Everyone knows who Jimmy Fallon is, but did you know that he is one of the most popular American comedians of all time? With almost 400 million views on YouTube, he is definitely a star. And what’s more, he has been in more than 90 TV episodes and almost 30 movies. Not bad for a guy born in Brooklyn with no acting training and a part-time job as a bartender!

Other famous comedians such as Richard Pryor and Bob Newhart died before they hit 300 million views on YouTube. So if you want to be seen as a serious celeb, get on YouTube ASAP and establish yourself as a creator, not just a watcher.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular American comedians of all time. Who do you think is the best on this list?

4. Joe Schmo

The Joe Schmo show is one of the greatest mockumentaries of all time. Starring Joe Schmo (played by himself), who is really an ordinary schmo with no acting ability, it explores the trials and tribulations of a normal guy who just wants to live his life and not bother anyone. He just wants to be left alone so that he can enjoy his beer, grill, baseball and bachelorette parties without any hassles. The only thing we know for sure about Joe Schmo is that he is 46 years old and resides in Miami, FL. He has been married five times and is the father of four children. Joe Schmo has around 300 million views on YouTube, making him the most popular American comedian of all time!

3. Tracy Morgan

Comedian Tracy Morgan is most famous for portraying a fictionalized version of himself in the movie 30 Rock. An African-American in his 40s, Tracy Morgan is also the co-host of the Comedy Central Roast, which is one of the greatest shows on YouTube. It’s sad that he has to work so hard just to make ends meet, but at least he is doing what he loves. And what’s more, he loves to do stand-up comedy, so he can tell his stories about being African-American and living in poverty. We know almost nothing about Tracy Morgan’s personal life, but we do know that he is divorced and has two kids. He’s been in a few movies (like Semi-Pro) and won an Emmy for his work on The Tracy Morgan Show. His wife is a producer on that show too, so it’s quite a family affair. Unfortunately, his family loves him so much that they have refused to do any interviews about his acting career. So all we know for sure about Tracy Morgan is that he is 46 years old, a New York native and the father of two grown children.

2. Chris Crocker

Canadian comedian Chris Crocker is most famous for playing a gay version of himself in the TV series I’m With Chris. In fact, he plays several gay characters in his act, which is pretty clever and hilarious. A self-proclaimed “party animal,” Chris Crocker got his start on YouTube, where he does comedy sketches and also films himself playing different characters. We don’t know much about Chris Crocker’s personal life, but we do know that he is gay and that he loves to travel and spend time with his friends. While he is best known for playing gay characters, Chris Crocker also plays biographical characters and did a short bio on comedian Bill Burr. He has around 200 million views on YouTube and has been featured on the cover of several magazines, including Rolling Stone and People. In 2016, he was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, one of the Most Influential Gay Men of All Time and was also admitted to the Order of Canada. So, if you want to be known as a serious celeb, become known for playing gay characters.

1. Jon Stewart

What is there to say about Jon Stewart other than he is one of the greatest comedians of all time. As the host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he brings comedic commentary and satirical news segments to millions of viewers and has been responsible for launching many comedians’ careers. And let’s face facts: without Stewart, there would be no Trump presidency and therefore no merit to this article. For nearly 20 years, Jon Stewart has been the king of comedic commentary and has been responsible for making us smarter and more aware of our world. Although he is 76 years old, he continues to host the highest-rated show on Comedy Central and is also the author of nine books. If you are wondering what kind of celebrity Jon Stewart is, he is known for impersonating powerful men, notably Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. He also used to play the ukulele, although he has stopped performing live since 2016. But don’t forget about him, he’s still going strong.

Those are the top 4 Jimmy Fallon, Pete Davidson, Robert Pattinson & More Celebs You Should Know. Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the best on this list? Let us know in the comments below!