One of the biggest celebrity coupling of the year is Jodie Comer and Robert Pattinson. The couple started dating in December 2017 and became very popular after attending an Elton John concert in London in April. Since then they have been very open about their love for each other and have even went on their first official joint vacation since their engagement. While many fans were happy to see the spotlight shine on such a talented celebrity couple, others wondered if this was just a publicity stunt.

The Rumor Has It…

An Internet rumor suggested that Comer and Pattinson were merely engaging in a publicity stunt and that the romance was fake. While there is no denying that the media circus that has surrounded the couple is exciting, it’s also important to remember that celebrity news is often nothing more than rumor. It is also important to keep in mind that when a celebrity couple decides to take a little time out of their busy schedules for a vacation, there is usually a reason behind it. This is usually not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but rather a carefully thought-out plan that they’ve been working on for some time. So, even though this rumor started as nothing more than speculation, it does at least have some legs to it.

…But Is It True?

While we can’t prove that the rumors are false, we can certainly say that they’re not true. Comer and Pattinson have certainly given us all the proof that we need to know that this is more than just a fling. The celebrity couple have been very open about their relationship and have even gone on a cruise with friends and family as a sign of how serious they are about each other and their future together.

Why Is This Rumor Spread?

Rumor-mongering is a common practice in the world of celebrity news. When a couple decides to take a little bit of time out of their schedules to be in the spotlight, it’s only natural that fans and onlookers alike will want to know the details. Rumors allow people to speculate about what is going on behind the scenes, which can be a fun part of the interest that people have in celebrity coupling. However, much like any other rumor, these too often turn out to be false.

The Proof

Thanks to Comer and Pattinson’s tireless work on Twitter, we now have photographic proof that this is more than just a publicity stunt and that their romance is very real. While many fans have taken the opportunity to shower the couple with compliments and well-wishes, there are also those who have accused them of being inauthentic. The proof is in the tweet below:

While many people congratulated the couple on their engagement, there were also those who doubted their story. As we’ve established, rumors in this case have substance. In a bid to put these doubts to rest, Comer and Pattinson have proven to the fans that their story is indeed true. While we at Smart Blogging may have our doubts about some celebrity relationships, we can at least say that Comer and Pattinson have certainly done their homework and have given us all the proof we need that this is more than just a fling.

More Than Meets The Eye

Rumors always like to start somewhere and then quickly spread. In this case it seems as though the rumor started in Denmark and then made its way to the United Kingdom, leading many fans to believe that the whole thing was staged. The issue then became that Comer and Pattinson didn’t seem to fit the bill for a typical celebrity couple. It didn’t help that they were both professional photographers who work in a high-profile industry. Their images were often scrutinized and compared to other celebrity couples in an effort to see if they fit the mold.

After coming clean about their relationship, Comer has tried to put the speculation behind her and get on with loving and supporting Pattinson. She’s spoken about how much she admires his honesty and has stated that she wishes to grow old with him. While a lot of fans were happy to see such a talented couple getting a second chance at happiness, there were also some who felt that they’d been played. While it is natural for fans to want to know the details about a star they admire so much, the situation calls for some level of discretion. Comer and Pattinson have certainly proven that they deserve each other’s attention and loyalty, and we at Smart Blogging are very happy for them.

What do you think about Jodie Comer and Robert Pattinson’s romance? Are you glad that it’s more than just a PR stunt? Tell us your thoughts below!