Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are two of Hollywood’s most popular actors, but did you know they have children together? Despite the fact that the couple is no longer together, their bond remains strong and they are devoted parents to their children.

The couple has three children: twins named Arthur and Scarlett, and their youngest, Daisy.


Arthur is their oldest child and the first born of the twins. He is a very active child who enjoys playing sports and exploring the outdoors. He is also a talented artist, and loves to draw and paint. He is known to be quite creative and is often seen creating new inventions.


Scarlett is the second born of the twins and is Robert and Kristen’s youngest daughter. She is an outgoing and friendly child who loves to make friends. She is also very creative and enjoys drawing and painting. Like her brother, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and playing sports.


Daisy is the youngest of the three children and is the only one who does not have twins. She is a very curious and adventurous child who loves to explore. She is also very creative, and often comes up with new ideas. She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing music.

Family Life

Robert and Kristen have made it a priority to ensure their children are well-cared for and have a balanced upbringing. To this end, they have created a close-knit family atmosphere in their home, and the children are always surrounded by loving relatives and friends. They also make sure their children have plenty of time to explore, be creative, and just be kids.

Robert and Kristen are devoted parents who strive to provide their children with the best possible upbringing. They may no longer be together, but they still prioritize their children’s well-being, and the bond between the two of them remains strong. From what we can tell, their children are very lucky to have such loving and dedicated parents.