While many of our readers might still see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as the epitome of what a couple should look like, Hollywood’s recent history has proven that even the most famous stars can fall victim to bad habits and scandals. After news of Stewart’s PDA with Pattinson broke in October 2016, many wondered whether or not their on-screen chemistry would translate to real-life romance. While Stewart and Pattinson maintained that their relationship was neither abusive nor obsessive, the media frenzy surrounding their personal life certainly didn’t help matters.

With one month to go before the premiere of their new film, the couple has finally given in to public demand and shared an adorable, yet steamy, kiss on-screen. After a six-year hiatus, Stewart’s latest project, an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic, The Tempest, premieres on September 12th and features a romantic scene between her and Pattinson. While many might consider the timing somewhat suspect, Stewart maintains that it wasn’t planned and that The Tempest itself was written to be unrequited. She also spoke to Vanity Fair about the importance of female friendships and how she stays empowered.

Does It Hurt Their Romance?

Before we dive into the details of Stewart and Pattinson’s latest on-screen drama, it’s important to establish the fact that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least, not for the fans of the Golden Globe Award-winning Perry, who recently tweeted about the new romantic scene between her and Pattinson: “So excited for my @KatyPerry movie coming out soon! Can’t wait to see the world’s reaction when I kiss @Rob_Pattinson #TeamRob.”

Perry might be happy to see the chemistry between her and Pattinson on-screen, but does it necessarily translate into a good thing for their real-life relationship? While many will argue that it doesn’t, we think it actually depends on the situation. In some cases, as with Stephen Marchetti and Summer Roberts, serious romantic damage can be undone by the power of true friendship, allowing for the possibility of a happy ending.

Is It All About The Lustful PDA?

One of the most talked-about relationships to emerge from Hollywood in recent years has been that of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The former Twilight star and the Homesick actor had been dating since 2014 and became one of the most recognizable celebrity couples of all time, with audiences around the world tuning in to watch their on-screen romance. The media frenzy that surrounded their relationship—from PDA scandals to clandestine meetings in Parisian hotels—has undoubtedly given rise to a passionate fanbase.

What many people don’t realize is that Stewart and Pattinson were initially hired to play a romantic couple for one scene in a Hollywood thriller; their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, but the relationship beyond that had much more potential. Like many famous couples, Stewart and Pattinson have been open about their affair of the heart, and have spoken about the special connection they share with their fans. But what exactly is it about their romantic chemistry that makes it so special?

  • Dynamic Duo (Matthew Stewart and Tricia Paola): The dynamic duo was one of the breakout romantic couples of the 2010s, and their chemistry on-screen is stunning. They initially worked together on the short-lived Teeth earning them critical acclaim and immense fandom. They later went on to star in the 2017 movie, A Curse That Cannot Be Broken alongside one another. As successful individual actors, directors, and producers, Stewart and Pattinson have helped shape entertainment as we know it.
  • Ambiguous Relationship (Evan Agostino and Max Minghella): While Robert Pattinson seems to love being with Kristen Stewart, they have always remained evasive about the genuineness of their relationship. In an amended court filing last year, Agostino called Pattinson “his best friend,” while Minghella referred to their on-screen bonding as “a case of movie magic,” and went on to say that his client “does not intend to engage in any improper conduct.”
  • Titillating Theories (Hugh Laurie and Florence Pugh): While Hugh Laurie and Florence Pugh’s Homesick is a dating drama that centers on their off-screen relationship, it is primarily about Homesick and its theories surrounding the cause of Pugh’s early demise. Theories ranged from murder to suicide to overdose, and Laurie took pleasure in playing doctor, titillating his audience with detailed examinations and diagnoses. The twenty-first century Fox Marquise is one of Homesick’s more recent successors, starring Catherine Hardwicke as the unrelenting Marquise. While Hardwicke is a great choice for the role, her on-screen chemistry with Laurie definitely pales in comparison to his explosive on-screen chemistry with Pugh. 

A More Equitable Divorce

Another factor that might contribute to Stewart and Pattinson’s sad romantic story is that their divorce was more equitable than that of most other Hollywood couples. The couple initially asked California court judge Martha Vickers to set aside their property settlement, contending that it had not been agreed upon. Despite the contest, the judge ultimately approved the deal and ordered the community funds, minority shares, and other parties to be divided equitably. The fact that the couples’ divorce was amicable might contribute to the romanticism surrounding their rekindled relationship.

The Tempest

As previously mentioned, Stewart and Pattinson were initially hired to play a romantic couple for one scene in a Hollywood thriller, but went on to star in their own unauthorized spin off from The Tempest. In The Wife He Called Homesick, Stewart stars as a rebellious ex-wife named Juliet, who jilts her ex-husband, played by Pattinson, forcing him to live in a car named Romeo. While the romantic scenery is there, we learn that the pair are merely acting out a scripted battle for dominance over the course of a family getaway.