After nearly five years of dating, it seems that Kirstin Stewart and Robert Pattinson have called it quits. The “Twilight” actress, 32, and the “Burberry Prada” model, 26, have reportedly split and called it quits after dating for approximately four years.

While neither star has confirmed the speculation, there’s a lot to suggest that their relationship is over. Here, we’ll explore the reasons why.

They Have Decided To Be Inseparable

One of the most fascinating things about the Stewart-Pattinson relationship is how it followed such a long and winding road to begin with. The two first met on the set of the 2008 film, “Water For Elephants,” where he played Jacob Jankowski and she played Virginia Bojarsky. They then kept in touch and finally dated for the first time in 2014. They went on to publically state their engagement in March of that year and were subsequently selected as the wedding guests for newlyweds Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Since then, they’ve been spotted at a variety of public events and have even been vacationing together. In July of this year, they were both spotted attending the premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Peter Pan,” along with Emma Thompson and Michael Sheen. This was followed by a vacation to Sicily where they were photographed together on a terrace, sipping cocktails. The pair also went on a trip to Japan together in August and shared various sweet Instagram posts about their travels.

They Have Been Acting Inseparable For A While

While the two have been vacationing and attending premieres together, it seems that they’ve been acting in and out of separability for a while now. In fact, they’ve been so inseparable that it’s almost hard to believe that they’ve been dating for four years already. The two have been spotted together at several notable events over the last four years, including the 2014 Academy Awards, where she wore a bespoke dress by Stella McCartney and he wore a blazer by Burberry Prada. They’ve also been photographed multiple times at top-secret military events.

In addition, Stewart’s agency, CAA, issued a statement that read: “Kirstin and Robert have been an absolute joy to work with. They have been nothing but professional and dedicated to the film throughout the entire process. Their chemistry is off the charts and it has been a real treat to see them collaborate so well on set. We wish them nothing but the best.”

While this statement didn’t confirm that the couple had split, it seemed to suggest that they might be going their separate ways. Other than their busy schedules and the fact that they have different tastes in terms of films and TV shows, it’s also possible that they simply have different priorities in life right now. He might want to focus on his career and she might want to focus on her kids. When they do work together, as they have on occasion, they appear to have a great deal of fun.

He Is Haunted By The Failure Of His Past Relationships

For years, Pattinson had trouble finding true love, especially while maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with his ex-fiancée, Elle MacLeman. In 2008, he was photographed kissing another woman during an intimate moment with MacLeman. The two also battled alcoholism in the early years of their relationship and eventually got treatment together. But even after that, Pattinson was still haunted by his past relationships, especially with MacLeman. They remained close friends and in 2012, he dedicated his song “Skeletons” to her.

As for Stewart, she’s also been through a lot in her young life. Her debut novel, “Tiger Burns,” was released in 2015 to much acclaim and won the prestigious John Creasy Award, among other honors. She also wrote a movie adaptation of the book, which she will star in. What’s more, Stewart’s father, Ben, is a successful journalist and political commentator. So, she’s already been on her feet for most of her life, establishing herself as a serious and capable young woman.

Their Individual Styles Are At Odds

Like many long-term relationships, the Stewart-Pattinson dynamic is definitely a partnership and it shows. While Stewart has admitted that she and Pattinson have very different styles, she’s also said that she appreciates and respects his style. In many ways, they’re a perfect match and their differences actually make them stronger. But they also have times when their individual styles clash, often making for some funny and interesting situations. Take last year’s Golden Globes, for example. Instead of wearing a glamorous gown by Ralph & Lucille, she opted for a stunning gold dress by Stella McCartney, which was more in line with her usual stylish choices. But, at the same time, he chose an Armani suit.

In general, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Stewart and Pattinson’s styles don’t always match, which is likely one of the reasons why they’ve decided to call it quits. They’re both such distinctive personalities that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the world to see more of both of them. Even though they’ve only been dating for a few years, their individual styles are already becoming a big part of their public images. For instance, they’ve collaborated on numerous red carpets and have even been seen in the same outfits at different events. This year, they’re likely to appear as a couple in more high-profile events and on a variety of magazine covers. The fact that they’re already established as stylish and talented individuals means that their relationship might not be a total shock to their public.