Kristen and her husband, Evan, have been married for eight years and have four children together. When they first started dating, Kristen was inspired by some of the beautiful gowns she saw on the red carpet. As time passed, she decided to use her talents to give the dresses she loved a completely new look.

Taking Jewelry As Clothes

Most people wear jewelry as a form of expression. After all, a diamond is rarely picked up off the floor these days. But for Kristen, wearing jewels is more than a fashion statement. It’s a way of life. She often wears a mix of earrings, necklaces, and cocktail rings, all in the same outfit. And the best part is that she doesn’t see any of it as costume. She wears the same look everyday because it’s just how she feels.

Evan, the director of photography on her wedding day, describes her style as a mix of Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez. He adds that Kristen doesn’t see her jewelry as decoration, but as a form of expression.

So what exactly is Kristen’s style? Let’s take a look.

The Look

There’s something unique and spectacular about Kristen’s style. You might think that a wedding dress code would limit your choice, but that’s not the case. Her dresses are truly spectacular, and they’re all-time favorites of ours. So it was very easy to find the perfect dress for her. The design of the dress is elegant and simplistic, but the color is more vibrant than you’d usually see on a bride (at least not on TV).

The most prominent feature of Kristen’s dress is the train. The dress has a wide waistline with a gathered skirt that flows into a beautiful train. As you might imagine, the train is not just for show. The bride can walk down the aisle and enjoy a groom’s full attention while the train keeps on moving behind her.

Another stunning aspect of the design is the veil. We’re usually used to seeing bridal veils stay on the head during the ceremony, but in this case, the fabric flows down the face to frame the wedding dress and create an illusion of two separate garments.

To top it all off, the reception venue provided magnificent floral arrangements, and the food was delicious. It was a wedding to remember!

How Did She Do It?

If you’ve ever seen a bride’s gown turned into a fashionable dress after the ceremony, you know that the transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work, and sometimes, a bit of ingenuity.

In this case, there was a lot of ingenuity, but a lot of trial and error too. The designers had to find the perfect fabric, and it wasn’t just any old piece of cloth. This was made especially difficult because they wanted both the bride and the dress to look brand-new, but they also wanted the dress to have a classy look and feel.

Once they found the perfect combination of fabric and design, they went through several alterations to get the look just right. Although the dress was designed to be fairly simple and easy to alter, it still took them a few tries to get everything just right.

The Result

As you might imagine, after nearly a month of painstaking work, it was well worth it. The finished product is a magnificent dress that looks completely brand-new. Of course, this is an illusion as the dress has actually been worn before, but the fact that it looks so good gives you an idea of what the designers had in mind all along.

We think that the results speak for themselves. The dress does look magnificent, and it will be one of Kristen’s most memorable looks as a bride. When she wears it, she says that she feels a connection to mother nature as the flowers represent the season. And while she might not see her jewelry as a form of decoration, she does see it as a symbol of her femininity as she feels that it represents the soft curves of a woman and the sensual nature of a bride.

So there you have it. If you’ve been wondering what is Kristen’s style, you now know. She wears jewelry as a form of feminine expression and feels a connection to natural elements because of the use of green in her dress and the floral arrangements. While she might not put too much thought into her outfit, she does work at ensuring that she wears something special and that each element compliments the other.