When it comes to celebrity weddings, it’s hard to avoid comparisons to the fairy tale romance of the century. After all, who wouldn’t like to marry the gorgeous and talented Kristen Stewart? But the comparison doesn’t have to be limited to fair isle attire and good luck waves. While Stewart’s wedding to photographer/director Rupert Sanders was completely over-the-top and extravagantly romantic, it was also intensely private and reflective of a more traditional marriage. And that’s what makes it even more intriguing.

Unlike Stewart’s wedding, which was a celebration of love and commitment for two, Pattinson’s big day was a chance for fans to catch a glimpse of the couple’s growing affection. Despite their glamorous public images, the Twilight stars have been dogged by rumors of troubled relationships. Is their seemingly happy-ever-after really as rosy as it seems? Let’s take a closer look at the wedding drama that is the Stewart/Pattinson affair.

A Private Wedding

While most of us were distracted by the Royal Wedding in April, Vogue put out a call for “wedding announcements that are more interesting than the usual ‘Yes, I’m getting married’ news.” And what better way to make a statement about your individuality and creativity than by choosing a wedding cake topper that is completely unique to you?

For the newlyweds, their big day was as private as it was special. The pair wed at the Madeau Residence in Woodstock, New York, on Saturday, July 14, 2012, reports E! News. Guests arrived and departed via an hour-long private procession that wrapped around the town square. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds attended a private reception at the nearby Americana Hotel.

For those who were lucky enough to be part of the select group that attended this wedding, the details were everything from breathtaking to brimming with symbolism. The bride looked radiant in a custom-made wedding gown designed by Vera Wang that was inspired by Van Cleef’s attire in the classic film. As for the groom, he sported a tuxedo that was a nod to his role as the dashing Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. And for dessert, the wedding cake was a grand affair, featuring a tiered sponge cake, lemon curd, and coffee buttercream.

A Glorious Affair

After tying the knot in a private ceremony at the Madeau Residence, the newlyweds headed to the reception venue, the Tromsoe House, for a celebration that was as grand as it was romantic. The venue was designed by the masters of Norwegian design Stein Lunde and Ole Solberg and boasts breathtaking views of the fjord. Naturally, a wedding planner was at hand to take care of every detail, from the elegant decorations to the flawless cuisine.

After a fun-filled day, the newlyweds retired to their luxurious honeymoon suite at the Hotel Eden, where they enjoyed a quiet night in each other’s company. The next day, they headed for the airport for their long-awaited vacation, which will see them spending more than a month in Italy. While there were no tears on either side, the drama of the past year made for a fitting tribute to the happy couple.

Even before news of their engagement broke in 2011, Stewart and Pattinson were already shaping up to be one of the most talked-about celebrity couples of the year. The New York Times bestselling novelist and the former child actor have been in a committed relationship since 2010 and welcomed a baby girl, Genevieve, in June 2012. Naturally, this has only heightened interest in their personal life. So much so that the New York Post ran an article, “Is Kristen Stewart Finally Ready to Be Mrs. Robinson?” And what better way to answer that question than with a wedding?

The Family Factor

As luck would have it, Stewart’s parents were in attendance at her wedding to Sanders. It was an emotional moment for the actress as she had previously called off her wedding to the Coldplay frontman Chris Martin due to family tensions. Though Stewart has since reconciled with her long-time sweetheart, she made it clear that the turmoil that led to her separation from Martin was still very much present. While it is not uncommon for celebrities’ families to attend their weddings (hello, A-Listers!), what is interesting about this particular scenario is that Stewart’s grandmother, Muriel, was also in attendance. Perhaps sensing the unease that her presence was causing, Grandma M didn’t stay for the wedding ceremony but left soon afterward. (Yes, we can infer that from the footage, but it’s still pretty creepy to think that the woman who helped raise Stewart might not even be allowed to attend her wedding.)

So while Stewart’s big day was certainly a celebration of love and commitment, it was also a chance for her to thank her family for their support during an incredibly trying time in her life. As an added bonus, with grandma out of the picture, perhaps Stewart will have the courage to tell her parents about her reconciliation with Martin and invite them to her next wedding. (We’re kidding. She’d be married to Sanders’ damn dog if she did that.)

Romantic Getaway

While you might expect that a honeymoon would see the newlywed couple relaxing at a luxurious location, rest assured that their adventures will consist of more than just lying in bed. With a vacation to an exotic location on the horizon, Stewart and Pattinson are busy making travel arrangements and scouting out must-see attractions in Italy. In other words, they are taking their privacy seriously and don’t want anyone but their closest family and friends to know where they are or what they are up to. (Is it just us or does a honeymoon sometimes feel like a punishment?)

So going back to the subject of weddings and relationships, it’s clear that these two aren’t trying to cheat on their partners or parade their affection in public. They’re simply keeping their private life private. For better or worse, we will just have to wait and see how their “romantic” getaway turns out.