It’s hard to keep track of all the celebrities Robert Pattinson has dated or done drugs with. Let alone, all the famous faces he’s robbed (or attempted to date-rape). But, one thing is sure; he has a history of cheating on his significant other. After all, this is the famous “Bardot ban” all born and raised in France know so well.

Even though he’s been married three times already (to actresses Emma Woodcock and Sloane Blake, and model Bella Heathcote), the 39-year-old Hollywood star seemingly can’t resist the allure of a femme fatale. Or in this case, a pair of fates: Juliette Binoche and Natalie Portman.

The French actress and model turned actress has long been considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. And who can blame her? She’s always decked out in the latest designer dresses and sleek leather jackets. But it was her performance as Joan of Arc in the 2015 Netflix series “Divine” that turned heads and made audiences worldwide fall in love with her all over again.

The show, based on the historical fiction novel by Eric Chevallier, saw Binoche play a religious leader who inspires women to take up arms and fight for their country. It turns out the French actress is actually quite the skilled martial artist and trained boxer.

So, what attracted the Hollywood heartthrob to Binoche in the first place? Several reasons could be cited. First, they have a lot in common. Both are the children of divorced parents. Second, they’re both French and therefore, they could understand each other even if the language barriers were difficult. Third, they’re both intelligent and well-read individuals. Fourth, they’re both attractive and independent women who aren’t afraid to express themselves. And lastly, they’re both quite talented actors. Who knows? Maybe one day, they’ll even cross paths on the big screen.

Alcoholic Vampire

Before we get into the juicy details about Rob’s exploits, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. If you’ve forgotten what he looks like now that he’s not surrounded by Hollywood’s bright lights, here’s a handy meme to refresh your memory.

The British actor spent years living his life in the shadows. After breaking off his engagement to singer Katy Perry, he entered a serious relationship with French actress Alice Marrian. In 2009, they got married in a beautiful ceremony that was streamed live on the web. Sadly, the union didn’t last long and the couple separated in 2010.

Around this time, the British starlet began seeing a therapist to deal with his drinking problem. In early 2012, he entered a rehab facility in London, where he would stay for several months. While there, he had to stay away from alcohol and signed a contract with modeling agency Bechard Management. Even though he’s been relatively silent about his private life since then, the star has made headlines for the wrong reasons. For example, in March 2018, he was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly throwing a “summer shindig” birthday party for his 29th birthday. The “summer shindig” was a gathering of friends and family at his Beverly Hills home. During the raucous gathering, attendees say Rob and his brother Connor – who was hosting the shindig – became drunk and created a dangerous scene. The police were called, but the actor-model was released without charge. He has yet to address the allegations against him.

The Robber Of…

While Rob’s life has been relatively low-profile since he got out of rehab, his criminal past has continued to haunt him. In 2015, he was linked to a number of high-profile robberies that took place in Paris. According to French media, the British actor robbed famed jewelers Christophe and Claude Olivié at their Parisian chocolat store. The pair had reportedly been demanding that tourists, who were frequenting the location, purchase luxury goods as a way of protesting the high price of chocolate in France. They even threatened to pour hot chocolate on anyone who entered their shop. The jewelers suffered moderate physical injuries during the robbery, but were able to identify their assailant. He was later found guilty of the crime and sentenced to a year in prison.

The next year, he was involved in four more robberies. In two of them, he was armed with a knife and was accompanied by an accomplice. In the other two incidents, he was identified by witnesses, but managed to flee the scene without getting caught. He has a scar on his left hand as a remembrance of that time in his life. And while he’s never publicly admitted to having a drinking problem, his actions suggest otherwise.

Juliette Binoche’s Opinion

Now that we’ve covered all the juicy bits about Rob, let’s turn to the subject of the beautiful actress he’s cheated with and/or dated. In a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair, Binoche had this to say about the Hollywood heartthrob:

“I think that the most striking quality about him is that he is just incredibly kind-hearted. Sometimes, he has this naivety that can be so charming.”

It’s clear that even though they’ve only been seen together in the occasional celebrity photos, the two genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Not only is he kind-hearted, but he also has a good sense of humor. A trait that, unfortunately, many women in his life haven’t found charming.

However, while in rehab, he worked with sex addiction specialist Olivia Doyon, who he credits with helping him get his life back on track. The therapist helped the troubled star learn to love himself and to appreciate the needs and desires of others. He is also said to have changed a lot since then. As a brand ambassador for the luxury goods company Bouclier, he promotes their products and attends their glamorous parties and red-carpet events. He’s also been spotted wearing Bouclier jackets, which, of course, makes us want to know more about this luxury brand. Especially considering their specialty is creating designer tracksuits and overcoats for men and women. But that’s a story for another day.

Natalie Portman’s Opinion

The “Violetta” star has known Rob for a few years now and even though they’ve been friends for a while, they’ve only recently started going public with their relationship. In 2016, they were photographed attending the “Met Gala” together in New York City. Since then, they’ve been inseparable and can often be found partying together, attending premieres, or celebrating special occasions with family and friends. Although they’ve been dating for a while, they’ve only recently started talking about marriage. But the 37-year-old actress has good reasons for wanting to keep their relationship private. For one, she doesn’t want the press to make a big deal out of their relationship. Plus, Natalie is currently in the middle of a major transition as a result of her divorce from husband Benjamin Millepied. The couple, who have a 7-year-old daughter named Ema, got divorced in 2018. And in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she opened up about this difficult time in her life and talked about the importance of maintaining a positive mindset:

“[Divorce] is such a hard thing. And what is important is how you handle it. You have to look at the bright side of things, because it’s not always easy. But it’s also about what you learn from it and how you grow from it. So while it’s not easy, you have to try and stay positive. The worst thing you could do is sit there and focus on what you don’t have versus what you do have. That’s how you make it harder. So many people focus on the negative. They focus on what they don’t have versus what they do have. And that creates so much stress. So, you have to learn to focus on the positive. Whatever comes your way, you have to learn to embrace it.

Who Will He Marry?

While it’s still not confirmed whether or not Rob will marry either of the women he’s dated, it seems he is closer to committing than ever before. In the last year, he’s been spotted wearing a bracelet inscribed with the couple’s initials, JB. And earlier this month, he took to Instagram to announce that he and Juliette have decided to “grow our family”. He added that he and his girlfriend are “thrilled to share our news” that they’re expecting a baby girl in the summer of 2019.