If you follow celebrity news, you might be familiar with the story of Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz. The on-screen chemistry between these two actors was undeniable, and their undeniable chemistry became a source of heated debate as soon as filming of their film The Rover was completed. As the years went on, their public appearances together became increasingly rare. But while their schedules might have slowed, their friendship continued, and in fact, their bond grew stronger as time went on. Now, at least according to recent interviews, they seem to have put their professional relationship behind them.

Pattinson and Lutz’s story is one that Hollywood could certainly learn a thing or two from. Throughout their career, they’ve worked together not only on screen but also off, collaborating on projects ranging from stage musicals to fashion lines. But while their careers took them around the world, their hearts remained in England, and in fact, they still consider themselves to be good friends today.

Why Did They Get So Into Injection Mores?

One of the first reports suggesting that Pattinson and Lutz had put their professional relationship behind them came from their respective spokespeople shortly after the pair had reunited onscreen for the first time in years in the drama film Dumnikkonshun, which was released in 2017. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lutz’s publicist stated that the actor had no interest in maintaining a public relationship with Pattinson due to their previous public feuds. He went on to say that Lutz was “heartbroken” over their recent professional disagreements and wished to avoid fueling speculation. The next day, in an interview with Vogue, Pattinson’s manager stated that he and his client had put their differences aside and were committed to remaining friends.

While Pattinson and Lutz have seemingly moved on, their rivalry didn’t, and fans of the duo were keen to see what would happen next. Fortunately for them, Hollywood is a place where stories like this can still play out. In the most recent installment of the franchise The Rover, the two actors finally get the opportunity to square off once more. This time, though, they’re working together, and the result is one of the best portrayals of sibling rivalry yet. 

Sibling Rivalry

Set some time ago in the near future, The Rover tells the story of James (Pattinson) and Robert (Lutz), two wealthy young men who have spent their lives competing for the attention of their father (Morgan Freeman). Though their lives together have been filled with tension, the two still have a strong bond, which they use to their advantage whenever possible. In the past, they’ve thrown violent tantrums over trivial matters, prompting their father to remark that he’s never known his two sons to be closer to one another “than enemies”. But while their father might consider them to be rivals for his affection, they’re not so much as adults. And after all these years, the two finally seem to be putting their differences aside for the sake of their family.

One of the most compelling things about The Rover is its exploration of class and status in modern-day Britain. The film is based on the real-life rivalry between the sons of a wealthy Texan real estate developer. The feud began when the two boys were young and continued through their teen years. In 2016, Vanity Fair reported that the two had patched up their differences and become the best of friends. In 2018, Vogue revealed that the two actors shared a private dinner together not too long ago, after which they declared their official reconciliation. The fact that this story could still be told, and the way it’s told in this film, is a testament to the enduring nature of the friendship between Pattinson and Lutz.

A Friendship In All Aspects

While The Rover is rife with complex narrative threads and interesting characters, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the two most interesting characters are actually the ones that the audience might not have guessed would become best friends. One of these characters is a fashion-forward entrepreneur named Lucille who, at the end of the day, is one of the only friends that James has. She repeatedly reminds him that he’s different from Robert, and while the gulf in class might make others bristle, it seems to have only drawn the two closer together. When she first arrives at Robert’s fancy London hotel, the pair exchange an awkward, yet charming hello. From there, they move toward exploring their interests in common: fashion, beauty, and high society. But it’s not long before they discover that they share a competitive streak. The two begin to engage in a friendly battle of one-upsmanship, with Lucille acting as referee, occasionally stepping in to even out the playing field.

It might be tempting to see this film as an exploration of class and standing in the world today, but The Rover is actually a rather optimistic view of class in Britain. Through most of the 1960s and most of the 1970s, class was a much bigger issue in Britain than it is now, primarily because the middle class had a great deal in common with the working class and the upper class viewed the lower classes with a great degree of disdain. Since the 1980s, class has been, for the most part, neutrally viewed or even seen as a positive thing. In other words, Britain has largely moved away from the class-conscious society of the past, and the characters in this film—at least the younger generation—seem to have learned to coexist and appreciate one another’s differences. This is a message that the film’s director, Mac Leman, seems to be sending with this movie.

What Is Their Upcoming Schedule?

If The Rover is any indication, it seems that Pattinson and Lutz are taking their friendship seriously and are determined to make the most of it. The film revolves around a dinner party that the two attend, a sort of coming together of the clans—rich, old, and sometimes crazy—that is supposed to bring the families together after years apart. While certainly not setting foot in a psych ward, the dinner does feature a pretty packed social schedule, including a visit from James’ aunt (Cher), who has a tendency to over-reveal family secrets. Fortunately for fans of the duo, there is still a place on the card that is meant for them alone.

But back to the present. With their individual schedules scattered between film projects and international tours, it’s unlikely that the two will see each other physically for a while. Still, the fact that they’re both living their best lives and seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves shows that their bond remains as strong as ever. In a world where so much seems to be going wrong these days, it’s nice to see a story that reminds us that all is not lost. It’s a small ray of light in an otherwise dark world. And it’s a story that Hollywood should definitely keep in mind.