The trailer for the highly anticipated comedy-drama Good Time has just hit the silver screen and from the looks of it, its stars, Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson, had a blast while making the film.

In the film, Moore plays a free-spirited New Yorker who, after being conned out of her money by a smooth-talking husband (played by Pattinson), decides to take a trip to Europe with her best friend (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Along the way, they meet up with a reckless (and occasionally troubled) brother (played by a fantastic Taika Watrous) who’s on the lookout for thrills, and together they embark on a wild road trip across Europe that brings them both face to face with temptation and lets them find themselves.

The trailer opens with a shot of the two main stars rolling around in a bed together, naked and passionate. At this point, it’s not entirely clear whether or not their on-screen lovemaking is entirely for comedic effect; that is, they’re both supposed to be playing it for laughs but maybe not all of it is.

Later in the trailer, we see Moore and Pattinson having some light horseplay, with Pattinson riding Moore on a tandem bike. The camera is positioned so that we get a close-up of their genitals as they grind against each other as they cycle. Its clear that this is a sight that the 33-year-old Moore has enjoyed playing with her co-star; both actors are clearly having fun with this material.

The trailer also contains a number of racy jokes about midgets, which presumably one of the characters will say somewhere in the film. It doesn’t appear that anybody involved in the production of the movie took those lines seriously; the actors, who are presumably in on the joke, chuckle along as if they’ve heard these kinds of things their entire lives.

Aside from the stars’ evident enjoyment of the on-screen raunchiness, it’s also clear from the trailer that Good Time is a movie that was written and directed by a couple of funny people. In one scene, we see Pattinson and Leigh hosing down a mannequin in an apparent prank; later, we see the same actors doing a ridiculous dance number that’s part of a broader parody of pop music videos. When they’re not messing around with mannequins or each other, Moore and Pattinson are acting in a generally comedic manner that should appeal to audiences who normally tune into their routines on Saturday Night Live or in the Emmy-winning television series, House of Cards.

If the trailer is any indication, Good Time is going to be one of the most controversial films of the year. Its stars are already receiving backlash for appearing in the movie and it’s only been two weeks since it came out online. On August 30th alone, there were over 50 tweets criticizing Moore and Pattinson for their participation in the project. Many said that they weren’t attracted to the film because of its stars; some even suggested that Moore and Pattinson should join a convent.

Even if you’re not one of the fans of either actor, its almost certain that you’ll find something funny about this movie. It’s certainly not a project that I would’ve predicted that I’d enjoy as much as I do. If anything, I expected to dislike it more than I actually do.

Good Time officially hits theaters on September 29th; be sure to check out its trailer if you haven’t already seen it.