It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the ever-busy Katrina Kaif, and now that she’s been out of the public eye for a while, it’s time to bring her back and remind everyone just how gorgeous she is! The actress recently wrapped a romantic comedy with her famous ex-boyfriend, England’s prince charming Robert Pattinson, and the pair look to be having a ball in the middle of L.A. as we know it!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from Prince Charming himself, and with our girlie girl finally stepping out of her shell, it’s high time to give him some well-deserved screen time! We’re breaking down all the details of the gorgeous actress’s big romantic day, including her gorgeous ensembles, and we can’t forget about those sweet, sweet wedding photos! Just like old times, huh?

The Wedding Album

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, so it’s only natural that the couple would want to record the event in a beautiful and personal way. For Katrina Kaif and Robert Pattinson, the answer was simple: they had the photographer they work with, Anthony Russo, put together an album filled with the magical moments of their wedding day.

The picturesque album features stunning photographs from the big day, with the couple looking as happy as ever as they celebrate a key milestone in their lives. The touching collection of photographs is a perfect example of how effective good planning and excellent execution can be, even when dealing with something as unpredictable as a wedding!

The Perfect Timing

It’s safe to say that planning a wedding is a full-time job, especially these days when you have to consider everything from the venue to the guest list. For the former couple, they wanted to have a low-key yet stylish celebration, so they went with the luxury hotel Oceana in L.A. because, well, it’s near enough to the airport and has all the necessary bells and whistles.

They also decided to shuck off some of the traditional wedding formalities, opting instead to have a champagne toast and signing of the wedding contract, so as to keep the feeling of an intimate celebration.

Speaking of keeping things intimate, one of the most unique touches on Katrina’s big day was the decision to have her grandparents walk her down the aisle. Although they live in England, the actress’ parents were best friends with Robert Pattinson’s and they wanted to make sure that their only grandchild would be part of this important moment in their lives. The decision turned out to be a wonderful way to bring the wedding party closer, as seeing one’s grandparents walk one’s spouse down the aisle is such a magical moment.

The Stunning Reception

The wedding day should always be a memorable and beautiful event, and for the former couple, it was truly special. The photos do not lie, and the gorgeous collection of wedding albums serves as a testament to that. The icing on the cake is that the two look to be having a blast at their reception as well, with Robert Pattinson dancing throughout the night and even breaking a few dance moves with Beyonce. So much love!

The reception venue, the Oceana, is a gorgeous waterfront hotel that provides the perfect backdrop for photos. The food and the drinks were superb, as were the floral arrangements, and the dance floor stayed packed all night long. It was truly a fantastic day and another wonderful testament to the beauty and talents of the lovely Katrina Kaif.

Wedding Rings

It’s no secret that the star of the movie is hands down, the most famous ex-boyfriend in the world, and now that she’s married, her accessory game is strong! Even before the wedding day, the beautiful actress was already showing off her engagement ring, and it looks like she’s been planning just as long for the big day as she has been dating the prince!

On the big day, Katrina opted for an edgy yet classic look that keeps her bang-on-trend whilst also paying homage to the wedding films of old. The stunning black on black ensemble features an exquisite diamond engagement ring crafted in the shape of a claw, as well as a string of pearls and a delicate gold earring. Bringing a little more glam to the mix is a strapless white dress with a veil, which she wore with matching white pearl drop earrings.

The couple’s gorgeous friendship bracelet, featuring a white enameled band on an ivory gold base, was a gift from Robert Pattinson. This delicate piece is a testament to their enduring bond and it will be a treasured piece for both of them.

Famous Exes

It’s well-deserved success that followed after the phenomenal Divergent, with the young beauty picking up several accolades including the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress and being nominated for a Golden Globe. It seems that the media have taken a shine to the gorgeous Katrina Kaif, with the publication calling her “one of our most anticipated movie stars of 2016” and a “fearless beauty.”

In addition to her many accolades, the talented young actress is also the face of several high-profile campaigns, including the luxury cosmetic brand NARS, as well as the American fashion house Chanel. It’s fair to say that the world is now aware of Katrina Kaif’s stunning good looks, as evidenced by the many, many paparazzi that kept a close eye on her on the big day. The fact that she chose to celebrate her special day in such a private manner only adds to her star power!