I have to admit that when I initially heard about
the Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore
movie, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
For starters, the idea of a Julianne Moore
movie is pretty much enough in itself to get
me interested, let alone one where she gets
fucked by a famous English actor.
But, as it turns out, the film is a lot more
intelligently written and performed
than I would’ve given it credit for, and while
certainly not perfect, still manages to
surpass my expectations.
It’s no secret that Hollywood stars can be
difficult to work with, especially when it
comes to getting the most out of a romantic
relationship, but in this case, I think
the creative team behind “Bang Bang” were
able to find a way to make it work,
and in fact, may have even had some ideas
that could’ve potentially saved their
problems marriage.
So in this article, I’ll run down some of
the things that made the scene so special,
as well as how you can emulate it for your
own relationships.

The Casting

I’ll be the first to admit that at first
glance, the idea of pairing two of Hollywood’s
most prestigious and decorated actresses
for a romantic comedy may seem like a
stretch, especially since it’s something
that’s rarely seen in film.
But that’s exactly what makes the scene
so special, because up until this point,
we haven’t really seen these two famous
actresses interact on screen.
Now they’re finally getting the chance, and
I think it’s safe to say that they
didn’t disappoint.
From the very beginning, it’s clear that
the actresses have plenty to say to
each other, and thanks to some deft dialogue
editing, we’re able to get a sense of their
chemistry and comedic timing while also
feeling like we’re watching two
familiar faces having a conversation.
Even the way that they hold
each other while talking is
deliberately flirtatious and
provocative, further establishing
the on-screen couple as something

The Location

Another potential stumbling block for
any new movie couple is figuring out where
to have sex.
For Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore,
the location could not be more
As the
title suggests, the movie takes place in
a cabin in the Hollywood Hills, and
although it may not seem like it at first,
the setting is surprisingly convenient,
given the location of the cabin and the
fact that Hollywood is essentially just
downhill from Santa Monica.
This is also supposed to
be one of Hollywood’s most prestigious
and decorated
homes, which probably helps reinforce the
vibe of exclusivity that the room
instills in the viewer.
The walls are covered in books, the floors are
made of wooden planks, and the only piece
of furniture in the room is a large table
that provides the perfect setting for the
romantic comedy to take place.
These elements make for an incredible
scene that provides an opportunity for
the audience to get a peek into the minds
of one of Hollywood’s most famous and
influential couples.

What Makes It Stand Out?

That’s one question.
Now for the other one: what makes this scene
stand out from the crowd?
Well, for a start, it’s the fact that
it’s a sex scene between two Academy Award
While this may not seem like a
major feat in and of itself (especially
considering one of the actresses has
been nominated for fourteen awards
already), it’s still rather rare to see
such respected and accomplished
actresses engage in a physically
demanding activity, even if it’s just for
a laugh.
This also helps make the scene more
endurable and interesting to watch, as
compared to other romantic comedies where
the main purpose is just to
keep the characters interested
in each other.

But beyond all of this, the
scene is also unforgettable
because of how it was framed and shot.
From a distance, it’s clear that the
photographer caught the perfect
moment, as the two become immersed
in a passionate embrace.
It’s not every day that you see two
accomplished Hollywood stars in such an
intimate and romantic setting.
It’s not often that cameras
are allowed inside
such private and
intimate spaces, providing the audience with
a rare and intimate glimpse
into the couple’s dynamic.

How Can I Create A More
Inspirational Love Scene?

How can I create the sexiest Julianne Moore
and Robert Pattinson sex scene?
To answer that, let’s break it down
step by step.
We’ll start with the obvious: the actors.
Like I said, when it comes to creating the
sexiest scene, you have to start with the
actors themselves.
To that end, I would recommend checking out
one of their individual channels, as
each one of them is at least partially
responsible for the special ambiance that
surrounds the scene.
Now, Julianne Moore is a true Renaissance
woman, having started her film career in the
1980s with a string of critically-acclaimed
movies, including “National Security,”
“Still Walking,” and “The Big Short.”
But it’s also fair to say that she’s
become most famous for playing the
“Widow” in James Bond movies.
As the
face of the franchise, Moore has received a
bunch of awards, including a golden
clock for Best Actress for her performance
in “The Dark Knight” and an
entire room of statues for her role as
Gerwig in “A Lady in the Dark.”
Given that Moore
is Bond’s first cousin once removed and
the two share the same acting heritage,
it’s only natural that they’d end up
working together.
While some may see this as an
unfortunate situation, the creative
team behind “Bang Bang” were able to
take full advantage of it.
By including a few of
Bond’s signature moves and outfits, as well
as a dash of modern-day technology, the
screenwriters were able to craft a script
that both respects the spirit and
logistics of the Bond films while also
introducing unique and relatable
qualities to the character.
As a result, we’re given an
opportunity to see Moore shine in a
way that isn’t just limited to her
accomplished filmography.
Here’s a link to the James Bond
channel on YouTube, if you’d like to read
more about Mrs. Moore and her work in the
Bond films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkGvZGXlTs

Now let’s move on to Robert Pattinson.
Like Moore, Pattinson is another
accomplished actress, albeit on a slightly
different scale.
While he’s most well-known for his acting
acumen, having appeared in films like
“Goodfellas,” “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,”
and “Jumper,”
Pattinson has also dabbled in
directing, producing, and writing.
He’s most recently been featured in the
independent movies “The High Skies”
and “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” and is
currently starring in the HBO Max series
“The King.”

Unlike Moore, whose work is
mostly focused on character studies, acting
moves, and art house films,
Pattinson’s credits include mainstream
blockbusters like “The Lord of the Rings”
and “Water for Elephants.”
These days, he’s probably best
known for his acting acumen as well as
his complicated romantic relationships with
actresses Sophia Coppola and
Kristen Stewart.
While he’s been married three times, he’s
never been comfortable being
a monogamous partner, and it’s something
that Coppola has apparently never gotten
used to, as they’ve been married for seventeen years and still haven’t
decided to call it quits.