19, 2011. The couple had been dating for several years and were determined to make their relationship official. They announced their engagement on October 15, 2011, just as the Twilight saga was reaching its close. The wedding was attended by celebrity friends and family, including Kate Bosworth, Lea Michele, and Lily Collins, who all wore stunning dresses. The reception was held at the home of Stewart’s parents in Beverly Hills. 

The ceremony itself was beautiful. Stewart’s parents, Linda and Scott, gave incredible speeches about their talented daughter. They were incredibly emotional, as one would expect from first-time grandparents-to-be. Stewart’s father ended his speech by encouraging the audience to be proud of what Kristen has accomplished. 

Pattinson and Stewart held hands throughout the ceremony, drawing attention from the audience in the process. The newlywed couple then made their way down the aisle to the sounds of “At Last.” This was followed by a reception that lasted three hours and was headlined by several songs by the legendary Louis Armstrong. 

The couple made their way to Vanity Fair’s after party, where they danced and toasted with their guests. This was the first time that Stewart had publicly acknowledged that she was a vampire, and it was also the first time she had publicly danced with someone other than her husband. 

The couple will reportedly honeymoon in Italy, where they spent their first night together as a married couple. They have also confirmed that they will be making their home in London. 

Why Wait? 

There are many reasons why Stewart and Pattinson decided to wed now rather than in the future. The couple discussed their engagement in an interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier this year. They explained that while they both still have a lot to learn about each other, they wanted to begin their life together as an official couple. They also mentioned that they wanted to be sure that they were ready to commit to each other before heading off to college. 

Pattinson and Stewart have known each other since they were 12 years old, and she has acknowledged that their chemistry is what first attracted her to him. However, they have both grown up and developed their own identities, which has helped them to mature as individuals and as a couple. They have also become more public figures as the years have gone by, which has made their engagement that much more anticipated. 

Stewart is arguably the most recognizable female celebrity in the world, and she has used this exposure to positively effect her fans. She has always been incredibly open about her life, embracing social media and using her blog to interact with her followers. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in April 2011, Stewart revealed that she and Pattinson had been discussing their engagement for several years. However, she took to social media to officially confirm their engagement on October 15, 2011.

Who’s Who? 

Aside from being a famous movie star, Stewart is also the founder of a fashion line named after her, as well as an animal rights foundation named after her dog, Bella. She has previously worked with the fashion brand Kenzo and spent a year as their artistic director. Most recently, Stewart starred in an independent film titled Still Waiting, which focuses on the difficulties of being a single parent. 

Pattinson has had a varied career. He began his acting journey in theater, where he performed in such plays as Measure for Measure and The Comedy of Errors. He then pivoted to film, appearing in the critically acclaimed 2010 movie A Dangerous Method. His performance as Aldous LeStrange won him the Cannes Film Festival’s most prestigious award, the Palme d’Or. He has also worked with renowned makeup artist MUA Cara on several projects, most notably the upcoming Dark Shadows. 

The Wedding Planner 

The planning and execution of Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding was extremely elaborate, and it was only after many changes and additions to the original plan that everything fell into place. The couple initially engaged in discussions with Linda and Scott Stewart about hosting the wedding in their home. However, they decided that they would like to hold the ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel, whose Polo Lounge is one of the most renowned wedding venues in the world. The Hotel Bel-Air also offered the couple a venue for the reception.

The two hotels were able to accommodate the large number of guests that attended the wedding, and Stewart and Pattinson were able to choose from an array of luxurious choices for their day. The wedding planner then worked with the couple to choose additional venues and to plan out the reception. 

Rocking The Attire 

The couple chose to wear white for the ceremony and to celebrate their union with each other. They were supported by a team of dedicated stylists who helped to guide them through the entire process of wedding planning. As fashion experts, they knew that it was important to keep up with the times and to stay current with trends while also being mindful of their budget. This is easier said than done, as wedding dress designers frequently come up with innovative creations that cost a fortune. 

However, Stewart and Pattinson were determined to keep the costs of their special day as low as possible, and they worked with the wedding planner to choose high-quality and long-lasting dresses that would not need to be altered or made-to-order. These were some of the most memorable and unique wedding dresses that have been created in recent years. 

The Big Day 

The couple’s wedding day began early in the morning with a bridal shower for Stewart that was held at the home of her parents. The room was decorated with white flowers and luxuries including chocolate-covered strawberries and pots of coffee. The guests at the shower enjoyed an intimate dinner with Stewart and her parents, as well as her siblings and their spouses, before the ceremony began. 

Pattinson arrived at the couple’s wedding venue, the Beverly Hills Hotel, shortly after 8:00 AM and waited patiently for Stewart to arrive. The ceremony itself was filled with laughs and tears, as the guests who attended had the opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Just as everyone was about to begin the recessional, a thunderous applause broke out from inside the Polo Lounge, and everyone turned to see what was going on. It was then that they learned that Joe Adler, their wedding photographer, had just finished shooting the most memorable scene from the Twilight saga: Bella’s wedding to Edward! The room erupted into cheers and applause, as Adler had the unique opportunity to capture the celebration of a lifetime on film.

The wedding reception was held at the same two hotels that were used for the ceremony, with attendees continuing to socialize and enjoy food and drinks in the historic Polo Lounge. The wedding cake was designed by pastry chef Linchpin and was garnished with edible gold bands and crystals. After the meal, the party moved to the Bel-Air Hotel for a champagne reception and to celebrate the successful culmination of the couple’s wedding plans. 

The marriage of Hollywood’s hottest young couple marks the beginning of a new era for Vanity Fair. The magazine will no longer be devoted to simply reporting on the latest celebrity scandals, as Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding gives birth to a whole new era of stories. It’s an era that will be defined by the power of celebrity, the strength of loyalty, and the beauty of real life.