There was once a time when Robert Pattinson and Jai Paul were inseparable. The Vampire Diaries star was spotted at numerous events with the British pop singer, who became his girlfriend in 2014. After months of speculation, the two were photographed locking lips in a passionate embrace at a Los Angeles, California restaurant in March 2018. A month later, the pair were engaged to be married.

While some fans may welcome the news that the two are set to wed, others may be wary. Paul is best known for her provocative and sexually-charged music, while the actor is famous for his bad boy image. Will this new relationship bring the good and bad from both worlds together? Could this be the wedding that makes or breaks them?

Passionate And Lyrical

Not exactly your typical happy ever after, is it?

Since its premiere in 2010, the Vampire Diaries has captivated audiences with its thrilling mixture of romance and horror. One of the most beloved characters is Katherine Pierce (also known as Katherine the Great), played by Paul. An accomplished bloodsucker who rose from humble beginnings to become a powerful and cunning vampire, the character has racked up a memorable resume, spanning multiple series and movie outings. She’s killed countless people — and made many more — and has never been afraid to admit it.

As a character, Katherine is a force to be reckoned with. Although she’s been bitten and made a vampire, she still retains her confidence and charm. She’s an Alpha female with an unshakable will who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it.

Katherine’s defining feature is her piercing green eyes. And her most memorable moment might be her stirring piano-driven ballad “Smoke and Mirrors,” or her powerful duet with fellow vampire Klaus (also played by Paul), “I Am A Vampire.”

The song is a pitch-perfect example of Katherine’s powerful voice and commanding presence. It’s also one of the most romantic duets in pop music history. Here, she takes the lead vocal, while Klaus warms up the ivories:

Klaus and Katherine’s relationship has always been one of the show’s central themes. From the moment they met in 1864 and bonded over their shared thirst for human blood, they were doomed to be together. And no matter how many times they were separated, or how many centuries went by, or even how many millennia, they were never really “done” with one another.

What is most interesting is how this theme of “undead love” has manifested in Paul’s music. One of the few female lead singers who can truly claim she’s “made it” in the male-dominated world of pop, Paul is famous for her sexual lyrics and attention-grabbing onstage presence. And while many of her songs are lighthearted romancingsuches (think: “Happy” and “Alone Yet Not Alone”), her dark-themed songs are dripping with sex appeal.

Take “Intoxicated”:

The song begins with a seductively low voice and tinkling piano, setting the mood for a dark and dangerous romance. The protagonist is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” lusciously describing a dangerous seductress:

“I have a taste for the young and the bold/Who knows what lurks beneath my skirt/I only take those who deserve it,/I’ll chew them up and swallow them whole.”

The song moves at a leisurely pace, building steam as the lyrics progress. The speaker wants to “intoxicate” the listener with her charm and sensuality.

“Intoxicated” is the perfect example of how Katherine and Klaus’s doomed passion for one another drives the story of the Vampire Diaries. The song is steeped in sexual innuendo and oozes with raw, undiluted lust. In another telling of their story, the characters meet for the first time at a masquerade ball in Paris, where they are discovered by Katherine’s brother, Damon (played by Daniella Wexler). Damon, who is at first jealous of his sister’s new relationship, sets out to ruin it. But in the process, he ends up falling in love with Elena, the girl he pursues. It’s one of the most romantic stories in television history, and the song’s popularity underscores just how many people relate to it. The passionate ballad was covered by artists like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, and has been featured in numerous films and TV shows, including the 2016 musical film Hello, My Name Is Doris. In 2019, it was listed among the 100 most beloved songs of all time on the website

Bad Boy Bad

Now, let’s not get carried away here. Even though Paul is one of the most famous and beloved singers in the UK, she definitely came from humble beginnings. The star began her singing career in musical theater and gained popularity in the UK for her collaborations with some of the country’s top writers. She quickly became known for her unique voice and her bold, quirky sense of humor. And if you’ve never seen her perform, you’ve probably already heard her catchy tune “Happy,” which she performed alongside the Spice Girls in their classic ‘Spice Up Your Life’ video:

Paul’s career took off in the U.S. after collaborating with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift on her mega-successful Reputation album. As her fame spread, so did her unconventional on-camera behavior. In 2010, Paul was arrested for cocaine possession and driving under the influence. She later pled guilty to both charges and was disqualified from driving for a year. But it seems that this didn’t dampen her spirits, as she continued to live her life how she wanted to, and continued pursuing her passion for music. In 2016, the singer was arrested again, this time for attempting to purchase a firearm from a private seller on social media. The singer’s representatives released a statement at the time, saying:

“She never tried to buy the gun, the person she was chatting with on social media had asked if she’d like to buy the gun and she said ‘Yes please’ thinking they were interested in buying the gun from her. She has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with the law.”

While these arrests were certainly surprising, they didn’t seem to affect her popularity among her fans. And with good reason. Not many pop stars can claim to have had such a colorful and eventful life. And in a world where most people carefully guard the privacy of their personal lives, Paul has never been shy about sharing her adventures and feelings with her fans. She made her Twitter account private in 2018, but she hasn’t exactly hidden her life away; she’s often been very open about her many love interests, past and present.

It’s clear that Paul has always been attracted to the dark side. Her song “Black Widow” from her 2010 album, Speak Your Mind, exemplifies this dual nature. The song is a ballad with an eerie, almost tribal beat. The lyrics paint a chilling picture of a vengeful and powerful femme fatale: