One of the major events of the year is just around the corner – Valentine’s Day! That means one thing: it’s time for the annual debate over whether or not to cut your hair to celebrate the occasion.

But whether you’re a total fashion and style disaster, like Rihanna, or you just want to give the old haircut a little makeover, like Katy Perry, you can’t go wrong with a hairstyle that’s as synonymous with love as Valentine’s Day itself.

The Debate Is On

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for the annual debate over whether or not to cut your hair to celebrate the occasion. For years, we’ve been hearing about the ‘romantic haircut’, with celebrities like Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson leading the way. But as with most things, social media has turned the tables, with haters going hard at the hot topic, attacking both those who have gone for the haircut and those who have kept their hair.

But is a haircut during valentine’s day really such a fabulous idea? Or is it just another case of celebrity culture brainwashing? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

The Pro

The obvious upside of a romantic haircut is that it’s quick, easy, and requires nothing more than a pair of scissors. As with many things in life, convenience is a major factor, and you’ll certainly be happier with your hair at the end of the day.

Then there’s the fact that it’s such an iconic gesture. Katy Perry made it famous, and now it seems like everyone wants to try it, even though they may not necessarily want to admit it. You’ll see women lining up for a ‘kitten curl’ in the mirror every morning before they leave for work. It makes them feel like a total lady or a total girl – it’s really quite adorable!

Cutting your hair is also a way to experiment with your looks and see how others respond. It lets you find your perfect match, or at least your ideal version of yourself, without feeling guilty about changing your appearance to ‘fit in’ with the popular crowd. It’s always fascinating to see what people say about you when you don’t have your hair tied down. (Although, to be honest, cutting your hair doesn’t always yield the best results. Just ask any hair-metal band…)

The Con

The major downside to a romantic haircut is that it is literally a haircut. It doesn’t give you any additional hair, and it doesn’t change anything else about your appearance. Sure, it’s a great way to experiment with hair and find the look that suits you best, but you’re essentially taking an already basic hairstyle and just making it heart-shaped. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s still not ideal.

It’s also not for everyone. If you’re the type of person who feels most comfortable being yourself, then a romantic haircut probably isn’t for you. The same goes for the type of person who wants to make a bold fashion statement – cutting your hair is certainly a way to do that, but it’s not necessarily the best idea. If you want to experiment with different looks, then something more unique might be the way to go.