It’s been a rough week for Kristen Stewart fans. The Suits actress was linked to a cheating scandal involving her French boyfriend, actor Robert Pattinson. The couple was reportedly spotted on a romantic vacation in the French Alps in the company of other people. It doesn’t end there, either. Rumors have circulated that the couple may have engaged in sexual activities with others while holidaying together. But is any of this true? Only time will tell.

The Alleged Cheating Scandal

On Saturday, Hollywood Life published what it claims is an excerpt from an “unnamed source” within the French Foreign Affairs ministry. The source provided the publication with copies of official documents that purportedly show the cheating scandal. The documents allegedly list a number of flights that Stewart and Pattinson made in the company of others between May 15 and May 23. It also lists the names of the other people on those flights.

The publication claims to have seen the copies of the documents, and it also claims that it has seen other documents that provide evidence of the affair. But the French government has not confirmed the authenticity of the documents or the story behind them.

Among those named in the documents, the publication reports, is Vanessa Paradis, the wife of French music star Johnny Hallyday. According to the source, Paradis was among those who accompanied Stewart and Pattinson on one of their flights. The couple were in France to take part in a children’s choir festival when they were allegedly spotted with Vanessa Paradis. Stewart’s spokesperson has denied that any of the allegations from the French government are true. And Vanessa Paradis has not commented on the affair either. She has, however, publicly supported Stewart’s decision to take a break from dating due to the public’s increased scrutiny of her activities. She also publicly supported Stewart following her father’s passing.

Why Is This Story Surfacing Now?

This story is making headlines now because it comes at a time when the world is focused on the #MeToo movement. That movement has led to a cultural shift in how people think about workplace sexual harassment and assault. It is also making headlines because the allegations against Stewart and Pattinson are serious. The publication claims that French law enforcement officials are investigating the couple for sexual acts with a minor. It also claims that a source has provided documents that show Stewart paid for sex with a minor. If those allegations are true, it would be a crime.

There are also rumors that Stewart and Pattinson had an on-set affair. According to Page Six, Stewart was said to have had an “instant connection” with the actor while filming the dystopian romance, Snow White and the Huntsman. The publication also reports that Stewart and Pattinson’s co-star, Charlize Theron, was allegedly “furious” about the affair. Theron was reportedly quoted as saying, “It was like being in high school all over again. It was pathetic.”

The Impact On Stewart

The rumors that Stewart and Pattinson had an off-screen affair have clearly had an impact on her. Stewart’s decision to take a break from dating has sparked rumors that she is already engaged to be married. Some have even suggested that Stewart will wed her Snow White and the Huntsman co-star, Kit Harington, who she reportedly met while filming the film. Harington has not commented on the rumors. Stewart has, however, chosen to remain silent.

The Suits actress has, for the most part, kept her professional life private. She rarely discusses her personal life or her work. But her break from dating seems to be taking a toll. In April, People reported that Stewart had canceled the remaining dates of her public tour due to “overwhelming demand.” In May, Daily Mail published an article claiming that Stewart’s father, Robert, had died of a heart attack while watching his daughter’s TV show, Mad Men. He was 83.

This is a devastating turn of events for Stewart’s family, friends, and fans. Many had hoped that the actress would use her break from dating to finally find her true love and peace. Instead, it seems, she is losing both. While the allegations that Stewart and Pattinson were spotted on a romantic vacation in the company of other people are undeniably tragic, this too shall pass. At least she has her health.