The last two years have been a whirlwind for Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson. From the premiere of their critically-acclaimed film, “Snow White and the Huntsman,” to the birth of their first child, the couple’s lives were turned into films; however, it’s been the development of their personal home that has been most intriguing.

The British actor and his American actress wife are known for being sophisticated and modern. This can be seen in their stylish home, where they’ve used classic white furniture with graphic wallpaper and marble accents for an elegant look. The couple has also been open about their desire to achieve a “higher energy level” in their daily life, and this is certainly reflected in their house. As Stewart puts it: “We want it to feel more like a retreat, somewhere to unwind and relax.”

The result is a house that’s part luxurious retreat, part inspirational getaway – a perfect balance of tranquility and excitement.

What Will You Find In Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s House?

When it comes to interior design, the couple have gone for a classic look that is part French Renaissance and part glamour. The British actor and his American actress wife were inspired by the French fashion house, Chanel, and the graphic wallpaper and marble accents give a chic and luxurious feel to the room. As Stewart puts it: “We love French design and we think that it’s just so stylish and incredible. But at the same time there’s a real grandiosity to it that we really liked too.” 

The couple have kept a classic look throughout most of their house, with graphic wallpaper featuring birds and blooms on the walls and wood floors. The living room is mainly dominated by a Louis Vuitton suite, while the dining room is equipped with a Miele espresso machine and a custom-made sideboard.

A Retreat For The Creative

“Snow White and the Huntsman” was a turning point for Stewart & Pattinson. Made on a modest budget, the critically-acclaimed 2015 film went on to become one of the biggest movies of the year and established the pair as leading ladies. The film was a departure from their usual style and focused more on the dark side of royalty. Starring in a fantasy film is something new for Stewart & Pattinson, but it’s clear that the couple are keen to push their limits and be as creative as possible. According to the actress, working on the film was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time: “For the first year after we made the movie, every single day felt like a challenge, like, ‘Can we do this, can we do that, can we make it work?’ It was terrifying in that we didn’t know what people were going to say about the film, or if people were even going to want to see it. But it was also such an interesting ride because it really forced us to grow as actors and as people. It made us a better couple, and a better family.”

The couple are well-known for their collaborations with stylists and designers, and they’ve worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors to create distinctive looks for their home. They also have a keen interest in graphic wallpaper, having used it in their previous homes, and they love to work with a neutral color palette with bursts of color, whether it’s in the form of graphic wallpaper or an explosion of flowers in a vase. Perhaps most impressively, Stewart and Pattinson were able to turn their hand to nearly every area of their house, making it a showpiece of their creative nature. This includes painting the walls a stunning egg-shell white and using a range of neutral tones for the wood floors, which give the room a chic and luxurious look.

A Room Of Uniqueness

Located in the couple’s grand home is a whole room of uniqueness. It’s decorated in a fashionably masculine style, with graphic wallpaper featuring birds, flowers, and footballers in training. In the “once-upon-a-time” section of their house, the bedroom is styled in the same way as the living room, with graphic wallpaper and Louis Vuitton furniture.

The bedroom is the area where the couple can wind down and relax, and they have put this to good use. There’s a large wardrobe in the room, as well as a walk-in closets and a display cabinet, which are both plastered with graphic wallpaper featuring a stylized bird. The bedroom boasts a spectacular four-poster bed with a California king-sized bed as its counterpart, a Bedding Essie display, and a Louis Vuitton bedside table. The couple also have a matching dressing table with a bowl on it, and the whole room is finished off with a Hermès tie, which also doubles as a headboard.

“Robert and I are both very into interior design,” Stewart told “Elle” magazine in 2016. “We spend a lot of time in our houses, so we really wanted to make it feel like a retreat for ourselves.” The room is a testament to the couple’s unique personalities and their adoration for all things decorative.

However, despite the room of uniqueness, other parts of the house are just as stylish. In their dining room, the couple have used graphic wallpaper to create a look that is part French Renaissance and part glamour. The room is dominated by a Louis Vuitton suite, although there’s also a Miele espresso machine and a Mettler Toledo coffee maker as well as a custom-made sideboard. As in the other areas of the house, the flooring is wood, although it’s been designed to look like marble.

An Ambiance Of White

Ambiance of white is perhaps the best description for the entire house. It would be easy to get lost in the beauty of this home, which is full of classic white furniture and accents, along with luxurious fabrics and wall coverings. The walls are entirely covered in wallpaper, with the exception of a small section behind the screen, where French doors lead to another room. The couple wanted to keep everything simple yet elegant, resulting in a relaxed yet stylish look that is difficult to replicate.

A Sense Of Pride

When it comes to their personal life, nothing is off limits for Stewart & Pattinson, who are both very open about their careers and the fact that they’re working on projects together. This includes discussing their private lives and relationships with each other, as well as with journalists and bloggers who have an interest in their world. This is something that draws fans and admirers to the couple and ensures that their personal lives remain one of the biggest stories in the media.

This openness has also been evident in their home. For fans of the couple, it doesn’t get much better than walking into their house and being overwhelmed by the atmosphere. The pride they show in their personal surrounds is beautifully and subtly represented by graphic wallpaper in the dining room and powder room, as well as in the bedrooms. In the couple’s main bedroom, there’s a walk-in closet and a four-poster bed with a California king-sized bed as its counterpart, finished in a manner that is both classic and modern.

Every Area Of The House Is Different

The home of a famous pair of artists would not be complete without an area of artistic creation. In this case, it’s the couple’s studio, which is located in a separate building next to their residence. The studio is where they can work on their craft and bring their work to life, which they do for fun and as a way to relieve stress. It’s also the place where they come together as a team, sharing ideas and working on projects whenever possible. As Stewart puts it: “Art is a form of self-expression, and we both love to create. It feels like the more the merrier, and we’ll happily dive in and help each other out.”

This artistic side to Stewart & Pattinson extends beyond their walls. They have been known to work with artists and designers on projects for their homes, and have even incorporated artwork into their décor. Some of this artwork can be seen in the dining room and the bedrooms, while in the studio it’s been used for wallpaper and as the focal point of the room, in the form of a graphic painting.