If you’re not already convinced that Jason Momoa and Robert Pattinson are two of Hollywood’s hottest stars, then maybe this article will change your mind. The two hulking hunks have been friends since they played some brothers in the 2012 movie, The Rover. They’ve both been in several big-budgeted Hollywood films since then which have led to them becoming firm fans of each other. In fact, both men have been named in the same breath as some of Hollywood’s biggest action stars. It seems that everyone wants a piece of this duo and they’ve been in constant demand on social media.

They Might Be Genuinely Niche But Still Popular

Niche acts and movies tend to do well financially and critically due to a selective audience and passionate fans. That selectivity however, makes it tricky for the media to get a sense of how well these titles do in terms of audience size and interest level. This is especially so for blockbuster movies where the audience is deliberately aimed at a broad cross-section of society. It’s not uncommon for studios to try and squeeze as much money as possible out of a movie so they can make a profit and avoid losing money. In that case, neither the producers, the distributors nor the studio itself really care how big or how small the audience for a film is as long as they make their money back. That’s not the case with niche movies where the audience is usually small and fiercely loyal. It also relies heavily on social media to spread the word about the film and to generate interest. That niche nature makes it easier for the mainstream media to completely miss the boat. When a movie does exceptionally well on social media then it’s almost guaranteed that the mainstream news organizations will also pick up on the story. This can lead to a major PR nightmare if the movie is genuinely niche and doesn’t get much news coverage. It’s not always the case but when it happens, it tends to create a rift between the two worlds (i.e. mainstream and social media) that have worked together to promote and publicise the movie. In that case, the media world can feel a little bit jealous that the message got through to the select group of people that were excited enough about the movie to share it with their friends.

They’ve Both Been In Several Blockbuster Movies

One of the things that makes Jason Momoa and Robert Pattinson interesting and probably a little bit intimidating to the average person is the sheer volume of films that they’ve both been in. It will probably come as no great surprise to learn that they’ve both been in several big-budgeted films that have done very well at the box office and garnered positive reviews. In fact, it’s the combination of action star and Hollywood heartthrob that draws people in and keeps them interested. It seems that the two hulking stars are always game for a role that will let them show off their impressive fight skills. They’ve also been known to showcase their acting talents in smaller independent films as well. Some of these titles have even been commercial successes. It’s not that they’re looking to change lanes completely, they just seem to find it very hard to say no to a role that is offered to them. Sometimes that can backfire on them and lead to them being overwhelmed by obligations. There’s also the issue of being typecast. It seems that whenever they do appear in a film that isn’t directly related to their action movie roots, then it tends to be something of a letdown. This was probably the case with The Hundred-Foot Journey where they were given a glamorous supporting role as the love interests of Rosamund Pike’s character. The fact that Pike’s character is essentially a trophy wife (and they are a couple of over-privileged dudes) didn’t sit well with some of their fans who felt like the film was taking the piss. It turns out that these guys are often asked to do the most pedestrian and boring pieces of dialogue which makes it very difficult for them to fully commit to the role. They can’t always be expected to play Prince Charming to the rescue. Sometimes they just want to have a quiet night at home with their dogs.

They’re Generally Popular On Social Media

It would be an understatement to say that MTV’s Teen Wolf was a breakout success when it came out. It received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike and became the highest-grossing independent film of all time. It also scored highly on IMDb and became one of the site’s highest-rated TV shows when it came to online discussion. It seems that audiences really connected with the show and began to talk about it online with other fans of the series. That led to the show’s star, Jason Momoa, finding out that the majority of his audience was located somewhere other than the U.S. It would seem that Canada had the most viewers with 47% of the population talking about the show on social media. Even more exciting for Momoa was the fact that 15% of his viewers were located in the U.S which meant that those people were also talking about the show. Momoa has been extremely active on social media ever since. He uses his various accounts (including the ones for his new TV show, Aquaman) to talk about everything from movie-related topics to personal insights into his life. It’s amazing how much these guys have been able to accomplish with social media. Without Twitter, Instagram and other similar platforms a career like theirs would be very difficult to manage.

They’re Always Ready For A Role That Will Let Them Prove They’re Better At Acting Than They Look

When you’re a movie star or an action star then you’re always going to be in demand for roles that let you show off your acting talents. It’s not that they don’t want to do other types of movies, it’s just that they’ve been typecast into doing only action films and aren’t finding it easy to get away from that tag. It also doesn’t help that the majority of their roles are male and they don’t tend to get asked to play the lead in many films. Even more so if they’re playing a character other than a muscle-bound badass. It seems that this is what’s holding them back from getting into more interesting and varied projects. These days, Momoa is focused on bringing his A-game to every role he tackles. He’s already established himself as one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars and doesn’t want to waste that reputation by appearing in a mediocre movie. He realizes that he has the power to choose his projects and can hold back from taking a role that is beneath his skills. It’s an attitude that will serve him well in the coming years.