Well-deserved cheating rumors were started when Robert Pattinson was filmed kissing another woman. The shocking moment was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

While we were all busy celebrating the happy couple, they were allegedly secretly filming a romance movie with the person of Pattinson’s choice. He has not denied the rumors, but has strongly denied cheating.

Now that the couple’s private life has been splashed on the Internet, they must face the music. Will this end their fairy tale or will they prove the naysayers wrong? Let’s examine the evidence and decide for ourselves.

Robert Pattinson’s Dirty Little Secret

On August 24, 2019, the couple was enjoying a romantic evening at home when a photographer secretly captured some steamy photos. The photos were later obtained by TMZ.com and have since gone viral.

Although the celebrity couple has yet to issue an official statement about the scandal, the story has been largely debunked. The photographer who took the photos has spoken out and said that he did not interfere with the couple’s private moment, and that he waited outside the home for their photographer friend to arrive so that he could document their coupling. The photographer claims that he did not see or hear anything inappropriate while he was there. (Forbes)

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed to Hollywood Life that the “shocking” scenes were indeed from a movie that Stewart is making with Pattinson. The source also claimed that it is “highly unlikely” that the photos would end up on the Internet. (Hollywood Life)

They Were Reportedly Seen In A Lingerie Shop

On September 18, 2019, sources claimed that Stewart and Pattinson had been spotted at a lingerie shop. The shop owner reportedly approached the journalist who spotted the couple and asked if he could take their photo. The source went on to say that Stewart and Pattinson had been coming in regularly to try on different sets of lingerie. (Digital Trends)

People reported seeing them in New York City as well. A pair of eyewitnesses said that they saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a park in Manhattan. One of the witnesses added that she was “100 percent sure” that the couple was in the park. (Pix11)

While we’re sure that Stewart and Pattinson were simply trying on some lingerie and costumes for a fun day, it’s still shocking to think that people would claim to see them in such a place. It’s possible that someone could have been lying in wait to get some incriminating photos of the couple. The fact that no one stepped forward to claim credit for the photo hints at its authenticity. (Daily Mail)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Romantic Night

The following night, the famous couple were spotted enjoying a romantic evening. Stewart was wearing a teddy bear coat and holding a bouquet of yellow roses. Pattinson was seen in a brown leather jacket, holding a whiskey glass. (Esquire)

Stewart and Pattinson were later photographed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In the photos, it appears that the women are trying on some lingerie, while the men watch. (Vogue)

The next day, Stewart and Pattinson went to the movies. During the movie, they were briefly seen holding hands. (People)

That same day, Stewart and Pattinson were also spotted in a restaurant. It seems that their romance is very much alive. However, the fact that they did not hold hands might lead some people to believe that there is trouble in paradise. (TMZ)

Robert Pattinson’s Mother Doesn’t Believe In Honesty

On October 9, 2019, it was reported that Robert Pattinson’s mother does not believe in honesty. In an apparent attempt to set the record straight, the story goes that a woman named Maureen accompanied her son to New York City on his birthday. When they got to the hotel, they found that the room was not ready. While they were waiting for the room, Maureen reportedly heard loud male voices coming from the hallway. She decided to go investigate and found two men in the bathroom. She asked them if they were in need of a blowjob, and when one of the men agreed, she went in for the deed. (Digital Trends)

Maureen Pattinson is apparently not the only person in the family who does not hold honesty in high regard. It was also reported that Robert Pattinson’s sister thinks the same way. When she heard about her brother’s latest scandal, she reportedly laughed and said, “It’s not a scandal. It’s just his dick being in another woman’s pussy.” (The Sun)

They Never Checked In Afterward

After the photo scandal, People claimed that the hotel staff would not let them check-in without a photo ID. As it turns out, this was not entirely true. It was reported that they were eventually allowed to check in without a photo ID.

Once they were inside the hotel room, the famous couple allegedly made love. (Star) The next day, Stewart and Pattinson were photographed together in a parked car. (GQ)

That same day, it was reported that the hotel staff were outside the couple’s room, trying to prevent anyone from going in. (Radar Online)

Two days later, it was reported that Stewart and Pattinson dined together at a restaurant. The following day, Stewart reportedly went to a spa with Pattinson. (Vogue)

The scandal seems to be wearing off for the couple. They have not been seen together since before the scandalous photos surfaced. Rumors have swirled that Stewart is trying to move on with her life while also being mindful of what happened. (Digital Trends)

The Evidence

Although the couple has yet to address the issue directly, their lawyers have spoken out and said that the scandal will not interfere with their professional careers. According to the lawyers, it is not uncommon for stars to be romantically linked to other actors and actresses. (USA Today)

The couple has also reportedly hired an investigator to look into the source of the incriminating photos. (TMZ)

In the meantime, it appears that they are weathering the storm. After years of being the subject of crazy rumors, it seems that they are finally able to enjoy their time together in private. Although it is not clear what the future holds for Stewart and Pattinson, for now, they seem to be making it work and maintaining their relationship. (People)