While we can’t confirm or deny the fact that Robert Pattinson is dating Kristen Stewart, we can analyze what we know about their relationship. Since their split from the Twilight series in 2014, the actress has largely kept a low profile. When she has ventured back into the spotlight, it’s been with male co-stars: Chris Pine and her upcoming leading role in The Bachelorette, the popular ABC comedy series based on the real-life experiences of a single woman trying to snag a one-night stand with a bachelor. Although she has been dating men, it seems like she is committed to having fun and being free. Here are some interesting things we know about her and her ex-fiancé Michael Angarano and his new girlfriend, Robert Pattinson.

What Is Her Relationship With Michael Angarano?

Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart first met back in 2010 when she was 23 and began dating the 49-year-old producer. The pair’s romance was briefly confirmed when Stewart was photographed with Angarano several times throughout the year. They began seeing each other regularly in 2011 and got engaged in December of that year. However, less than a year later, Angarano ended the relationship and began working on his solo album. The singer was reportedly heartbroken and considered ending his own life. It wasn’t until 2017 that the news broke that they were getting back together. They were first spotted as a couple at the Met Gala in May 2017 and have since been photographed several times together. In early 2018, they were spotted holding hands as they walked through a New York City park. While we can’t confirm or deny whether or not they are an item, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they ended up back together again. They certainly seem to have a connection and keep leaning in for more.

Do We Know Anything About Their Exes?

Aside from Michael Angarano, Stewart has been linked to several other men. The most recent ex was actor Tom Hardy, with whom she was photographed in August 2018. Hardy was previously married to Naomi Watts from 2005 to 2010. The couple has two children together, Lady and Charlie. They later divorced. It wasn’t until 2016 that Watts revealed she was in a relationship with Stewart. At the time, the actress denied any romantic involvement with anyone other than Angarano. Since then, Watts and Stewart have been photographed together almost every day, sometimes holding hands and other times walking side-by-side. They have also been spotted attending numerous red-carpet events together. In January 2019, Stewart was also linked to Liam Hemsworth, with whom she has a daughter, Apple. This was after she was photographed wearing a shirt that featured the Hollywood hunk’s muscular arm. Although the two have been linked, it seems like Stewart is just looking for love. Her Twitter bio reads, “Just looking for love. My hobbies include knitting, drawing and lying on the couch with my dogs.”

What Is Her Relationship With Robert Pattinson?

As we mentioned above, Stewart has been dating men since her split from the Twilight franchise. In April 2014, she was photographed with the late actor and environmentalist Alan Carr. The two were spotted hiking in the Italian Alps and looking extremely comfortable together. Carr passed away in August that year and Stewart has since been linkedto numerous other men. In September 2018, she was photographed with director-producer Brett Ratner. They were seen leaving a romantic restaurant in Paris, France. Ratner and Stewart have a history of working together, having previously directed each other in several films. She is also friends with the director James Gunn, with whom she had previously collaborated on two films. It was later revealed that the two had been in a romantic relationship. After spending the night together at a romantic hotel in Paris, the two were photographed holding hands as they strolled through the streets of the French capital. In May 2019, Stewart was again linked to Ratner, this time on Instagram. The two were spotted walking together and looking very cosy in a warm embrace. While we can’t confirm whether or not they are an item, the pair seems to have a close connection. They also have a lot in common, not only do they both love to travel but they are both passionate about encouraging women to follow their dreams and not be afraid to express themselves. We wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up as a couple.

Whether or not Stewart is currently seeing anyone remains to be seen. Since she has been in a romantic relationship with so many men, it’s difficult to keep track of who she is currently dating. Although she has been linked to several famous faces, the most interesting part of Stewart’s personal life has been her journey as a single woman discovering herself and her passions. Whether or not she ends up with Michael Angarano or Robert Pattinson is irrelevant because she will surely be dating someone who appreciates her unique qualities.