During the past year, we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in the press—from the triumph of President Trump’s first months in office to the heartbreaking loss of a Hollywood star to cancer. One of the most prominent journalists of our time, Jon Stewart, and his talented costar, Robert Pattinson, shared with us how they’ve dealt with the changing times, and what they’re doing now that the world is looking to them for inspiration.

Trump’s America

It all began with the inauguration of President Trump. Stewart warned his audience, “This is going to be a wild ride.” And boy, were they right. As Stewart told us, “I had a front-row seat for the entire Trump Era. It was kind of funny, almost like watching a train wreck live.”

For many, the media had a field day with the opportunity to mock and criticize the newly elected leader of the free world. Yet, as distasteful as some of his actions and words are, Stewart defends his role in exposing the hypocrisies of the Trump administration.

“I think it’s important to look at the big picture. When you strip away all of the bullshit, this country—under the Trump administration—is actually functioning reasonably well,” he told us. “People are working, businesses are making money, and there’s a lot less poverty than there was before. So I’m actually pretty optimistic about the future of America right now. I think things are working out.”

This isn’t all that surprising, given that Stewart is the genius behind the faux news satire show, The Daily Show, which often took on the powerful and the wealthy. So, while Stewart might be enjoying the view from the cheap seats, he certainly isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers in the process.

Pattinson Finds His Voice

One of the most talented film actors of our time, Robert Pattinson, has also found a home in Hollywood. After years of starring in British television series and films, Pattinson decided to take a chance on America and landed a role in the highly anticipated Twilight series. While it was a major achievement to land the role of Edward Cullen in the hugely successful vampire saga, Pattinson admitted that the pressure was significant. Especially since Edward is one of the most iconic characters in the Twilight saga. The series turned out to be one of the biggest successes of all time, with viewers around the world finding an affinity for the vampire.

According to Stewart, Pattinson used his newfound fame to share his political views, lending his voice to various important movements. “He started off by doing some amazing work for the Humane Society and anti-trafficking groups, and then he did this great speech for the Democratic convention that was like—it was perfect,” Stewart said. “He’s just such a talented guy. Honestly, if you haven’t seen his work, then you should probably get on that.”

Pattinson’s willingness to speak out on important issues is what made him attractive to Hollywood, according to Stewart. This is something that the actor actively promotes, even going so far as to create an organization called, The Peoples’ Platform, which encourages Hollywood stars to use their celebrity for social change.

Where Are They Now?

When we last heard from Stewart and Pattinson, they were sharing updates from the Cannes Film Festival. Both actors have a new film premiering at the fest this year. While Stewart’s The Dead Don’t Tell is a horror film, Pattinson will be playing the role of an aspiring author in Beautiful People. In an interview with Collider, Stewart reflected on his experience at Cannes, calling it “one of the highlights” of his career.

“It’s such an amazing event,” he said. “It’s like the Super Bowl of film. I think it’s important for actors to go to Cannes. It was such a crucial moment for me, and I met a lot of great people. It was really productive, and it was a great experience.”

While Stewart and Pattinson are doing their best to stay positive and work through the growing pains of the Trump administration, the world is watching them closely. For decades, the duo has been a pioneer in reinventing the late-night talk show. And while they may see some positives in President Trump’s America, they certainly haven’t made up their minds about the country they now call home.