Dr. Kara Pattinson is a GP and a fellow of the British Academy of Health Sciences (FAHS). She is also a registered health coach, sports nutritionist, and a researcher. As well as maintaining a private practice, she lectures at the University of Greenwich and acts as a clinical assistant professor at the Royal London School of Medicine (RLSM). Dr. Kara loves to remain fit, and she shares with us the various ways in which she does so.

A Routine That Works

Despite being a busy doctor, Dr. Kara manages to maintain a fairly regular routine. As a GP, she sees a spectrum of patients from young to old. Some of her clients are athletes looking for performance gains, while others are simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As well as maintaining a solid medical practice, she works with several high-profile sports teams, including the England Women’s Rugby Union, as a sports nutritionist. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching and being involved with various sport teams, including her beloved London Irish rugby club. For some, maintaining a fit lifestyle might seem difficult as they do not have the time to devote to sport. However, for those who want to stay fit, it is definitely achievable with careful planning and sticking to a routine.

A Routine That Works For Her

Dr. Kara’s love for sport and fitness is evident from the way that she lives her life. Not only does she maintain a rigorous work schedule, but she also does so while enjoying the leisure activities that she loves. In fact, many of her hobbies – such as scuba diving, motorcycling, and sky diving – all involve being active and having fun while enjoying the great outdoors. She is also a committed volunteer, having recently completed a year-long stint as a senior research fellow at the University of Greenwich’s Institute of Sport and Health Science. This prestigious position was granted to her due to her significant research experience and the high regard in which she is held within the academic community. When asked about her career ambitions, Dr. Kara responds: “I would like to be considered for high-profile jobs in academia, policy, and media. Ultimately, I would like to see my research make a positive impact on the lives of those who read it.”

The Importance Of Variety

Whilst maintaining a routine is key to staying fit, variety is vital if you want to truly challenge yourself. The chance to try new things is what keeps us interested in our jobs, hobbies, and friends. Even in your most rigorous workouts, you should always be challenging yourself, trying new things, and being creative. This is the way that you grow as a person and help your body adapt to exercise. If you want to avoid boredom and keep your motivation up, you should be considering taking on a variety of different workouts and sports activities. There are also numerous ways for you to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sport and fitness. You may choose to join a club or team, or you could try volunteering at a sporting event or academy. This way, you will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the sport’s elite, whilst also gaining valuable coaching experience. Varying your workouts is crucial if you want to continue to improve your performance and maintain that all-important motivation.

The Importance Of Nutrition

A healthy diet is important for anyone who wants to stay fit, but it is even more vital for those who choose to exercise regularly. When we eat food, our bodies need energy to break it down and use it for daily activities. If we eat the wrong food, especially if it is calorically dense, it will store away as fat. Our bodies then have to work even harder to break it down, and this leads to a further decline in our fitness levels. On the other hand, a lean, nutritious diet will give us the energy to exercise more and improve our physical condition. Even if you are not naturally gifted at maths, it is worth considering taking a look at the nutritional content of the foods that you eat. If we are to enjoy a long and healthy life, it is important that we eat the right food and make the right choices when buying it; this includes avoiding fast food and processed snacks and favoring fresh fruit and veg. Being active and eating well are two lifestyle pillars that will help you to reach your full potential and enjoy a long and productive life.

Staying fit is within everyone’s reach. It just takes a little bit of determination and a healthy dose of fun! By following a routine that suits you, you will be able to set your goals and achieve your desired lifestyle. From there on in, it’s just a matter of following a series of healthy habits that will take you along the right path. With the proper support and nutrition, you will be able to enjoy a long and healthy life, remain fit, and help others do the same. So, do you have what it takes to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? Do you feel that you have what it takes to become one of the UK’s elite athletes? If so, then work hard, set your goals, and achieve them. You might just find that the journey is as rewarding as you think it will be.