As we’ve established, love can be a complicated matter. But one thing is for sure: nothing stays the same. Case in point, the long-term relationship of actress Katherine Kravitz and sports agent James Pattinson. The Hollywood siblings’ been together since they were kids. In 1998 they wed, and the following year their daughter, Chloe, was born. Three years later their family grew by adding a son, Oliver. In 2011, the year before Chloe’s 16th birthday and two days before Olivia’s ninth birthday, they welcomed their first grandchild, a daughter named Ava.

Unfortunately, the joy of parenthood didn’t last long. In May of 2014, news broke that the family had decided to part ways. The exact reason for the split wasn’t revealed, but fans of Katherine and James speculate it had something to do with Chloe’s busy social life. Whatever the case, the split was finalized a month later, on her birthday, with James officially starting a new family with Miranda Kerr. Though initially reserved about the break-up, Katherine has since opened up about it, defending her decision to end things and moving on with her life. Here, we’ve collected some of her most interesting quotes about the whole ordeal.

On Being Open-Minded And Seeking New Challenges

“I have always been very open-minded, so I knew that when I got divorced, it would be hard to say goodbye to James,” Katherine began. “But I wanted to grow as an individual and as a woman, and I knew that by being with James, I was denying myself. When you grow up with someone, it is very hard to separate. But I knew it was the right thing to do.”

She went on to say that while she had originally hesitated to share her feelings, she eventually decided to go public because she wanted to be honest about what was happening. In the end, she said, she was grateful for the experience, noting that it made her realize what she needs in life and who she is. “The most beautiful thing is when you look back on your life and you think, ‘Wow, there was a time when I didn’t know who I was or what my purpose was in life, and now I know,’” she said. “There is a sense of calm that comes with that knowledge.”

On Her Daughter’s Popularity

It’s a common scenario: The parents hate the childless lifestyle the children have chosen, and they want them to have children of their own. In this case, James and Katherine did the natural thing and welcomed their first grandchild, a daughter named Ava. The adorable baby took the internet by storm, with her first major celebrity appearance being on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she charmed the talk show host and appeared on her weekly TV show. Ava’s debut was followed by magazine covers and commercials, and soon she was a household name.

While it’s lovely that James and Katherine’s daughter is a celebrity, it’s hardly a fair trade for the burden of having to raise a superstar. “I love having a daughter who is so talented and has so many options in life, but I do worry about her,” Katherine confessed. “I want the best for her, but I also want her to have a normal childhood. So I can’t help but overthink things sometimes.”

Ava’s ever-growing Instagram following is a testament to Katherine’s parenting skills. The 22-year-old follows in the footsteps of both of her parents, boasting an impressive 10.3 million Instagram followers as of this writing. Some of her most popular posts include “How to Take a Selfie While Filming a Movie,” “I’m a Natural Blonde,” and “These Boots are Made for Walkin’.” While her parents fight for control of her social media accounts (Ava is said to have control of her mother’s profile, while her father has access to her Instagram and Twitter), they both support their daughter’s decisions and enjoy watching her grow as a person.

On James’ Family Life

Although James and Katherine were together for more than 15 years, their family life remained somewhat of a mystery. In 2014, on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of The Greatest Showman, Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, were asked about the state of their marriage. “It’s great, we love being together, but we don’t really talk about our family that much,” they responded. “We have a good time, but we don’t really go there that often.”

James and Keith aren’t the only ones keeping our curiosity piqued. It wasn’t until last year that we finally got a glimpse into the inner workings of the Pattinson family. In December 2017, Vanity Fair published a feature detailing the life of James’ siblings. While some of the information was already public, like the fact that Elizabeth ‘Liz’ is a lawyer and Victoria ‘Tori’ is a photographer, it’s still interesting to get an insight into how this unique family functions. For example, did you know that James’ sister Victoria is actually a part-time lawyer and full-time photographer? And that brother-in-law Simon owns a recording studio in London that he turned into a DIY music venue called Village Recorder?

On Motherhood

Katherine Kravitz has said that motherhood changed her for the better. In the years following the birth of her and James’ daughter, Chloe, she became even more devoted to her role as a mother. “Being a mother is the greatest gift and the hardest job in the world,” she said. “I love being a mom.” She went on to explain that as a parent, you are never too busy to worry about whatever is important to you, and that you must be prepared to put your needs aside for that of your children. “What I love most about motherhood is the self-sacrificial quality of it,” she continued. “It is so easy to be a mother, because you are always there to put your family’s needs before your own. It never ends. You are always looking out for them, and they know it. That is such a gift.”

Katherine’s openness to motherhood and desire to be a good role model for her daughter is touching. Unfortunately, as she noted, motherhood can also be very challenging. Aside from having your own insecurities as a woman thrown in the mix, you have the stress of taking care of your kids 24/7 as well as worrying about their safety and well-being. Motherhood can also be very expensive, with child-related costs like daycare, school fees, and doctors’ visits adding up fast. All in all, it’s a lot to handle, even for someone who is used to being responsible for others.

On Her Ex-Wife And Her Daughter’s Finances

While we don’t know exactly how much James and Katherine earn, we do know that they’re not exactly struggling financially. In fact, they’ve been able to keep their money fairly separate for the most part, with James only dipping into his agency’s money on behalf of his clients. So how does he stay afloat? Well, a big part of it has to do with his family’s generous nature. For example, James’ parents are believed to have given him and Katherine a combined $12 million, which they’ve been using to fund their lifestyle. In addition, they’ve been helping to pay for Chloe’s tuition at UCLA as well as supporting James and his sports agency, Octagon.

On Their Daughter’s Interest In Modeling

One of the reasons why Chloe’s celebrity status grew so quickly was due to her modeling work. The teen has been representing some of the world’s best-known brands, including Chanel, Dior, and Ralph Lauren. She’s also walked for designers such as Victoria Beckham and Burberry, as well as graced the covers of several prominent magazines, such as Vogue and Hello! Magazine.

While James and Katherine may not be able to control their daughter’s career entirely, they’re doing everything in their power to support her. In the years since her parents’ separation, Chloe’s Instagram has followed in the footsteps of her parents, documenting their glamorous lifestyles. She’s also modelled for a number of major fashion brands, adding to her parent’s considerable collection of designer jeans, shoes, and handbags.

Whether she’s pursuing a lifestyle in the spotlight or choosing to stay under the radar, it’s clear that Chloe has her heart set on a certain course. We can’t help but wonder what she’ll do when she grows up and has to make a choice between family and career…but we also know that she’ll make the right choice.