Since his split from Taylor Swift, the world has been wondering whether or not Robert Pattinson will get back with his high school sweetheart, Kristen Stewart. While there’s been no official update on the status of his romance, the couple has frequently been spotted spending a quiet night out together. What’s more, at one point, they were even seen cuddling on a date at a French Riviera hotel. But is all of this just a romantic dream and a publicity stunt? Is there hope for a happy ending? Let’s take a closer look…

What Are We To Make Of This Sighting?

On February 14, 2019, the couple was spotted at a dinner with friends in Paris. However, as soon as the photos were released, fans noticed something strange about them: Robert looked like a completely different person. Gone were his bushy eyebrows, replaced by a sleek, steely stare. Gone was the playful smile, replaced by a grimace. Gone was the casual attire, replaced by a sharp, white shirt and tie. While there was no official statement from the star, his publicist released a brief, cryptic Tweet saying that he “had a really interesting night and woke up feeling great.”

Three days later, on February 17, 2019, they were again seen together in Paris. But this time, they weren’t just hanging out with friends. Instead, they were joined by a handsome photographer who had attended one of their earlier events. While they kept their distance from each other and mostly stayed in separate groups, they did share a kiss before Pattinson left. However, as soon as he walked away, Kristen broke off from the photographer and returned to her seat. This was followed by a loud conversation between the two, which was captured by fans.

What Does This Mean?

While we may never know the actual details of their discussion, what we do know is that things did not end well. Just hours later, Robert was spotted outside La Madeleine walking into his car alone. A short time later, Kristen broke off from her entourage and returned to her hotel. Whether or not she went there to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend remains to be seen, but at the very least, she appears to be trying to move on. And what’s more, according to a report from Page Six, she has started dating someone new.

On the other hand, even though he and Taylor have ended their relationship, the singer has maintained that she still loves him. And although he hasn’t made any explicit statement regarding their break-up, he has occasionally been spotted with a stunning blonde on his arm.

So while it would be wonderful to see Robert and Kristen reunite, it seems that their perfect world is still out there. And for now, at least, she’s keeping her heart and her dreams of being Mrs. Robert Pattinson alive. However, to be honest, it’s not really that surprising: even when they were dating, there were always rumors that Kristen was just using him for his fame. And when a famous person gets famous for being famous, it’s usually because they were hoping to score some big Hollywood break. That certainly seems to be the case with Robert, who has become exceedingly famous despite his relatively small-scale acting career. If his latest behavior is any indication, he may be hoping to recreate the magic of his and Taylor’s famous courtship. And who knows? Maybe this time, it will actually work out. But until then, we’ll have to be content with following their turbulent romance and seeing whatever comes next.