The two began dating in 2011 and became engaged just three months later in an extravagant fair isle white wedding that featured 100 guests and a three-tier wedding cake to which Stewart had asked her guests to donate £5 each. Later that year, the couple bought a £5.3million mansion in the Scottish highlands, which they named Dhibba. Although the marriage ended in 2018, the couple remain best friends and continue to work together. Here, we explore the inspiring love story of Kirsten and Rob.

A Private Ceremony

While on the surface, the fair isle white wedding between Stewart and Pattinson appeared to be a fairytale ending for the couple, the truth is that it was actually a private ceremony held at the High commissioner’s residence in London. There were no TV cameras in attendance and only a small number of family and friends who had been informed in advance about the event.

“We wanted this to be a celebration of our love and for it to be as personal as possible,” Stewart told attendees at the time. “We’re both really proud of what we’ve created, and we wanted to protect this time just for the two of us.”

The choice of location was no accident. London was the place where Stewart and Pattinson had first met, and it also happens to be the capital city of the United Kingdom, which the couple would later call home.

An Unexpected Engagement

While preparing for their wedding day, Stewart and Pattinson discovered they were pregnant with twins. They decided to keep the news secret for as long as possible and didn’t reveal the happy news to anyone — not even their closest friends and family — until 15 weeks had passed.

“We were absolutely delighted. It was such a sweet moment when she walked down the aisle with her twin sister beside her,” Stewart said of the first of their two daughters. “It was a dream come true for both of us.”

Pattinson added: “We wanted to keep the excitement and joy of the occasion to ourselves as long as possible. It was such a special moment when we saw the two little princesses arrive in style in matching silver dresses.”

Although the couple were happy to finally share their news, it came as a complete shock to their friends and family. Before their wedding day, they had both kept their options open regarding their future family and had considered themselves open to the idea of adoption.

“I’m so happy for Kirsten and Rob. They’re such an inspiring couple. It’s so sweet to see them both so proud of their babies,” said Jane Pratt, a friend of the couple. “They’re lovely with children and really look after them so well. To have such beautiful, healthy babies of your own is the dream for any parent.”

In keeping with their desire to keep the news of their pregnancy a secret, Stewart and Pattinson decided to tell only a few people close to them about their happy news before the event. One of the few informed early on was John Reid, an old friend of the couple who had recently become head of their wedding party. Reid had encouraged them to get hitched and had surprised everyone with the news on their big day. He and his wife had previously adopted a son, Nicholas, from China.

A Mansion Fit for a King

The newly married couple spent the first year of their lives together in a five-star London hotel, which they named The Boring. However, it was the purchase of their first home that truly shaped their lives as a married couple.

Pattinson explained: “When we first moved in together, it was a complete mess. There were so many boxes and it just took us so much time to settle in. We made so many compromises and were so happy to finally have a place that we both felt happy and comfortable in.”

It was around this time that they came across an advertisement in a lifestyle magazine offering a plot of land for sale in Scotland for £250,000. Knowing that they would eventually settle in Scotland, where they had both grown up, they decided to make the plunge and purchase the three-bedroomed detached home, which had been built in the 19th century and was situated in the Scottish highlands.

“It was nothing short of perfect. We fell in love with the house the moment we saw it, and decided to make it our new home,” Stewart said of her newly purchased mansion, which she had decided to name Dhibba. “It was big enough for the both of us and had all the modern conveniences we could have wanted.”

A Second Home for Their Royal Wedding Guest

Dhibba quickly became known as the “family mansion,” as it was where Stewart, Pattinson, and their guests would often congregate during the latter’s wedding season. The couple had asked their wedding guests to donate one pound each to help with the cost of the celebration and unveiled a plaque in thanks for their guests’ generosity.

The mansion quickly became a wedding venue for the couple, with friends and family travelling from near and far to attend the celebrations, which became known as the “double wedding,” as it was for Stewart’s and Pattinson’s half-sisters, Eloise and Alice, and their husbands.

And it wasn’t just about celebrating the big day. With the help of designer Emma Fishwick, the couple also worked hard to transform the manor into a stylish and luxurious second home that would be fit for a king or queen.

Emma Fishwick, dressmaker and designer, had previously worked with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, and the three had become firm friends and collaborators. It was during this time that Fishwick was asked to work on transforming Dhibba into a wedding venue.

“I was really fortunate to be asked to take on this project as a special surprise for the bride and groom,” Fishwick said. “They literally fell in love with the dress the second they saw it and had asked me to make it for them.”

The dress, which the designer called a “gorgeous ivory dress,” was created using hand-me-down fabric and features a high neckline, long sleeves, and a skirt that stops just above the knee.

Echoing the elegance of the English countryside, the ivory wedding dress was the perfect way to transform the couple’s new home into a showcase of their style.

A Royal Baby Honeymoon

Three months after the wedding, the twins were blessed with a daughter, named Louisa, meaning “lucky” in Latin. The couple named her child after Queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarch of all time, who had died six years previously. Louisa was also a nod to Stewart’s late mother, who had died when she was just 14 years old.

As a new parent, the luxurious honeymoon that followed was a treat. While on the surface, the trip to Thailand was simply a way to take a break from the pressures of daily life, it was in fact, a getaway to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It also happened to be the location of one of the most luxurious spas the traveller could ever dream of.

“Thailand was such an amazing place to bring our daughter. We loved that there was so much to do and see and that we could create lasting memories with her,” said Stewart. “It was such a luxurious trip and a real treat to be able to bring her here. We’re overjoyed that she has such an amazing heritage.”

The trip also happened to coincide with the World Cup, which was being held in the country, giving the family a rare opportunity to bond as a unit and watch some of the world’s best players in action.

“Thailand was a beautiful place and the kids particularly loved it. We had some of the finest beaches and the kids could happily play in the sea for hours on end,” said Pattinson.

Two Years of Marriage, Two Beautiful Daughters

Just two years after their wedding day, Stewart and Pattinson were blessed with a second daughter, India. The couple named her after India, the largest country in the world, which is also one of their favorite places to visit. The addition of a sister for their twins was a dream come true for Stewart and Pattinson.

“We’re so blessed. It doesn’t seem real. It’s just such a wonderful family,” said Stewart of the foursome. “It’s been an incredible two years and we could not have asked for more.”

Pattinson added: “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs these past two years but we’ve never been happier.”