Last night comedian Jimmy Fallon invited guests on his show to sing and perform. One of the guests was actor and singer Robert Pattinson. Together with musicians in the band Maroon 5 they performed a song titled “Wings”.

Fallon grew up idolizing Michael Jackson. The singer had a major impact on both him and his audience. It is clear that the influence of Michael Jackson is present in the way Robert Pattinson performs. Like Jackson, who was known for his eccentric and experimental videos, Robert Pattinson has released videos with bizarre plot lines and out-of-home performances. In one of his videos, he invites the audience to sing and dance along with him while he is suspended in the air above a crowd of people.

It’s difficult to put into words just how influential Michael Jackson was on Jimmy Fallon. The comedian often emulates his former idol, from the detailed choreography and theatrical performances to the outlandish outfits and themed videos. Michael Jackson’s estate has been aware of Fallon’s influence and has worked with the comedian’s production company to give Jackson’s songs a modern makeover.

This is the legacy of Michael Jackson: a man who had an unparalleled impact on music, fashion, and entertainment. We will always remember him for his genius and the undying spirit that he displayed throughout his life. He was indeed a king. A celebration of Michael Jackson will take place on June 25th, in London, England. More information can be found here: