Kristen Stewart and Roberty Pattinson had a baby! The proud parents are over the moon and couldn’t hide their smiles as they held their baby girl for the first time on December 25, 2017. The newlywed couple’s bundle of joy weighed in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces. What’s next? Here’s a look at what’s next for the celeb couple and their daughter.

The Baby’s Health

Let’s start with the most important fact about the baby: She is healthy! The little girl was born in a London hospital and is already looking ahead to the world with her baby blue eyes.

As previously reported, Kate Middleton and Prince William had their first child, Prince George, in April 2018. Like all new parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were ecstatic to have their first child. They named their newborn son after George IV, who was the father of Queen Victoria. (He was also the infamous “mad king” of Germany who was eventually deposed in their country’s revolution.)

The new parents were cautiously optimistic about having more children. However, in a recent interview with the BBC, Prince William expressed concern about the impact a hectic schedule might have on the baby’s health. “I don’t know if I’m quite mentally ready to be a full-time parent yet, to be honest,” the Duke said. “So, we’ll have to wait and see. But I feel very blessed to have this little girl in my life.” (Prince George has been seen wearing a proud papa’s sunglasses at various events since his birth.)

Wedding Plans

While the world was reveling in the news of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s marriage, the newlyweds were busy planning their big day. The couple first revealed their engagement in September 2016, and several months later, they celebrated their engagement and the beginning of their family by purchasing a house in the Hollywood Hills (which they later sold).

The newlyweds were also spotted shopping for wedding clothes in Beverly Hills. The actress wore a white lace dress while visiting a luxury store in May 2017. It’s not known whether or not the bride wore the same dress for the wedding ceremony, but it’s safe to say that this is what she wore for the big day.

The star wedding was originally scheduled to take place at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, but had to be canceled due to the threat of rain. The couple’s friends and family were reportedly upset that the event was postponed. (The observatory’s director later apologized and said that he was “heartbroken” that the wedding had to be canceled.)

While some details about the wedding are still under wraps, it is known that the guest list included Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge; Meghan, Duchess of Meghan; Queen Elizabeth II; and numerous A-list stars. (Groomsmen included Prince Harry and Prince William.)

The Baby’s Names

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s daughter was born on December 25, 2017. The couple chose to give their baby a middle name that was both Scottish and English. They called their daughter Florence Alice after Alice Florence Robertson, the Duchess of Argyll, who was born in 1864. (Alice was the great-granddaughter of Princess Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.)

Interestingly, one of the Duchess of Argyll’s relatives was also present for the delivery: Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter, Princess Alice. (The duchess’s family is mostly English; her father was an English businessman who settled in Scotland.)

It was also rumoured that the couple might choose to name their baby after another member of the British royal family: Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter, Princess Sophia. (They could have named their daughter Sophia, but it’s likely that they would have chosen a different name for their child due to the stigma that came with having a “German” name.)

Since baby girl was born into such an iconic family, it’s no surprise that she is already considered a princess. However, Stewart and Pattinson might not always call their daughter “princess”; the actress reportedly wants to give her daughter a more “normal” name. (Kristen has said that she is partial to Elizabeth Taylor, as a result of the famous designer’s lavish lifestyle and large circle of friends.)

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in June 2018, Pattinson stated that he is “really happy” with the way things worked out and that he and Stewart are “both relieved” to be able to “call [their] daughter our own.” The actor also said that he hopes to be a “good role model” for his daughter and that he plans on being “handsome” and “provide[ing] a good home” for her.


Having a baby changes your life forever. While being a parent is incredible, it’s also demanding. At first, it can be difficult to know what’s important in your life and what you should be putting on hold. (It’s not like you’re able to take a “parental leave” anyway when you have a newborn.)

Since Stewart and Pattinson’s daughter was born, the couple has been busy adjusting to their new roles as parents. The proud papa took a break from filming to be with his baby daughter, and he’s looked dashing ever since. (It seems that all of Pattinson’s work is centered around his family now. In fact, the couple’s reps said in a statement that he is “determined to be the best father he can be” and that his “newfound freedom” is “giving him the confidence to be a better man for his daughter.”)

Stewart also took a break from her highly visible social media job to be with her new family member. She has since returned to Instagram, but she hasn’t posted since March 2018. (In one of her earliest posts after giving birth, the actress shared a photo of herself cradling her child in a lovely pale pink outfit. She has since worn various shades of pink and purple for the sake of her daughter.)

The proud parents may be used to living their celebrity lives, but parenting is a different matter altogether. While it’s incredibly rewarding to be a parent, it can also be a lot of work. Knowing how to properly take care of your baby is essential, as well as being able to understand their needs. (For those who think that parenting is “easy,” think again. It takes a lot of patience and discipline to be a good parent.)

Although the spotlight will undoubtedly shine on the couple’s daughter, Stewart and Pattinson have promised to be good parents and treat their child with as much respect as possible. The actress is reportedly an excellent mother, and she wants to continue building a strong bond with her child. For now, the little girl’s health is the couple’s top priority.