It was just last week that we learned that American actress Kristen Stewart is dating film producer and ex-boyfriend of Kelly Osbourne, Rob Pattinson. The announcement came just a few days after the two had been spotted together in New York City. Since then, much has been made of the nature of their relationship. But now that the dust has settled, it’s time to put all of that gossip to rest and give you the facts about whether or not Stewart and Pattinson dated.

The Facts

While there is no denying that the two were incredibly private guests at this year’s Met Ball, their time apart didn’t stop them from being in each other’s company on numerous occasions. During an Instagram story that Stewart shared on Sunday, August 25, a clip from the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It shows Stewart and Pattinson walking hand-in-hand down a New York City sidewalk. As they stroll towards the camera, smiling and looking relaxed, it is impossible to tell whether or not they’re just friends.

That wasn’t the only instance in which the two have been seen together. A week before the actor was rumored to be dating Stewart, a video surfaced of the two locking lips during a night out in Paris. The ‘Ginger’ actress also attended the premiere of Pattinson’s latest film, Dark Shadows, which was accompanied by a swarm of paparazzi. This was despite the fact that Stewart had previously stated that she would avoid such blatant public displays of affection in order to keep their private life “pure”. It seems that her publicist is yet to make that particular rule. As she told the New York Daily News, “I am very happy that my PR team found this loophole.”

But perhaps the creepiest moment in all this comes from the director of Rob Pattinson’s solo album, Velveterious, who claims that the two dated for a brief period and that Pattinson wrote an “open letter” to Stewart for her 33rd birthday, which he also sent via a private jet. According to director David Moloney, “[Stewart] asked for a private jet to come and pick her up at the airport. It was a nice gesture.” Moloney also said that Stewart later invited him to her hotel room, where she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before inviting him to leave.

Theories & Speculation

In the wake of all of this, theories have begun to surface regarding whether or not Stewart and Pattinson did or did not date. Many believe that the two were more than just friends, while others think that Stewart and Pattinson are just “using each other”. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument.

On the one hand, you have Stewart’s comments to the media regarding their friendship. “We’re just really good friends,” she told Hello! after their publicist confirmed that they were dating. While the actress did not explicitly deny that they had dated, she went on to say, “We’ve been through so much together, it’s crazy.”

On the other hand, you have the director of Rob Pattinson’s solo album, who claims that the two dated for a brief period. And what’s interesting is that in a later interview with The Daily Mail, he said that when Stewart heard that he was dating her “ex”, she asked if they could start over again and work things out “for the sake of their child”. At least, that’s what Pattinson claims.

Ultimately, none of this will matter much to you if you aren’t into celebrity gossip. But for those of us who are obsessed with it, it’s fun to speculate about whether or not Stewart and Pattinson actually dated. And since we already know that they were once engaged to be married, it will be interesting to see if or when they could end that union. Then there’s also the question of whether or not Stewart and Pattinson have “fixed” their relationship. After all, they have been seen together at numerous events since the whirlwind romance of a few weeks ago, making it seem highly unlikely that this is a one-time occurrence. So, what do you think? Did Stewart and Rob Pattinson date or just are really good friends?