Just two months after Kate Middleton shocked the world with her royal wedding to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Paris is once again the host city for the social event of the year. And what a better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with a glamorous photo-op for the lovebirds Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson.

The English actress and the Hollywood A-lister were first spotted canoodling in the City of Lights back in September, looking blissfully in love. Since then, they have been inseparable, often indulging in private romantic moments together. The happy couple even got engaged in the French capital, popping the question during a trip to Venice earlier this year.

And on April 21st, the 29-year-old beauty, who is set to star in the upcoming flick, On the Road To…Paris, will finally make her royal wedding vows to Prince Charming.

For several months, the couple have been very private regarding their big day, rarely seen together in public. But after so long in the shadows, they could not keep their romance a secret any longer. And what a romantic moment it will be when Stewart walks down the aisle for her first royal wedding.

According to reports, the actress will choose a designer dress that highlights her “innocent yet sassy charm,” one source close to the actress told the New York Daily News. The dress will be accompanied by diamond earrings and a necklace dripping in precious gems, as well as a wedding band crafted from the golden metal of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Meanwhile, Pattinson has been busy shooting the latest in a long line of on-screen romances, the drama, A Most Wanted Man. He plays a “mysterious, loner type” who is “engaged in a life-or-death struggle for survival with a powerful drug lord,” the synopsis reads. Filming ended in mid-March, and the movie is due for release in the fall of 2021. In the meantime, Pattinson can be seen in cinemas around the world playing Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Marvel epic, The Amazing Spiderman 2.

The Big Day

What will you wear on your wedding day?

While fashion-wise, we can’t help but swoon at the thought of seeing Kate Middleton in a beautiful white dress, this year’s royal nuptials come with its own unique style guidelines. Since the beginning of the year, Prince William and Kate have been updating their wedding album, sharing countless pictures from some of the most important days of their married life. From the ceremony at Westminster Abbey to the reception at Buckingham Palace, the rules are as follows:

  • No pictures before the wedding ceremony
  • No low-waisted jeans
  • Only classic silhouettes
  • No accessories except for hair accessories
  • White wedding dresses or cocktail dresses
  • Use natural hues
  • Avoid polka dots and prints
  • Accessorize with something green
  • Formal attire only

Venue And Timing

Where will you tie the knot?

After a three-year stint in London, the couple decided to scrap the big day and held the ceremony in the United Kingdom. However, with William turning 33 and not wanting to wait too long to make his grand entrance, a wedding visit to Paris was imminent. From the Champs-Elysées to the Left Bank, this year’s big day will take place at five different venues, including the church of Saint-Sulpice, where William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II will be guest of honor.

Who Loves To Party?

Who will walk you down the aisle?

William is an accomplished pilot who has had to undergo extensive training to become a helicopter pilot. On the morning of the wedding day, he will perform a few aerial maneuvers over the city to greet guests. The actor will then give a speech while his bride-to-be gives a blessing. William and Kate will sign their names in the wedding register next to each other and exchange rings before pronouncing their vows. At the end, the guest will be invited to join the newlyweds in their first dance and to clap after each verse of “I Do.”

One of the most photographed faces in the world, Kate is a fashion icon. The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing a wide range of gorgeous dresses over the years, some of which are showcased in the wedding album. The most iconic dress is without a doubt her white wedding dress, made famous by Gigi Hadid in an Instagram post in 2019. As for who will walk her down the aisle, it’s been a closely-guarded secret but recent reports suggest it will be Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The duchess has been regularly spotted looking resplendent in white attire as she adjusts the flowers on the wedding cake ahead of the big day. Finally, who will cut the wedding cake? That honor will go to Prince William’s sister, Princess Amelia, who is also an accomplished baker. She will have the distinction of slicing the cake at the wedding breakfast, an event that is also open to the public.

Who Is Queen Elizabeth II?

Who is the Queen Elizabeth II that will walk you down the aisle?

The Queen is the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. She has reigned since her father, George VI, died in 1952. Under her watch, the United Kingdom has seen extraordinary growth and development, boasting a life expectancy of 78 years and a GDP of $20 trillion. She continues to be the figurehead of the Commonwealth as it celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

In November 2019, William and Kate visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where they were graciously invited to tea. During their meeting, the Duchess of Cambridge expressed her delight at being able to pay homage to the longest-reigning monarch in history. “It feels incredible to be able to meet Her Majesty, consider her to be a grandmother and one of the most amazing women you will ever meet,” she said. Kate added: “It’s an honor to be able to meet the Queen and represent our country. It’s a real privilege.”

Since the beginning of the year, the Duchess of Cambridge has been busy hosting events and galas, some private and some public. One of the most ambitious events was the London Women’s Expo in March. The duchess opened the event, which was attended by over 7 million people, with a speech about the importance of mentoring young people. She also highlighted the contribution that women make to the world, citing the examples of incredible designers, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. “I firmly believe that there are no barriers-gender, race, religion, or background-that can stand in the way of women achieving their full potential,” Kate said. “I also think that we should be actively encouraging more women to enter fields traditionally occupied by men; I would love to see more women enter politics and business. I truly believe that all women can be role models and that the power of the female body is very powerful.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a vocal advocate for gender equality and mental health, penning an Op-ed for The Washington Post in January 2020. In the piece, she details her personal struggle with anxiety and depression, explaining that “it is important to be able to talk about these things, because so often we keep them hidden.” She goes on to explain that she has “learned a lot about myself and what makes me happy,” and encourages others to “find the things that bring you joy, whether it’s spending time with your children, traveling, or joining a sporting event.”

The Duchess of Cambridge stands out for her activism and support of other women, especially those in need. In 2019, she was named the most influential woman of the year by Glamour magazine, an accolade that she shares with Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and many others.

The 29-year-old beauty will follow in the footsteps of her late mother, Princess Diana, by serving as a “voice for the voiceless” for the rest of her life, according to a statement released by Kensington Palace in January 2020. The statement continued: “Serving as a princess is a unique gift, but being the daughter of a queen is something even more special. It is an honor that continues to grow each and every day.”

What will you do on your wedding day?