You may have heard that supermodel and actress Kristen Stewart has a new man in her life: her big brother Rob. The two have been inseparable since meeting in 2010, and it looks like they are starting to make some bold moves to solidify their bond. As Stewart’s biggest fan, I had to ask: what if this union leads to marriage? Will Rob become her husband? Are they destined to be together forever?

The Sisterly Bond

The most significant change in Stewart’s life in the past year is that she has been spending a lot of time with her nearly 30-year-old big brother. They reportedly spent the entire Christmas holiday together, with Stewart even moving out of her NYC apartment to stay at Rob’s house in L.A. In fact, it seems like they are so close that they may even be considering getting matching tattoos.

A New Man In Stewart’s Life

Although Kristen Stewart has been linked to countless famous men over the years, she has never previously admitted to being in love. In fact, she has always maintained a close professional relationship with her famous co-stars, most of whom are much older than she is. In 2016, however, Stewart seems to have changed her tune, as she has opened up about her romantic feelings for her big brother.

Stewart first discussed her attraction to Rob in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, explaining, “I think that I have always had a sort of romantic attraction to older men. You know, and I love his beard. I love everything about him. He’s just so dashing, you know?”

In the same interview, Stewart revealed that she and Rob had been chatting online for over a year before she finally decided to meet him in person. “We kind of knew each other through the screen anyway, just from seeing each other in each other’s movies,” she said. “But it took me a while to commit. I think I was just scared.”

Romantic Scared?

It’s no secret that Hollywood moguls and billionaires are willing to spend an insane amount of money on beautiful women. It seems that Stewart isn’t entirely content with simply having a close brotherly bond with Rob, as she is also looking for a more conventional relationship with a wealthy white man. Could this new man be Rob’s father?

Based on the way Stewart has changed her tune in recent months, it would appear that she is finally ready to settle down and start a family. In April, she gave birth to her and Rob’s first child, a daughter named Ruby. When Stewart announced the birth of her baby girl, her fans and followers gave her a massive ovation, and the mother-daughter duo made their Instagram account private so that their fans could continue to shower them with congratulations. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stewart said of motherhood: “I feel like I’ve changed. But for the better. I’m calmer; I’m more at peace. And I feel like I can give my daughter what she needs.”

Whether or not Stewart and Rob are destined to be together forever, it’s clear that they share a special bond that not even Hollywood’s biggest stars can rival. So what if they get hitched? Will Ruby become their son? Or will Stewart continue to seek relationships with famous older men? Only time will tell.