The couple were first seen holding hands at the Invitation Only premiere in London, England in March 2012. Since then, they have been seen at a number of royal events and have made the occasional public appearance together. In November 2012, it was reported that the couple had been dating for nine months and were planning to wed in the spring of 2013. Less than a month later, they made the big news official when they announced their engagement via social media.

While the news was met with widespread joy, it was also met with some skepticism since Kate Middleton is the Queen’s granddaughter and Prince William’s only child. Moreover, fans of the Harry Potter films were concerned since Robert Pattinson is the actor who played the role of Ron Weasley in all eight of the films.

In what follows, we’ll take a brief look at the history of Kate Middleton and Robert Pattinson.

Early Life And Career

Kate Middleton was born in London, England on November 13, 1988. Her mother, Carole, is a former model and her father, Michael, is a photographer and former race car driver. She has an older sister, Pippa and an older brother, Michael. Besides her family, Kate’s other main connection to the royal family is through her great aunt, Queen Elizabeth II, who is her father’s elder sister. Due to this connection, Kate was groomed to one day follow in her aunt’s footsteps and assume the throne of Great Britain.

Aside from being a great-niece of the Queen, Kate has no other royal connection and, as such, has had to build a career in politics and the media. As a teenager, Kate competed in pageants and was initially considered a possible future candidate for Miss World. She later opted out of the contest and focused on her studies at St. Ambrose University in West London. While at university, she majored in English literature and minored in Philosophy. Additionally, she participated in various university activities, including representing St. Ambrose at football matches and graduation parties. During this time, she also became a keen supporter of the Conservative Party. In 2010, Kate graduated from university with a 2.1 GPA. Soon afterward, she was appointed as a special constable with London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Her role focused on supporting officers and reviewing crime scenes. She served in this capacity for nearly two years before leaving the police force.

Romantic Life And Relationship With Robert Pattinson

Kate Middleton and Robert Pattinson first met in March 2011 when they were both attending the premiere of Edwardian Romance, a period piece film directed by Sean Baker and starring Katharine Bartlett and Pierce Brosnan. During the film’s premiere, Kate was escorted to her seats by a personal bodyguard while Robert was protected by a handful of his faithful fans. A source close to the couple told the Daily Mail that the actor was “over the moon” to meet the English rose and described the evening as “fantastic.” Indeed, Kate and Robert were both gracious and friendly, which quickly led to a courtship.

As the Evening Standard reported around the time of their first meeting, “[Kate’s] charms are many. She is beautiful, extremely bright and articulate. Above all, she is genuine, kind and extremely likeable.” The couple were first seen holding hands at the premiere of Edwardian Romance in March 2012 and have since been seen together at a variety of royal events, including the Olympic opening ceremony and the wedding of Prince William and Kate’s fellow Englander, Catherine Middleton. In August 2012, it was reported that Kate and Robert were dating and had rented an apartment in London’s posh Chelsea neighborhood. Finally, in November 2012, it was widely reported that the couple had set a wedding date for the spring of 2013.

While Kate has said that she does not plan to follow her aunt’s example and become queen, she has reportedly accepted an offer to serve as a bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Princess Charlotte. The couple’s engagement and wedding will be closely followed by the media and celebrity communities. Indeed, this year’s London Olympics will feature an outdoor rehearsal ceremony on August 2 and the actual ceremony on August 3, just a few days before the Opening Ceremony on August 12.

This spring, the couple will be returning to Australia for a three-week wedding tour that will include a reception at Sydney’s prestigious Wentworth Estate on April 18. They’ll then head to an eleven-day honeymoon in Bangkok, Thailand before returning to the UK.

The Royal Wedding Of Prince William And Kate Middleton

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2013 was one of the most memorable events of the year. The ceremony was officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury and was attended by hundreds of royals and non-royals. Kate’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was arguably the star of the wedding. She walked down the aisle barefoot and in her dressing gown. Moreover, some reports suggested that the event was watched by more people than had ever attended a royal wedding before.

Apart from being a grand affair, the wedding also featured some memorable moments. Kate’s father, Michael, and her brother, William, both gave speeches and offered sentimental tributes to their late mother, Princess Diana. Besides being married to Prince William, Kate also serves as the princess consort. As such, she is a member of the Royal Family and is expected to assume significant responsibilities in the coming years. She is also the founder and director of the charity, The Diana Memorial Fund, which provides support and services for people with disabilities and encourages greater inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Despite criticism that she was not a suitable successor to the throne due to her status as an “eligible divorcée,” Kate and Robert’s engagement and wedding were widely seen as a positive step forward for the Royal Family. Moreover, it was hoped that, with this union, the family would be able to heal from the recent split from Diana’s much-loved son, Prince Charles. In what follows, we’ll review the most memorable moments of Kate and Robert’s big day.

The Royal Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast was held at Buckingham Palace in London on April 17, 2013 and was hosted by the Queen. Besides being the venue for the wedding breakfast, the palace also served as the setting for the elaborate engagement party that kicked off the wedding festivities. After the ceremony, the newlyweds made their way to the palace for the reception. The wedding morning began with a private mass at St. Silas’ Church in London followed by a service of Scottish and English tradition at St. George’s Chapel, where the couple were married. After the ceremony, the newlyweds greeted guests at a garden party held at the palace.

The guest list for the wedding breakfast was incredibly impressive, featuring some of the most prominent names in British history. Apart from the Queen, the attendees included the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen’s other great-grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Amelia; the King and Queen of Spain, Juan Carlos and Sofia; and the King and Queen of Denmark, Frederik and Margrethe. Several other famous relatives also made the guest list including Uncle Alfie, Uncle Howard, Auntie Joan, and Cousin Eloisa. The highlight of the dinner, however, was the presence of the Queen. Just as her grandson, Prince William, had proposed to Kate Middleton just a few short months ago, the Queen was presented with an engagement ring by the Duke of Cambridge. The 86-year-old monarch’s first words, upon seeing the diamond, were “Oh, how beautiful.” Indeed, the audience was on the edge of their seats as the Queen held up the massive diamond, which had been cut to resemble a flower.

The Reception At Buckingham Palace

The morning of April 24 was gloriously spent at the palace. After a night of celebrations, the newlyweds made their way to Buckingham Palace for an extensive engagement photo-op. The Duke of Cambridge, in a tuxedo, escorted his fiancee, who was wearing a beautiful evening dress, to meet the Queen at the palace gates. The two embraced before the Queen presented Kate with a bouquet of flowers.

It was an emotional moment for the Duchess of Cambridge, who later admitted that meeting the Queen for the first time as a married woman was “very, very special.” The Queen, in turn, was very gracious, extending her hand to the Duchess as her grandson, Prince William, looked on. In front of a global audience, the Queen held up a bouquet for the couple to see. She then presented Kate with a diamond necklace, which she had also worn during the wedding day. The Duchess accepted on behalf of both herself and her husband. The Queen then wished the newlyweds many years of happiness together.