It is no secret that Katie Leung and Robert Pattinson have been dating for a while now. As well as being the famous movie couple, they have also been spotted out and about on numerous occasions, most recently in New York City. It seems like the celebrity couple is determined to keep their relationship a secret, as they always keep their guard up and rarely allow themselves to be photographed together. So, let’s have a look at their fashionable choices regarding this most recent publicity stunt.

Katie Leung Chooses A Minimal Look

It is no secret that Katie Leung loves a good heel and loves wearing them on red carpet events. She always picks a simple but stunningly stylish look, and she never goes for a large ensemble. This approach ensures that she does not overdo it and ends up looking like a mess. Usually, she will wear a lovely heel in combination with a flat shoe, like Tiffany’s Signature Ruby And Diamond Brooch (link is to an affiliate; I get a small commission if you make a purchase following this link), and she will accessorise with diamond studs, emeralds, or other precious stones. This time around, she chose to wear a bright red dress with a black heel. This bold choice made her look like a total fashionista.

Robert Pattinson Chooses A Dark And Moody Look

No surprise here, as it is well documented that the Twilight actor is very fond of all things “vampiric.” At the Cinema Society screening of The Walking Dead, he was seen wearing a black t-shirt with holes cut out of it and a leather jacket. Of course, he wore his signature black baseball cap backwards and had the brim turned up, lending the actor a really dark and stylish look.

What Does The Fashion Choice Tell Us About Their Relationship?

Well, let’s face it, not every couple gets to see each other on a regular basis. So, when you do, you want to make sure that your special day is special. On the other hand, a marriage proposal is such a memorable experience for any couple. As such, it makes perfect sense that Katie Leung and Robert Pattinson wanted to do something extra special on their wedding day. It was recently revealed that they will be getting hitched this coming June in France. As well as picking a simple yet elegant dress for the special day, Katie Leung also decided to go for a classy and minimal look, akin to what she usually wears on red carpet events. As if to underscore the minimalist nature of their outfits, they will be wearing matching rings – a sign that they are officially together as a couple. The minimalist approach ensures that they do not overdo it and look like they are trying too hard.