Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have reportedly called it quits – at least for now. The “Roar” hitmaker was spotted leaving the Waterstones bookstore in London on Wednesday night, along with her dogs. A source told Us Weekly the pair were “very low-key” while shopping in the city and “didn’t seem interested in each other at all.”

While the split seems amicable, it’s been a bumpy road for the “Roar” singer. After splitting from Russell Brand in 2014, Perry dated musicians like Elton John and Blake Shelton. She was also engaged to Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage before the end of last year.

It’s been a tough year for Perry. Since she became a mother in 2016, her Instagram has been littered with baby items – including an empty crib, a changing table, and a Baby Bjorn. “I’m so happy to be a mom,” she wrote in August. “It’s the best feeling in the world.”

There’s also been gossip surrounding Rob and Katy’s break up. Just a few weeks ago, the “Waterloo” singer/actress was spotted leaving a restaurant with a very thin cake in the shape of a car. While some saw the pair as a reinvigorated couple, others viewed it as a bitter breakup. Perhaps most intriguingly, there was a report that Rob’s sister, Chloe, had an accident involving a car that might have been caused by drinking. She later acknowledged the alleged incident on Instagram, writing that she’s “not fully awake” while driving and apologized to her fans and family. While it might be a while before we hear from the couple, at least Katy’s got her dogs.

New Tattoo

While Katy’s been keeping busy this year, so too has her body. On the back of her right hand, the singer has a tattoo depicting a snake, an Asian symbol of good fortune. While some see the tattoo as “kooky,” others view it as a statement – an ode to her favorite band, the “Snake Charmer’s” BTS.

In addition to the snake on her hand, Katy also has a snake wrapped around her neck. The symbolism isn’t lost on fans – in a recent Instagram post, she tagged BTS, writing, “[Robert] Pattinson and I have been best friends since before we were even dating. I always wanted a snake wrapped around my neck. This is me proposing.”

While it might be hard to confirm speculation surrounding the pair’s relationship, it’s pretty clear that they’re both a part of the #btsrevolution. The Japanese band has been actively campaigning for their fans to “snake” their bodies with tattoo parlors across the globe. And, as we know, when BTS asks people to do something, it usually involves bringing people together to create art – and this is why the band’s snake tattoos serve as such a crucial statement.

The fact that Kate’s embracing their affinity for snakes indicates how much the band has impacted her life. In April, the singer released an entire album of covers of songs by BTS, titled “Witness: The Album.” In the lead single, she pays homage to the Japanese band with the lyric, “Please don’t let me go. To me, you are BTS.” She also uses the hashtag #BTSKATY to show her support on her Instagram. As she’s often the subject of their songs, it seems fitting that our planet’s most precious cargo would be used to show how much she cares.

What’s Next?

While we don’t know exactly what Rob and Katy’s relationship means for their upcoming projects, it’s clear that they’re both committed to their children and to each other. Perhaps most notably, the pair were spotted together at the 2019 Golden Globes, where they laughed and cried as BTS’s performance was recognized with a Best Original Song nomination.

That the band was able to pull off such an incredible performance amid such overwhelming glitz and glamour is a testament to the power of their music and the impact they’ve been able to have on the world. While the idea of a breakup might seem strange amid all of this, you have to admit – this whole year has been pretty strange.