Actor Robert Pattinson has become the target of a stalker who sent a video of the actor engaging in a sex act with a penguin to his entourage. The incident occurred in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The footage shows the “Papeznik”, an Italian word which literally means “pepper” but is used in the English-speaking world to denote “penis”, standing behind Pattinson as the A-lister films the sex scene with the much-loved zoo animal. The incident occurred at around 4 pm local time, Sunday.

The bespectacled “Papeznik” can be seen in the foreground as the two actors kiss and exchange words while filming the steamy scene. The 31-year-old bodyguard, identified only as “Jake”, is seen holding a knife in the hand as he watches over the actor. The camera then moves to focus on the penguin as the pair continue to act out their love scene, with the snow-white animal climbing on top of the Hollywood star.

As the pair passionately make out, a number of bystanders can be seen in the background. The “Papeznik” is seemingly unfazed by the attention he is attracting as he stands behind and watches the on-set action unfold. After shooting the penguin scene, the pair retreat to a nearby café to continue drinking and acting. No arrests have been made.

Pattinson, who has been publicly shamed after the video was leaked, said he does not feel safe anymore and has asked his bodyguard to accompany him everywhere. “I’ve asked him to move in with me and I think that’s a really nice thing for me to do because then I know he’s always gonna be there,” the English actor said in an interview with Closer magazine. “I want to keep my loved ones close to me because I don’t want any more secrets. It hurts me that people can see me this way.”

Pattinson’s bodyguard, who has been identified as “Jake” in the media, is a former Royal Marine who has been the actor’s personal security detail since 2014. He has also been seen at a number of high-profile events protecting the Hollywood favourite.

In January 2016, Jake accompanied the British actor as he promoted his new film, “Killing Them Softly” in Italy. While there, he tweeted about a near-fatal car crash in which a woman was injured. The crash took place on Friday in the Sicilian capital, Palermo. A bystander tweeted that they saw an “acceleration pulse” after the car accident. The women in the other vehicle was not seriously hurt, according to reports.

Pattinson, who was not in the crashed vehicle, said he did not remember the accident but hoped everyone would “respect my privacy during this time”. Jake accompanied the “Killing Them Softly” star throughout the European promotional tour for the movie, which is set in the world of organised crime in New York City.

Pattinson had a bizarre run-in with a fan in November 2015, when he was pushed and screamed at by a crazed fan after a screening of “Cosmopolis” in Paris. He had to be physically restrained by bodyguards as the furious stalker shouted “mummy” repeatedly at the actor. The fan was arrested but released without charge. A representative for the actor said the incident was a “random act of violence provoked by a disturbed individual” and that he was “okay” after the attack. (The New York Times)

No Secrets

Pattinson was hospitalised in September 2014 after he was found in a “very distressed” state by paramedics. He had fainted while filming the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” in Vancouver, and later learned he had suffered a mini-stroke. An internal memo from his physician at the time warned that the stroke was “a probable consequence of extreme stress” and that he “could potentially” face “additional health risks” due to his “obstinate” lifestyle. (The New York Times)

The memo continued: “Mr Pattinson’s current lifestyle involves frequent travel and lengthy periods of solitude in strange places. This undoubtedly puts him at risk of stroke. He is also highly-strung and emotionally-strenuous, which places him at risk of heart disease.”

“The memo from his doctor has been seen by a number of people, including myself,” said Pattinson in his Closer interview. “I guess the thing is, I never really want to hide anything. I never want to keep secrets from people… Even if it’s something as little as, I don’t want to go for a swim because I’m scared of drowning or something like that.”

Protecting His Privacies

Pattinson’s bodyguard, who has been identified as “Jake” in the media, has previously attended events and concerts with the actor. At the One Love Manchester benefit concert on Sunday night, fans had the chance to get an up-close-and-personal look at the bodyguard. In the days leading up to the concert, a #ProtectRobertPattinson and #OneLoveManchester were trending topics on Twitter as fans rallied behind the actor. Some even said they would be there to “protect his (Pattinson’s) rights and privileges” as he celebrates his 26th birthday.

Jake has been seen at various concerts, including Muse’s “The Darkest Hour” and Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” concerts, and has been a constant presence at the actor’s home. The couple have been spotted together at Venice Beach in Los Angeles and in other areas of California. On Saturday, they were sighted in Santa Monica, where they strolled along the beach arm in arm.

But the bodyguard’s most recent appearance came as a result of the stalker incident. According to a source, Jake was one of a number of bodyguards assigned to watch over Pattinson on Sunday. The source said that at some point during the day, the actor became aware that someone was taking videos and pics of him without his permission. (The Sun)

The bodyguard is known to be protective of Pattinson and was even heard screaming at another stalker who was taking photos of the actor. “Get away from me you f****** c***,” he reportedly cried. (Digital Spy)

More Than Just A Bodyguard

Pattinson’s bodyguard is not your usual bodyguard. The actor has been open about his unusual lifestyle and the fact that he does not see his job as simply watching over the celebrity. In fact, he has a Twitter account where he routinely speaks about “bodyguarding”. In a tweet from February 2017, he wrote: “A bodyguard’s job isn’t just to protect their client from harm, their job is to protect their client from being bored.” He went on to suggest that his clients could consider paying him “to bring a little spice to [their] life”. (Twitter)

Jake is a former Royal Marine who served in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. He has also been seen in a number of films, including “War Horse” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”. The actor’s bodyguard is famously protective of his client’s privacy and does not mince his words when it comes to discussing the reasons behind taking on the role. “I do not consider Robert Pattinson to be safe in any way, shape or form. He is a marked man,” Jake said in an August 2014 interview. “The only way you can really think of me as his bodyguard is that I have been charged with looking after his safety and well-being. I will not sit back and let some psychopathic stranger ruin Robert’s life. It is not in my power to do that. All I can do is keep an eye out for anyone who might want to hurt him.” (The Guardian)