Jamie Dornan and Robert Pattinson are arguably two of the most handsome men in Hollywood. They’ve been around for ages, with Jamie recently hitting the big 4-0 and Robert achieving his famous ‘vulnerable’ face (which isn’t really a face at all, it’s a visage). While they may not be the most loved celebrity couple in Hollywood, they’re definitely the most-hated one. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

The Most-Hated Celebrity Couple In Hollywood

The internet has always been an unfriendly place, but it’s particularly hateful towards celebrity couples. Whether through cruel words or GIFs, celebrities’ love lives are frequently subjected to ridicule. When it comes to Jamie Dornan and Robert Pattinson, the vitriol is practically overwhelming. Here are some of the most ridiculous things the internet has to say about the couple:

1. They Look Like Mutated Monkeys With Extra Tummy Atacks

As we’ve established, Jamie and Robert are two of the most handsome men in Hollywood. When paired together, they almost always look like a couple of mutated monkeys with extra tummy atacks. It’s almost as if someone took a blender to their faces. That’s because the actor and the musician have somewhat similar features. While Robert has a more classic look, Jamie often plays the role of the hulking brute. The two of them together are like Thor and Loki from the Marvel Comics. Sometimes they look like villains, but more often like comic book gods.

2. They’re Full Of Sh!ts

Another frequently-used insult aimed at Jamie and Robert is that they’re “full of sh!ts.” While it may be true that the actor is occasionally plagued by bouts of diarrhea, it’s also true that he’s a devoted father and a good human being. When it comes to Robert, the accusation is that he’s “just a poser” who wears makeup and dresses up like a woman. Again, it may be that the actor is attempting to project an image, but that’s not the impression he consistently leaves. When it comes to the criticism aimed at Jamie, it’s because he’s supposedly only in the industry to further his acting career (like Robert). The actor has been open about his disdain for the industry, even going so far as to say that he has “no ambitions” and “no goals” beyond being on the red carpet. Just like Robert, Jamie’s looks usually serve as the source of his scorn. He’s often mistaken for a man (this is most often attributed to his imposing stature, which some have compared to that of a gorilla), despite the actor’s claims to the contrary.

3. They’re Fake

One of the most frequent and absurd accusations leveled at Jamie and Robert is that they’re “fake.” This follows the same pattern as the other accusations against the couple. While it’s true that the actor is sometimes cast as the villain in films, it’s also true that he’s a devoted father and family man. The accusation that he and Robert are “fake” is mostly directed towards the actor because he’s a practicing homosexual. It was previously rumored that the Irish actor had been dating the French artist Léo Bianco, which would make him doubly-objectionable to some. Whether or not this is true, it’s certain that dating a man puts you on the ‘fake’ list. Even the suggestion that he might be gay is considered grounds for dismissal. “What, are you going to give me an award for being gay? Shame on you,” one user tweeted at Jamie in response to rumors that he was in a relationship with a man. These days, it seems that accusations of “faking it” aren’t just reserved for celebrities. Just last year, former NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay, becoming the first active player in the league to do so. Since then, other players have followed his lead, adding their names to the ‘out’ column.

All of these things considered, it’s probably safe to say that Jamie and Robert aren’t exactly “mutated monkeys with extra tummy atacks.” Nonetheless, they do share many similarities. It seems that while some people will never like them, others might just find that they’re not the worst celebrity couple out there. Let’s face it, not everything about celebrities is great, but neither is it all bad. After all, being a ‘celebrity’ is really just a matter of perspective. As for Jamie and Robert, they’ve both been around for a long time and have achieved a certain degree of fame, which means they’ll always have haters in the greater community. It’s what makes the world go ‘round. One thing is for sure. No matter what, they’ll always have someone willing to knock them off their pedestal. With Hollywood, sometimes you just gotta love ‘em because they know how to dress up a girl.