Forbes has ranked the top 10 highest-paid actors of all time. Some of the biggest stars on this list could be considered to be on the same tier as the pop-starlets that grace our Instagram stories each day, like Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. The list is arguably more interesting for who it doesn’t include than who it does: it barely even cracks the top 20 most paid actors of all time. The list is dominated by stars from the silver screen, with only a handful of television personalities making the top 10.

Richest Actors Of All Time

This list of the richest actors of all time is much more interesting than the Forbes list. It includes such notables as Marlon Brando, who was one of the most prominent stars of the 20th century and was nicknamed “The Godfather,” and George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Even if you aren’t particularly familiar with the works of these prominent movie stars, you almost certainly know who they are.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Actors Of All Time

Forbes has compiled a list of the top 10 highest-paid actors of all time. Like the previous list, this one is dominated by stars from the silver screen, although a few television personalities also appear on the list. While some of the biggest names on this list could be considered to be on par with today’s popular Instagram stars, they were all pretty influential in their day.

The Top Actors In History

Do you remember when the Oscars were first given out in 1929? While many people might not, the majority of those people probably have seen the films Moonlight, My Fair Lady, and Ben-Hur, which were among the first to win the prestigious awards. One of the big winners that year was The Great Lover, which is perhaps the most fascinating of the three movies. The film is about an old writer who hires a young, handsome man to act as his “companion.” Throughout the movie, the writer constantly refers to the young man by his first name, even though they’ve never been introduced to each other. The film is a satire of the early years of the Jazz Age and of the type of men who were considered “great lovers” at the time. The writer, William Glackens, introduced this type of character to the movies in an effort to expose the absurdity of some of society’s mores. He wanted to show how these so-called “great lovers” were, in fact, just superficial acquaintances, who used women for their own gratification.

Best Villain Actor In Movies

While we’re on the subject of movies, let’s talk about villains. You might not always like the characters that Hollywood writes, directed, or produces, but you almost certainly know who or what they’re playing against. This is especially true of Shakespearean villains, who are often complicated characters with a backstory that makes them much more interesting. Take, for example, the notorious Shakespearean villain, Iago, from Othello. Described by one critic as a “malevolent little demon,” Iago is a compelling character because he is not what he seems. After killing an honest and upright man in a duel, Iago decides to take revenge on Othello by convincing the general that he’s jealous of his love for Desdemona. Despite Othello’s best efforts to prove Iago’s loyalty, the scheming little devil sees right through him. The good news is that once you recognize the signs, you can almost always predict how a Shakespearean villain will behave. One of the best examples of a villainous performance in a movie is from the 1940 film Victoria, starring Gene Tierney and Laurence Olivier. Tierney plays the role of Queen Victoria, and in one scene she has to confront a politician who has been causing her a lot of trouble. Without giving away too much, let’s just say that she doesn’t play this scene in a very respectful manner. She insults him, calls him a “pompous ass,” and eventually knocks him out cold. It’s exciting to see a queen act this way!

Most Popular Male Actors In History

It seems like everyone on this list has been around for quite a while. While most of these actors are still relatively well-known, some of them, like Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin, are much more popular now than they were in their day. One of the major reasons for this is because of the countless movies and TV shows that were made about them. In a time when talking films were making audiences laugh and cry, these great stars were some of the best-selling actors of all time. It is estimated that Clark Gable’s lifetime earnings were between $27 and $34 million. This makes him the fifth-richest actor of all time, only behind the four previously mentioned stars. Gable’s estimated net worth is now $550 million.

Chaplin, though he was never one to shy away from controversy, became even more famous after he was charged with bigamy in 1978. As a result of this scandal, his film Modern Times was banned in many countries. This movie is often considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. It is a satire of the 19th century with the Tramp dressed in modern clothes and interacting with modern devices like the telephone and typewriter. A lot has been made of Chaplin’s alleged affair with his own daughter, Oona, which supposedly occurred while he was recovering from pneumonia and heart disease. The scandal led to the demise of his first marriage and the end of his second. Though he was never officially married to Oona, he adopted her and her two siblings. It is generally agreed that the scandal damaged Chaplin’s public image and his contributions to cinema were greatly reduced because of it. People were no longer interested in hearing or seeing the funnyman say anything political or controversial. The irony is that although the scandal probably hurt his reputation, it also made him very wealthy. A lot of people knew what Chaplin was thinking or saying, but because of the language barrier, it was difficult for non-English speaking countries to boycott his films as a result of this incident. It wasn’t until the 1960s that audiences started to see Chaplin’s comedic genius again, with some of his old films being shown in a restored form. In the 1950s, Chaplin’s movies were some of the most popular films in the world, along with such classics as Stage Door and The Gold Rush. It is estimated that during this time, he made about $7 million a year.

Most Resembles An Icon

While we’re on the subject of great and famous men, it’s only fair to mention some of the women that resemble icons as well. Greta Garbo is often referred to as the “last great romantic actress” and it’s not hard to see why. Even at the age of 67, Garbo still has an elegant appearance and the kind of acting range that made her famous. On the set of Samson and Delilah, her character, a temptress named Salome, poses with an unbridled sexuality that would make a pop-star today jealous. It is also rumored that Salome and Garbo had an affair while filming the movie. Like Garbo, Marjorie Merriweather Post is also a bit of a fashion icon. This is mostly attributed to her being the first American socialite to adopt furbishing as a hobby. In the ‘20s and early ‘30s, Post spent a lot of time traveling the world and meeting famous writers, artists, and politicians. Her social gatherings were often described as “parties,” which were frequented by some of America’s greatest socialites and celebrities. After marrying into the Post family, the future Mrs. Post inherited her mother’s keen fashion sense and fascination with all things luxurious. It is said that the young Marjorie often visited her father’s closet and helped him choose the outfits for the night. It is also rumored that she tried on every single item of clothing her father owned and helped him choose the right suit for the evening. Naturally, this helped spark the fashion sense that is now recognized as “Post Marjorie.”

Most Influential Actors Of All Time

Once again, we return to the topic of influential actors. From what we’ve discussed so far, it should come as no surprise that some of the biggest names on this list are also some of the most influential. It would be incorrect to say that Hollywood stars have always been looked upon with respect, because respect comes with earning it. While many of these stars were once considered to be on the fringe of society, it was their immense stardom that allowed them to transcend their humble beginnings and have a profound impact on culture.