If you follow American television comedy, you may know that Jackson Rathbone has a recurring role on the popular series, “A.C.P.D.” He plays the role of Lt. “Ruff” Rathbone, the extremely dedicated and over-the-top father of two teenage girls.

But you may not know that Rathbone has an extensive television resume beyond his role as Lt. “Ruff” Rathbone. He’s also appeared in shows like “Silicon Valley,” “The Grinder,” “Chelsea,” “The Goldbergs,” “Black-ish,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Angie Tribeca,” “Single Parents,” “The Carmichael Show,” and “I Love Money.”

What’s next for Rathbone? Well, just a few weeks ago, he was tapped to star in the upcoming season of “American Horror Story.”

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the future of “American Horror Story,” and teased that fans shouldn’t expect the traditional season format. “We’re really going for it this year as far as the scares go,” Murphy said. “I think people are going to be really upset when they see the episodes because they’re not going to know what’s happening. There will be no safety blanket for them. They’ll have to watch every episode to understand what’s going on because there will be no subtitle track for this one.

Why Are They Scaring Us This Season?

Murphy went on to say that he likes bringing “new tricks” and “new scares” to the show each year, and that this year is no exception. He also hinted that there are some pretty major twists ending up being the plot of this year’s season.

Specifically, Murphy said:

“There’s a serial killer who’s been preying on the city’s most wealthy citizens, and it just so happens that most of their families have been gathered at the annual Hamptons Carnival. Which is why the whole city is terrified: they think this guy is going to strike during the carnival, so everyone has to stay inside their houses. Naturally, it’s all a ruse designed to get the serial killer what he wants. In order to expose the killer and stop him, you have to enter his world and trick him into believing that all your friends and families are in on it with him. So you have to work with the killer to clear the town of these wealthy snobs during the most haunted days of the year.”

Well, let’s hope Murphy’s right and that this serial killer theory turns out to be true. As for what fans can expect from the other scares this year, Murphy said:

“It’s definitely twisted. This year, more than ever, you’ll see things you never saw before on our show. The scariest thing is, you’ll probably think you’re seeing things that aren’t scary at all. But they’re trying to trick you into thinking that.”

Check out the entire interview and see what scares you most about the upcoming season of “American Horror Story”

Where Can I Watch American Horror Story?

You can currently watch “American Horror Story” via the following platforms:

  • On demand
  • In theaters
  • From Netflix (2016)
  • On Amazon Prime
  • Via Hulu
  • From FX Networks (2017)

Keep in mind that all of these options require you to have a television. So, unless you have one, you’re unfortunately out of luck. But don’t fret, there are still ways to see “American Horror Story” without a TV.

Netflix Is The Most Popular Option

According to a recent survey conducted by The Nectar community, Netflix was the most popular option among respondents (25%) when it came to watching “American Horror Story.”

Amazon Prime was the second most popular option (20%) while Hulu (15%) and theaters (12%) tied for third place. Interestingly, 10% of respondents said they would only watch “American Horror Story” via the online streaming service. Plus, 6% said they would never watch it.

The survey also asked respondents about their interest in purchasing content on DVD or Blu-ray. And while respondents were most interested in purchasing content on Blu-ray (30% vs. 27% for DVD), 12% wasn’t sure and 11% said they wouldn’t buy either option. So, it seems that while the majority of respondents are interested in watching “American Horror Story” on as many platforms as possible, a sizable chunk isn’t sold on the idea of buying physical media.

Check out the entire interview with The Nectar community

What Is The Nectar Community?

The Nectar community is a group of active social media users who want to see and hear from brands and publishers they enjoy. Essentially, the Nectar community gives fans what they want while helping content creators reach new audiences.

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It’s clear that social media users prefer the instant gratification that comes with chatting with a real person. Which is why the Nectar community was able to create such a large audience in the first place.

The Next Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ Is…

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