It was only a matter of time before the world found out about the amorous affair that was going on between Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson. Moore, 54, and Pattinson, 28, have been spotted together at a number of glamorous events over the past few months, and people are now wondering whether or not they are dating. However, the truth is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. While we know that the pair spend a lot of time together, we don’t know where they meet, what they talk about, or even if they’ve slept together. This is mainly because they keep their personal lives private, but it also seems that they don’t want to ruin Moore’s already sterling reputation. The following will attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding the relationship.

How Do They Met?

Moore and Pattinson met on the set of the 2008 film, “Wanderlust,” and the chemistry between them was immediately apparent. Both actors were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for their performances in the film, and the movie itself was also nominated for Best Foreign Film. Shortly after the film’s premiere, the couple was spotted canoodling in a movie theater and were promptly labeled “cinema sweethearts.” Since then, they have been inseparable and regularly hang out together both on and off-screen. In fact, it’s been reported that the two have become so close that they sleep in the same bed at night.

Their connection seemed to be mutual, as both Moore and Pattinson have expressed their love for one another. “I think people are so lucky to have found a companion like that, especially at this stage in their lives,” said Moore following the announcement of the couple’s upcoming wedding. “The world needs more people like that, it really does.”

Is It Real Love?

There’s no question that Moore and Pattinson’s relationship is passionate, but it’s still very early in the game. Moore has said that she feels “secure enough” in their relationship to tell people about it, and that they have a “connection that is so beautiful and pure.” While we await their wedding day, which is reportedly scheduled for next year, the actress has made it clear that she wants to keep the details of their relationship under wraps. “I want to enjoy this moment with my husband,” she said. “I don’t want to spoil it by talking about it.”

Pattinson has expressed a similar sentiment, adding that he wants to keep their romance “private and exclusive.” While we’re not sure whether or not their relationship is destined for greatness, one thing is for sure — it’s captured the hearts of movie fans everywhere. Many have labeled their union as “cinema magic,” and it’s not difficult to see why. Moore and Pattinson both embody the beauty and mystery of cinema, and their fans would like to believe that their connection is something otherworldly.

Is She His Second Wife?

Moore has been married twice before, and both of her previous marriages ended in divorce. While she has never been hesitant to discuss her personal life, this will be her third time partnering with a man named Kenny Miller. He is the vice president of marketing and communications for Turner Entertainment, and the two wed in secret in January 2019. It was reported that the two quietly tied the knot without the press knowing about it, and that their families had to be involved in the secret negotiations. Interestingly, Miller is the stepson of TV legends Pat and Mike Patterson, and he is also related to composer Leland Sklar.

According to Moore, this is her first — and, as of yet, only — heterosexual marriage. The actress has also spoken about how much she admires Miller’s “grit and hustle.” The two made their intentions clear in an interview with People magazine, and it appears that they are committed to making this union last. “We want to honor and respect each other and our partners and create a family of our own,” said Moore. “I feel extremely blessed.”

Are They Dating Outside The Industry?

While Moore and Pattinson are both professional artists, they have also maintained a parallel lifestyle within the entertainment world. The two are often spotted together at premieres and other Hollywood events, and it is fairly common to see them at award shows and other glamorous functions. Because of this, their romance has attracted a lot of attention, and it appears that their fans would like to believe that they are both ‘outside’ the industry and aren’t just seeing each other because they’re famous.

However, Moore has publicly spoken about how she enjoys the prestige that comes with her celebrity, and it’s clear that she doesn’t want to give that up. She also added that she sees herself “in the entertainment industry as a place to make a name for [her]self.” Furthermore, it has been reported that Moore had initially turned down Pattinson’s marriage proposal because she didn’t want to give up the limelight. “I just want to be with you,” he reportedly said. “Let’s just be quiet about it for now.”

Are They Sleep-Training Their Dogs?

This is one of the stranger questions that we’ve encountered, but it’s also one of the most interesting. On September 10, 2019, Moore’s Twitter account posted a photo of herself and her dogs, Truman and Bojack, standing in front of a microphone. In the image, Truman is wearing sunglasses and a Bluetooth speaker while holding a sign that says “bark bark bark!” It’s not known how long the photo was up, but when we checked it on September 11, the photo had been deleted, and Moore’s account did not mention the incident.

The timing of this tweet is interesting because it comes shortly after a similar incident with Moore’s two previous dogs, Buddy and Axl. In August 2019, Moore tweeted a photo of herself and the dogs training for an upcoming appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, unbeknownst to her, the photo had been strategically placed in with a backdrop that featured logos and other images of famous dogs — including a sleeping Tricky Woo, a French bulldog, and a golden retriever. Once again, the photos were meant to look like the dogs had been sleeping, but when we checked the accounts of the three dogs in question, all of them were active and tweeted several times a day. The only difference was that this time, Moore had to explain what was happening. “I’m sorry, what’s happening here is called ‘planting a flag in the sand,’ ” she tweeted. “It’s when you want to show people that you’re not messing around.'”

As for why she would do this, it appears that Moore has two reasons. First, she wants to be sure that her dogs get enough sleep because she feels that they “deserve it” after all the hard work that they do. Second, and perhaps more importantly, she wants to be able to post whatever she wants without any censorship. “I want to be able to post whenever I want to post and not have to worry about someone taking my photo or my dog’s paw prints,” she told People magazine in September 2019. “It’s about freedom of speech for me.”

Are They Having Secret Conversations?

Another interesting detail about Moore and Pattinson’s romance is that it seems to have all the makings of a ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ type of story — with a few twists. For one, while the coupling is undoubtedly passionate, it doesn’t seem to be all that physically satisfying for Moore. Despite being 54 years old, she still struggles with her weight, and she has candidly admitted that she doesn’t feel that her age is exactly propitious for romance. Pattinson, on the other hand, is in good physical condition and feels that their coupling is “perfect” for both of them.

Furthermore, Moore has a daughter named Lulu from a previous marriage, and while she is close to her kids, she has said in the past that she doesn’t feel that having a family would necessarily be a negative. Indeed, it seems that she sees it as something that could actually be an advantage. “I love being a mother, but it’s also very exhausting,” Moore told Harper’s Bazaar in 2018. “I don’t know how I’d keep my family together if I didn’t get a break now and then. I don’t want to be away from my kids for long because they need me.”

Pattinson also has kids from a previous marriage; he has a 14-year-old son, Wills, and an 11-year-old daughter, Saylor, from a union with model Emily Brown. While it’s not known if he’s spoken publicly about his children, it’s clear that he has a firm bond with them.