Few relationships endure the test of time quite like those between a movie star and an actor. For the love-struck millions who saw Kirsten Stewart and Edward Pattinson’s whirlwind romance play out on screen, the question is: What now?

The 36-year-old singer-actress has been dating the 39-year-old actor for almost three years. The couple first met on the set of the 2014 film Me Before You, which Stewart starred in and co-produced. In 2015, they made the decision to publicly acknowledge their love for one another and share their romance with audiences via social media. The three-year anniversary of their first official public appearance as a couple was marked last month with a joint Instagram post.

Since then, Stewart and Pattinson have been busy sharing their love through a series of beautiful and heartwarming social media posts. Their relationship has inspired countless memes, and fans have taken the opportunity to express their love for Kirsten by donning costumes and styling wigs to re-enact some of her most memorable lines.

But while Stewart’s film career was undoubtedly buoyed by her on-screen pairing with Pattinson, it is the latter’s acting career that has truly blossomed. Since the pair’s first public appearance as a couple, the 39-year-old has gone on to star in blockbusters such as The Dark Shadows series, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and most recently, Bumblebee. With a new movie season fast approaching, here’s a look at how Stewart, Pattinson, and Bell are shaping up.

Kirsten Stewart

Over the past year, Stewart has primarily been focusing on her music career, which saw the release of her platinum debut album, A Thousand Nights, in June 2018. This year she has also starred in several major films, such as Joe Exotic’s The Jungle Book, for which she received an acting nomination. But the singer has also been spending a lot of her time on social media, where she continues to share intimate photos of herself with Pattinson. The pair recently became engaged to each other.

In addition to her music and film careers, this year Stewart also launched the Kirsten Stewart Foundation, which she described as a “personal empowerment project”. The foundation aims to “foster self-expression and confidence” in young women by providing them with art supplies and a space to explore fashion and beauty. The initiative has partnered with high-profile brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu, and Dior to provide young women with a platform.

Edward Pattinson

While Stewart was catapulted to fame as a result of her relationship with Pattinson, it was their co-starring in the 2001 romantic comedy Love Actually that firmly established the pair’s on-screen chemistry. Since then, they have gone on to appear in numerous films together, including Cameron Mizell’s 2006 historical romance Paris, which they both starred in.

Pattinson has also starred in several of Stewart’s music videos, including the Just Give Me a Reason video, which came out in 2016 and features Stewart delivering a passionate performance of the song’s lyrics. The song was written by Jimmy Nail and Matt Dragnell and was originally performed by British indie pop band Bombay Bicycle Club.

In 2018, Pattinson established himself as a producer and actor with major credits, including Trolls: The Musical, for which he received an Oscar nomination. He is currently starring in the upcoming film Bumblebee, which is set for release in December.

Kristen Bell

While Stewart and Pattinson built their careers and became famous playing love interests, it was Bell who attracted a whole new generation of fans with her role as Annie Potts in 2009’s romantic comedy series House of Gucci. In the film, Potts seeks refuge from the stress of everyday living by moving into a mansion with her sister, Linda, played by Gabrielle Anwar. The two become fast friends and later share an intimate moment while naked in the ocean.

Bell also gained popularity through her portrayal of Peyton Sawyer in the 2010 blockbuster The Blind Side, a film about the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless black boy who is adopted by white football player Brian Billick and his wife, Leigh Anne. In 2016, she starred in the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther, which became the third-highest-grossing film of all time. The following year, she starred in the superhero sequel Avengers: Infinity War, which marked her return to the big screen after a three-year absence. In April 2019, she was appointed as the new Oprah Winfrey guest host for the cable network’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference in Chicago.

Their Best Bits

While all three of these stars have gone on to enjoy successful acting careers, it is Stewart, in particular, who has amassed a large following due to her warm and charming demeanor. Here are some of her best bits, along with the comments that fans have made.

Kirsten Stewart:

I love her comedic timing and her ability to make each second/episode of a TV show or movie more enjoyable. In The Twilight Zone‘s ‘A Little Bit of Luck’, she delivers the classic line, “If you don’t love it, you should try being in it. You might learn a thing or two.” Such wisdom. And that cheeky grin of hers.

Edward Pattinson:

I love his sense of humor and how he seamlessly blends comedy with drama. In Love Actually, he plays the role of Richard, the straight man to Hollywood’s hottest lovebirds. But you would never know it from his performance, because he is so good at playing these droll, deadpan roles.

Kristen Bell:

I love her quippy one-liners and her ability to bring a smile to even the darkest of faces. In House of Gucci, she nails the line, “You might not like what you see, but you’ll definitely like what you hear,” with such conviction that you instantly understand her meaning. Whether she is reacting to Michael Douglas’s infamous line in The Great Gatsby, “She’s got a smile that could light up a city,” or demonstrating her own brand of cheeky humor in The Lego Movie, she always has time for a laugh. Even when her characters are under the most stress, she can’t hide her humor.

Their Worst Bits

When it comes to the “worst bits” of Stewart, Pattinson, and Bell, it is perhaps the most recognizable face of a young Will Smith that reignites the most awkward of memories. Smith plays Jaba the Goblin, a role for which he won a Saturn Award, in Tim Burton’s 2005 fantasy Planet of the Apes. While many fans might argue that this was the film that launched Smith’s acting career, it was far from his finest hour. The late-night host and actor has never been known for his acting, and the 2005 film—which was critically panned—is certainly the exception that proves the rule. In the role, Smith has to wear a ridiculous-looking afro wig and sport an unbecoming, ill-fitting green costume. It is an unusual look for such a successful and talented actor, and it remains one of the most memorable ‘fits in his discography.

And what about that time that she made that incredibly crass comment about The Last Jedi in 2019? I’ll never forget that. Or her cameo in that awful TV sitcom. Or that time she played tennis with her dogs. Or when she dressed up in a bikini and started singing…

On the topic of inappropriate Halloween costume choices, I’m sure many of you will agree that this scene from The Addams Family is one of the most legendary moments in cinematic history. After being rejected by boys and men her entire life, Morticia Addams finally gets to parade around in a revealing dress and high heels. And boy, does she ever deliver on that promise. What an iconic performance. And that laugh!