They may be Hollywood royalty, but it’s safe to say that Klum and Pattinson represent a lifestyle and fashion brand all their own. The supercouple, who first came together while filming the movie Bad Romance, have since gone on to become style inspiration for fashion fans around the world. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the luxurious celebrity couple.

They Are Good For Each Other’s Career

Even before they officially started dating in 2014, the 42-year-old Victoria’s Secret model and the 45-year-old actor were always there for each other’s careers. When Pattinson was first starting out as an actor, he would often visit the set of his movies by himself and spend time with Klum, who was then already a successful entrepreneur. And when it came to her modeling career, Klum would often fly to London to be with her partner, who was shooting a movie at the time. The two have always been there for each other, professionally and personally, and have continued that trend since tying the knot.

They Share An Unusual Bond

While most celebrity couples have to work at maintaining a relationship, Klum and Pattinson have always been blessed with tremendous chemistry. The two have been romantically linked since meeting on the set of Bad Romance in 2014, and their fans have seen them share countless passionate kisses and cuddles on-screen. Off-screen, too, their PDA has been no stranger to the tabloids. One of the most interesting things about the couple is how they’ve been able to develop such a close bond despite not seeing each other that often. “We definitely don’t get enough time together,” Pattinson told Harper’s Bazaar in 2017. “A lot of couples would kill for that kind of downtime, but for some reason, we both really like working. So when we’re not on set, we’re usually working on something — whether it’s on our phones or just writing stuff down. We try to make the most of what we have.”

Klum Is The Founder Of Kafto, A Skincare Line Targeted At The Plus Size Community

Before she became famous for being a model, Klum was already a successful entrepreneur. In 2010, she founded the skincare line Kafto, which she says was inspired by her desire to provide a more comfortable experience for women who wear plus sizes. The brand has since expanded to include a variety of luxurious bath and skincare products. To learn more, visit their website.

They Have An Intimate Bedroom

It’s no secret that Klum and Pattinson enjoy spending time in bed together. The celebrity couple started dating in 2014 and announced their engagement the following year. One of the things that attracted Klum to Pattinson was his charm and wit, as well as his amazing physique. But it’s not just their sexual attraction that makes their bedrooms an ode to romance and passion. The couple also spends a lot of time quietly getting to know each other, enjoying their private time alone in bed.

Pattinson Commits To A Lifestyle Of Voluntary Simplicity

While most celebrity couples live a life full of luxury and glamour, sometimes showing off their amazing bodies in photoshoots or at parties, Pattinson and Klum have opted out of that lifestyle. The actor has stated in the past that he doesn’t enjoy being in picturesque locations or meeting with famous friends, saying that he’s happiest when he’s at home with his cats and dogs. And it’s this commitment to a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity that has made him so attractive to women like Klum, who want to be with an understated, classy gent.

They Have A Bond For All Ages

When it comes to capturing the attention of the opposite sex, there’s no one quite like the king of romantic comedies, Ryan Gosling. Not even close. From a young age, boys have been captivated by the beautiful and talented Emma Stone, but it was Gosling’s charm and wit that won over audiences when he appeared in the film The Parent Trap. In that iconic scene from the 1984 movie, Gosling’s character, Scott Calvin, is first attracted to Emma Stone’s character, Alexis Marshall, and the two soon develop a bond while playing together in the sandbox. It was this scene, and its timeless advice about listening to the heart instead of the ears that helped make the film such a classic. Today, many years after The Parent Trap, Gosling and Stone are still best friends and enjoy working together even more than 28 years later.

They Support Each Other’s Craft

The luxury industry can be a bit more complicated than usual when it comes to finding designers who are truly ‘bonded’ together. It’s rare that you’ll find two brands that have developed such a close link to the point where they can support and promote one another’s work. But that’s exactly what happened when it came to Klum and Pattinson. Although they have their own individual brands, they’ve always been aware of and supportive of each other’s work. Which leads us to…

They Have Their Own Signatures

It’s no secret that Klum and Pattinson have always been attached at the hip. Their close relationship and business collaborations have led to them creating their own unique brands, which express their personalities and aesthetic. Together, the brands have developed a distinct look that has made them instantly recognizable. While many big celebrity couples’ makeup and skincare lines are designed with the woman in mind, it was clear from the start that Klum and Pattinson were committed to creating a brand that was aimed at the plus size community. Their makeup and skincare lines, along with the rest of their lifestyle brand, are available for purchase from select retailers.