Kristen Stewart is arguably the most recognizable faces of the fashion world right now. The 20-year-old actress rose to fame after starring in the smash hit movie “Twilight”, becoming one of the biggest movie actresses in the world. Stewart is currently in negotiations to play the female lead in the upcoming 2021 “Battling Tove”, a Japanese live-action film adaptation of the popular novel series “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” by Koji Horner. 

While Stewart’s film career has taken her around the world, it has not prevented her from falling in love. The actress was first linked to British actor Robert Pattinson in 2016 after they were seen walking hand in hand in Paris. It was later revealed that the two were indeed dating, and a couple of months later they were spotted holding hands in Venice. Since then, the actress has traveled to Edinburgh with Pattinson to film the 2020 thriller “The Way Out”. In April, Stewart became a naturalized American citizen and changed her name to Kristen Stewart. She also began dating filmmaker Damian Loeb after meeting him at a Golden Globes after party in January.

While not every celebrity dating story makes it to the ­tabloids, the ­couples’ frequent romantic outings have made headlines. The ­penniless actor was spotted spending a romantic evening with his girlfriend at Soho House in January. Similarly, in October 2019, the ­entire cast of “The Irishman” were seen leaving a screening together at the Berlin Film Festival. The group included director Martin Scorsese, alongside actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. The following month, Scorsese was spotted holding hands with De Niro at the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards. While some might see this as a sign of disrespect, Scorsese has often been known to be very private around women and shied away from promoting any romantic involvement before his 2005 marriage to actress Mary J. Blige. 

Pattinson, on the other hand, is much more open about his personal life. The British actor and comedian dated Japanese model and singer Kiko Mizuhara from 2014 to 2019, and was married to French model and singer Bella Wedding in 2016. He has stated in the past that he only shares his ­romantic life on Twitter, explaining: “It’s something I haven’t done before, so therefore it’s new and exciting!” Since his split from Bella in September 2019, Pattinson has been linked to several women, including Icelandic singer Bjork and actress Ava Gardner, both of whom he met on social media. It was later revealed that Pattinson and Stewart had begun dating in mid-2019, and have since been seen together at several events including the UN Climate Action Summit in South Africa in September 2019 and the 2020 New York Fashion Week. 

Why Does It Matter Who Kristen Stewart Is Dating?

It matters who Kristen Stewart is dating because she is constantly in the spotlight. The actress’ personal life is always newsworthy regardless of whether she is filming a movie or attending an award ceremony. It is also important to keep in mind that Stewart is just one of the most prominent faces from the “Twilight” films. There are several other famous people linked to the ­beloved saga, including director Robert Pattinson, author Stephenie Meyer and musician Johnny Depp. The latter two were both previously married to actresses Catherine Middleton and Virginia Woolf, respectively. 

If one of these famous personages entered into a new relationship, it would be huge news. It is not lost on anyone that these couples have been linked together by Hollywood, and their public personas have often been mentioned in the same sentence. The fact that these individuals have not shied away from the limelight is why their romantic lives are interesting to follow. 

What Will The Media Say About Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson?

The media’s coverage of Stewart and Pattinson has been mostly positive. They have been described as one of the most desirable celebrity couples, and some have even called them “Twilight’s greatest ­romance”. This was due in large part to the fact that Stewart is one of the most gorgeous and well-known women in the world, and Pattinson is an internationally-recognized talent. The media also pointed out that Stewart is 20 years old and Pattinson is 33, making them the youngest couple in Hollywood history to have a baby and still be together. There is some speculation that the two need little else but each other and their famous imaginations to keep their romance alive.

The question remains: Will their undeniable charm and worldwide appeal wear off as they get older? Many other famous couples were once considered “candy cane gray” when they were younger, only to find love and success in their later years. Will Stewart and Pattinson’s love story prove to be another exception? Time will tell.