It’s been a hard year for fans of the Twilight series, as aside from the drama unfolding on-screen, the real-life couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have been embroiled in a battle of court documents and a media frenzy that has followed them from London to Paris and now to Los Angeles. With their film Breaking Dawn – Part II premiering this week, it’s the perfect opportunity for Twi-hards to dive back into their favourite saga and see how it all comes to an end. Let’s take a look at the heights of the most memorable characters and see how they compare to the on-screen couple.

Robert Pattinson

Although the actor who plays the iconic vampire, Robert Pattinson, is relatively unknown in North America, he’s become a household name in Europe and especially in the U.K., where he rose to fame after playing the lead in the hit comedy-dramas Four and Twenty Seasons. Born in London to an English mother and a French father, his unusual last name translates to “son of Patrick” in English, and he doesn’t speak much English (just a few phrases), which has led to him being nicknamed “Britain’s Sweetheart.”

In the U.K., Pattinson is usually measured to be 6’0″, although he’s listed in the Guinness World Records as being the shortest actor to ever play a vampire. In the latest issue of GQ, he began laying down the law about his ideal man: “I would like a very tall, dark man with an English accent. Preferably an Oxford accent. He should also have a good sense of humour and be very intelligent.”

Pattinson hasn’t always been typecast as a romantic lead. Before hitting upon the idea of playing a vampire, he was best known for his comedic roles in The Guardian, as well as in films such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Darjeeling Limited. He even had a small role in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which will be released in North America on December 21st.

Kristen Stewart

One of the most successful and talented actresses of her generation, Kristen Stewart rose to fame after appearing in Camp Rock, Twilight, Snow White and the Huntsman, and The Runaways. In addition to becoming a Hollywood A-lister, Stewart has also become a style icon – so much so that she was named GQ’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2012 and 2015. (She beat out some big names, including Angelina Jolie and Madonna.)

Like Pattinson, Stewart is relatively unknown in North America, although her fan base in the U.S. is becoming increasingly familiar with her work. (She currently has a 4.8 million followers on Instagram.) In The Runaways, a thriller based in New York City, Stewart plays the role of Joan, a fashion icon who witnesses the horrors of the 2016 presidential campaign while living in a rent-stabilised apartment in the city. The film’s director, Josh Safran, described her as “this amazing woman who is a style influencer. And she’s just… [she] is inspiring, in a way that’s unlike any other character I’ve ever played.”

Robert Pattinson vs. Kristen Stewart

It’s the age-old question: who is the more attractive of the two? For many, the answer is obvious – Kristen Stewart is undoubtedly the more attractive of the two. However, there is a significant height difference between them, which is why we’re comparing them as characters rather than just as individuals. If we were to compare them as individuals, Stewart would undoubtedly win – she’s four inches taller than Pattinson and has never been known to wear heels. With his Hollywood good looks and charm, it’s no wonder why he’s won over so many hearts – especially when you factor in that he’s much more open about his emotions than Stewart.

Pattinson is also a talented musician, having played guitar for several years in a band called Mosquitoes, and he’s expressed interest in pursuing a career in music. On the other hand, Stewart has said that she plans to focus more on her acting career in the future, as she feels that singing isn’t representative of her talents.

The Cast Of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

While there’s an obvious height difference between many of the characters in The Twilight series (Wolves are typically much taller than humans, for example), it’s quite a lot of fun to compare them as a group because it gives us a good idea of how much they’ve all grown since the first film. Let’s take a look at the cast of The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, which was released in 2012 and will be airing on Shudder new channels this week.

Here’s a breakdown of the main characters:

  • Peter Sennet – Main character Peter Sennet is described as an athletic, outdoorsy guy who works as a game warden. He’s 6’3″ and was originally from New York.
  • Bella Elise Barrett – Bella Elise Barrett is a Canadian actress who was born and raised in England. She’s been described as a “dazzling beauty with blue eyes and light brown hair.” She’s 5’11” and starred in the 2013 series, Downtown Abbey. (Some sources have speculated that she was cast based on her resemblance to Kate Middleton – but Kate certainly didn’t get her height from Prince William – she’s 5’11” too!)
  • Edward Sennet – Edward Sennet is the older brother of Peter, and a retired marine biologist. He’s described as being of average height with dark hair and chocolate eyes. (Edward is also Shakespeare’s tallest character, coming in at 6’5″.)
  • Jacob Sennet – Jacob Sennet is the middle brother of Edward and Peter and a mechanical engineer. He’s the son of Bill Sennet and nephew of Edward and Peter. He’s just 5’11” with red hair and bright blue eyes. Unlike his brothers, Jacob doesn’t go by Edward – he usually goes by “Sage”. (In the comics, Jacob is called “Handsome,” but that might be because he shares his father’s height.)
  • Renée Montez – Renée Montez is a French-Asian actress who was born in Paris. Although she’s only 5’4″ in The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, her character, Rosalie, is described as being a few inches taller. She’s been nominated for a BAFTA for her role in My Neighbour Totter, and won a Meryl for her performance in Ladies And Gents. In addition to English, she also speaks French and Japanese. (It seems the tall characters in The Twilight saga are more commonly played by French and Japanese actors.)
  • Carlisle Warnick – Carlisle Warnick is a retired American professional baseball player who played for the San Francisco Giants, as well as for the New York Yankees and Houston Astros in the majors. In the latest season of The Twilight saga, it was announced that he would be playing the role of The Troll Father. Carlisle is Shakespeare’s shortest character, standing just 5’4″ and weighing only 115 lbs. (In the comics, his name is Red – which might be because of his hair colour or because he’s a bit of a roughneck.)
  • Esme Arndt – Esme is a French-born model and the founder and CEO of Fashion Beach. She launched Fashion Beach in Paris in 2004, and it quickly became one of the city’s most famous fashion boutiques. In addition to being Shakespeare’s shortest character, Esme is also Game of Thrones’s shortest (by a mile) character – 4’11” to be precise. (Her character’s name is Olivia.)
  • Madison Arndt – Madison Arndt is Esme’s daughter and the face of the brand’s North American franchise, Fashion Beach USA. (Esme also has a daughter, Marchesse, from her previous marriage to Dominic Arndt. It’s likely that she’ll play a role in The Twilight saga’s upcoming sequel.)