It is said that Jane Devlin knows more about style and fashion than anyone else in the world. Her blog,, has over 200 million monthly readers and she is considered one of the ‘fashion-gurus’.

But who is Jane Devlin? Is she really a woman of style and fashion? Let’s examine the evidence.

Jane Devlin’s Influences

One of the first places you might search for information on Jane Devlin is her website. But even before then, you could probably have guessed her influences based on her blog. After all, she often credits her style inspiration to others.

The majority of her blog posts begin with a mention of a fashion icon or style trend that ignited her creativity. She then goes on to share her insight on how and why this style or trend is so influential.

Sometimes it’s easy to spot and sometimes it takes some insight into the design process to piece together the inspiration for her outfits. But if you follow her blog posts on social media, you’ll start to see a clear pattern emerging. She usually credits everyone from high-fashion couturiers to celebrities and Instagrammers for her style inspiration.

Fashion Influences

Now let’s examine her fashion influences. While she often credits her style inspiration to others, she has also been known to share her personal style influences. These are the designers and fashion houses that helped to form her style. They range from classic menswear designers like Burberry and Ralph Lauren to youthful fashion influences such as Japanese street-style designers. She even wears the occasional designer piece herself.

It’s not just limited to fashion either. She has been known to incorporate pieces from other genres, such as sculpture and jewellery. In a way, her fashion influences are a reflection of her eclectic personality. They span classical European styles to futuristic trends. But at the end of the day, her style always has a refined, feminine feel.

Style Influences

Of course, not all of her blog posts are fashion-related. Some of her earliest posts are from before she began her blog and were focused around style and fashion. Back then, she mostly credited classic male designers for her style inspiration, including Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. Since then, she has steadily incorporated other influences, from high-end contemporary designers to more youthful street-style designers.

In addition to design influences, her blog post titles often reflect her current style trends. It’s not uncommon to see her post on current style trends, especially on her Instagram account where she often posts the behind-the-scenes of her everyday style. If you follow her Instagram account, you’ll start to see a clear pattern emerging. Especially when she is on holiday, she often posts pictures of her outfits and travels, often with a quick caption detailing the styling details.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, she shared an outfit that features heavy use of the Gucci aesthetic. The designer Gucci released their ‘Navy Blue’ colourway in the 1950s and it was later adapted for men and women. This is a clear reference to the influential designer’s style ethos and it’s also a shout-out to her loyal Instagram followers.

Travel Influences

Continuing with the theme of style influences, one of her blog post titles mentions her travels. In a way, her blog post titles and the content within reference her previous and future travels. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that her blog posts serve as mini travel itineraries, detailing her recent travels and the styling tips she has learnt along the way.

For example, one of her earliest posts was titled ‘How to Wear Classic Yet Stylish Bermuda Shorts’. It features an outfit that would become a regular feature on her blog and Instagram. The post gives an insight into her travel to Bermuda and how she styled the popular island’s unofficial ‘shorts’ and ‘flower crowns’ in a way that is still fashionable and classic.

The Style Blogger

Continuing from the previous section, let’s examine how and why she began blogging. While she began her blog as an online platform to share her fashion and style inspiration, it has evolved into so much more. She began to notice that the majority of her blog readers were interested in her travel and lifestyle posts. So, she decided to develop these areas of her blog even further and began to integrate more content.

It seems that Jane Devlin is an acquired taste and it is likely that she will continue to attract a devoted following of fashion and style enthusiasts looking for guidance and inspiration.