Kara Pattinson is one of the world’s best-known makeup artists, with clients including Victoria Beckham and Gigi Hadid. She is founder and head of her own makeup studio, KARAPATTINSON, and is also a judge on the popular TV show, The Masked Singer. She’s worked with the top makeup brands, like NARS, St. Tropez, and Chanel, and is a certified beauty therapist. And she did all this before the age of 30! It’s a remarkable story, so we’ve decided to tell you all about it.

Kara’s Early Life

Kara was born in London to an artistic mother and father, who are both artists. When she was a kid, she loved to paint and draw. And even when she wasn’t doing those things, she would draw on pieces of paper and give them to people as presents. The little drawings would always be beautifully packaged and hidden inside gifts. It wasn’t until later that she realized her talent and decided to pursue it professionally.

Award-Winning Makeup Artistry

Kara started out life in the business, making her father a pair of sunglasses in 2006. The next year, she presented her work to a group of boutique owners in London, who loved what she had created and commissioned her to do more. Since then, she has worked in luxury brands and high-profile publications, like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as film and TV shows. She has also created and painted characters for the London stage, like Maleficent and Cinderella.

The Road To Success

While painting for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Kara started developing her own unique style. She began using eyeshadows and high-end lipstick, and later incorporated more colorful pigment into her makeup, like blushes and lipsticks. But it was her character work that really made her stand out. Using wigs, prosthetics, and makeup, she would transform herself into different iconic figures like Betty Boop and Kandy Kotex. These characters would appear in print and online stories, acting as Kara’s initial break into the business. The pieces that she created for the London stage would also find their way into these publications, which helped expose her work to a wider audience.

The Rise Of Kara’s Studio

At the moment, Kara has around 30 employees at her studio in London. Many of these are makeup artists and artists, who help her to create all of her stunning characters for her London stage shows. She also works with designers on costume and set designs, and works on marketing and public relations for her company.

Kara started her own makeup studio, KARAPATTINSON, in 2008. It was originally based in the Old Street area of London, but has since expanded to other cities like New York and Los Angeles. She heads up the London studio, overseeing all aspects of its operations. The brand now has two stores in London: one in Marylebone and one in Mayfair. The company also operates a beauty salon in London, KARAPATTINSON SPA, which offers nail art, waxing, and makeup treatments.

The Fashion And Beauty Influencer

What really sets Kara apart from other makeup artists is her focus on fashion and beauty. She would often create looks inspired by current trends, like the colorful beauty looks that celebrities sported in the ‘90s and ‘00s, or the punk trend that came back in the ‘10s. And she wasn’t just limited to looks either – she would use her talents to play with textures, combining mattes, shimmers, and a sheer mask to create unusual and innovative looks.

She wasn’t always in the makeup industry. For a while, she was actually a performing arts teacher. But she saw the power of makeup, and worked her way into the industry through competitions and graduation shows.

The Influencer, The Judge, And The Entertainer

Now 57 years old, Kara has certainly lived an interesting life. She was named after her favorite author, Kara Swisher, and even named her company after her – KARAPATTINSON – but she never expected that her career would take off the way that it has. She has worked with some of the biggest fashion and beauty brands in the world, and created some truly iconic looks – like the yellow face that Janet Jackson sported during the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show – along the way.

But it was more than just fashion and beauty. Kara has also become an entertainer, hosting red-carpet parties, and appearing on TV talk shows and in films. In 2019, she appeared in a cameo as a Makeup Artist alongside Julia Roberts and Tiffany Haddish in the 2019 film, The Kitchen.

Kara is a true trailblazer. She is the first woman to head up a makeup studio in London, the first to create such unique and colorful characters, and the first to combine fashion, beauty, and entertainment. She’s also one of the most successful self-made businesswomen in the world, and certainly a style icon. Who knows, maybe one day soon, we’ll be seeing Kara Pattinson walk the red carpet.