Actors Robert Pattinson and Jimmy Fallon went head-to-head on Monday night’s (October 8) episode of ‘The Tonight Show’ in what might be the most memorable celebrity water fight yet.

Fallon was in Australia to film an episode of his late-night talk show when he decided to get into the spirit of things. The 56-year-old hosted an impromptu pool party with an AU$100,000 (approximately US$71,000) wet paint ball gun at the ready. Naturally, Pattinson showed up to play along.

The ‘Twilight’ actor seemed to be having as much fun as Fallon was, regularly posing for pics with fans and even climbing into the pool with them. At one point, Pattinson even managed to land a monster hit, sending a large amount of paint into the air. The British actor even managed to hit Fallon in the face with a paintball, temporarily blinding him.

It came as no surprise when the two stars decided to call it a day when the store’s worth of water ran out. They headed back to Fallon’s hotel room where they changed into dry clothes and headed out for some drinks. Still, it’s safe to assume that Monday night’s (October 8) episode of ‘The Tonight Show’ will be a memorable one for quite some time.