It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the beautiful German actress and her English actor beau. And although they’ve been busy shooting their new movie, they finally managed to break their silence to confirm that their relationship is indeed over. But is it really? We discuss the details of their breakup and whether or not they will get back together.

The Breakup

On March 24, Kristen tweeted, “I’m happy that #RobertPattinson and I are going to be spending more time apart. It was a difficult but necessary decision. We’re both still supporting each other and remain best friends.” In an interview with The New York Times, she elaborated, “I couldn’t be more grateful to him for being so understanding and allowing me to make this space for myself and get on with my work. I have my own life, my own projects I’m passionate about, and I’m so happy to spend more time with my friends and family.”

She then went on to talk about Pattinson’s new girlfriend, Florence Welch, and said in an interview with USA Today, “She’s an amazing woman and an even more amazing performer. It’s great that he’s found such a supportive and beautiful person. I’m happy for him.”

In the meantime, Pattinson had something to say about the split. Remember that he previously dated model and actress Elle MacLeman before meeting Stewart. On March 23, he tweeted, “I feel very fortunate to have found a woman as special and beautiful as #KristenStewart.”

Although the couple’s romance was famously kept secret for so long, their relationship was always considered to be one of Hollywood’s most adorable duos. But it seems like they’ve both decided that their individual careers came first and that being together was never a priority. And although they are still friends, it seems like their interests have drifted apart. Stewart has gone on to form a close bond with musician Stella Mozart and has reportedly started seeing actor Tom Hiddleston. And although Pattinson is said to be focusing on his new relationship with Florence Welch, he’s still actively pursuing his career. The Twilight star has also been spotted with film director Taika Waititi, while her ex-boyfriend and Twilight co-star Evan Rachel Wood has been dating actor Willem Dafoe.

Will They Get Back Together?

It seems like we’ll never know what really happened behind the scenes of Twilight. But based on what we know now, it’s safe to assume that this is more than a romance that went wrong. As previously mentioned, these two have dated for years and have been inseparable since they first met. It’s safe to say that their chemistry is undeniable. So it comes as no surprise that they both decided to focus on their professional lives and took a step back from the limelight. But as much as they want to remain friends, it appears that their romantic relationship ended for good.

Even if they decide to try again someday, it’s clear that this time around they will have to make a conscious effort to be private and keep their relationship under the radar. But as much as they want to keep things low-profile, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever know the real reason behind their split. And at this point, it’s safe to assume that their privacy will be respected by their fans as well.

What About Their Future?

Although their relationship was never officially confirmed, many insiders have always guessed that Stewart and Pattinson might be married. And it seems like they’re taking their time to focus on their professional careers before starting a family. So it’s safe to assume that they have their eyes set on the future. And it’s quite possible that they’ll continue their acting career while focusing on their other passions, like design and music. If they decide to have kids, they’ll surely want to adopt or give birth to a child who has a different name from theirs. But at this point, it seems that their focus is on their individual careers and they’re not really interested in being a part of a couple again. This time, it’s more than likely that they’ve learned their lesson and will take more caution before getting involved with anyone. Especially since, as we’ve learned, love can be quite the matter when it comes down to fame. After all, it’s never easy to go through a break-up while being famous. But as long as they remain good friends, they’ll be able to navigate this tricky terrain with ease and will continue to be admired for their acting prowess and unique relationship.