Everyone knows that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were an item when they were younger, but it wasn’t until recently that their relationship became such a hot topic again. Since then, they’ve been consistently linked to one another, with rumors circulating about their status as of late. Now that they’re both older and wiser, it’s time to find out what the latest news means for their relationship.

New Romantic Comedy

One of the first major articles to rekindle the fire under this particular relationship was a piece published on February 23, 2020 by Michael Ausiello of New York Post. The writer shared details about how Kristen Stewart helped develop and star in a new romantic comedy that will be released this year. The as-yet-untitled project is described as a “modern romance” that will follow the stories of several interlocking couples, all of whom will deal with the pandemic and its aftermath. The story will be told from various points of view and through various emotional lenses. According to the article, Stewart took on the role of a producer as well as a star and played a crucial part in bringing the movie to life. She collaborated with the film’s writer, Krysty Wilson-Cook, on numerous occasions and helped to shape the story line. In addition to appearing in the film, Stewart will also serve as an executive producer and have a cameo in the movie.

KStew And Rob Inseparable

The next day, February 24, 2020, another piece appeared in the New York Post. This one, written by Rebecca Baldez, shed more light on the inseparable nature of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. In it, Baldez interviewed several of Stewart’s friends and collaborators, who all spoke about the actress’ incredible loyalty and devotion to her co-star. One of the most interesting tidbits comes from Stewart’s Good Boys co-star, Zachary Sklar, who reveals that she and Pattinson are constantly connected via phone, Skype, and Zoom, even when they’re apart. The article also shares an anecdote about how a close friend of Stewart’s was alarmed by how frequently she checked her phone following the premiere of the singer Billie Eilish’s new movie. “She told me that she was scared that [Stewart] had checked her phone so many times because she was lonely,” Baldez quotes her as saying. “I reassured her that wasn’t the case, that it was because she was worried about something and needed to communicate with her best friend.” Despite their busy schedules, Stewart and Pattinson always make time for one another. They’re constantly in touch, whether they’re filming multiple projects or just wrapping up a scene together. That sense of togetherness extends to their personal and professional lives, too; Baldez states that Stewart’s friends have noted how often they see the two of them at events, whether it’s a premiere or a gala.

More Independently Suited

Other interviews and articles have gone deeper into the dynamic between Stewart and Pattinson, exploring everything from their on-set chemistry and collaboration to the way they balance their hectic schedules and personal lives. In an article published in April 2020 by Tovah Medvinoff of Paper magazine, Stewart opens up about the unique dynamic of their relationship. “The good news about Rob is that he’s very independent,” she says. “He’s always been very successful at being both a strong partner and a strong person within himself. I think that’s what makes him such a great actor and such a great person. He really is his own man.” Stewart adds that she shares that same trait, describing herself as a “strong, opinionated person” who is also “very independent.” “I always say that having a strong personality is a beautiful thing,” she says. “You can’t please everyone all the time, and oftentimes that’s a wonderful thing because you can’t always be the person you should be pleasing.” The actress also describes how she strives to be both dependable and expressive, highlighting why she likes to play multiple roles in movies. “I believe you can be strong, independent, and feminine,” she says. “I think that’s a beautiful combination.”

Significant Attention

Even though they’ve been an item for nearly a decade, it wasn’t until recently that Stewart and Pattinson started to receive more attention than usual. That’s largely because of the coronavirus pandemic, which put a damper on certain industries and social gatherings, including Hollywood. Amidst all of the uncertainty, it wasn’t surprising that people started wondering about the state of their relationship. Some people even suspected that Stewart might be single, which she quickly and effortlessly shut down in a series of interviews and social media posts. According to multiple reports, her solo outings and appearances were among the first to be impacted by the pandemic. As she became less available for photo-ops and red carpets, questions about her private life grew more frequent, and not just among the tabloid press. In fact, as people became more interested in her love life, speculation about the state of her relationship with Pattinson became a topic of casual conversation among friends and acquaintances. The way they carry on professionally suggests that they’re still very much together, but what exactly is their dynamic now that they’re both older and more established?

What’s Next?

In an effort to clear the air about their relationship, Stewart and Pattinson have been featured in a number of interviews and articles, some of which address these issues head on and some of which avoid them, as much as possible. In any case, now that they’ve been more open about their collaboration and their feelings for one another, it’s unclear what the future holds for their romantic relationship. Will they continue to work together, and if so, how will their working relationship affect their private life? Will they remain committed to one another, or is this simply a short-lived fling that they’re both eager to put behind them? For the time being, all we can do is sit back and watch as these two very private individuals try to navigate this latest round of change and uncertainty together.