If you thought the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez wedding was insane, just wait till you hear about the latest celebrity union. Robert Pattinson and Bella Hadid got hitched in a private ceremony in Venice Beach, California on Saturday evening. The couple exchanged vows before friends and family, including a very welcome Baby Drake.

The wedding was designed in conjunction with celebrity fashion designer Bella Hadid and her team of stylists who worked closely with the couple to create a unique ceremony that reflected their personalities. Guests were treated to a range of sweet and savory canapés, served by Hollywood’s finest. As for the wedding cake, it was made up of 66 carat yellow diamonds, adorned with edible gold leaf and edible pearls. And just like that, the most expensive wedding of the year was celebrated.

The Meaning of the Meme

In early February, a stylized photo of Robert Pattinson began appearing on TikTok and other platforms, garnering millions of views and generating a small explosion of meme-worthy content in the process. The photos feature Pattinson’s striking resemblance to Disney’s iconic character Aladdin—the result of a viral marketing campaign by the luxury goods company Montblanc. The campaign was designed to promote their new line of magical watches, which coincidentally all feature an appearance by Aladdin (and a few other notable faces).

The memes have continued to appear since then, with audiences on TikTok engaging with the content on a daily basis. The social media platform is currently home to over 500 million monthly active users, and the video platform sees more than 300 million active users monthly.

The memes play on viewers’ familiarity with Aladdin, who first appeared in Disney cartoons in the 1950s. The character went on to be the face of many products, from perfume to toys. Today, Aladdin is one of Disney’s most recognizable characters and one of the greatest advertising icons of all time. In 2019, Aladdin was even named the best movie character of the last 20 years in a poll conducted by The Walt Disney Company.

What Is Aladdin’s Impact On Today’s Culture?

Just like with any other classic Disney movie, the impact of Aladdin on pop culture today is immeasurable. The search volume for “Aladdin” on Google is up over 500% since the start of this year, and the character even had a hand in some of the biggest viral trends of the past year. Here’s a short list of some of the most interesting trends related to Aladdin:

1. Costume Quest

Last year, fans of Netflix’s animated series Rick and Morty put their analytical skills to the test, challenging each other to a virtual game of costume-quest. The game was based on a Tumblr post from earlier this year, where user michaelawesome26 challenges the reader to find the perfect ensemble that will bring out the magical side of their personality. The meme-maker even attached a price tag to the entry: “$250 in pocket money.”

The contest drew hundreds of participants, with kids as young as four competing in the quest to be the best Aladdin they can be. Fans on TikTok have made it their mission to play as many games of costume quest as possible, documenting their quest and sharing their ideas for how to tackle the character. (Netflix) (ComicBook.com)

2. Reindeer Games

The festive season is here, and that means it’s time to play some of the most popular Christmas games. One of the newest additions to the game family is called Reindeer Games and was originally inspired by the classic Christmas game of capture the flag. In the game, players try to capture and store food items around the house in order to build up their personal storage, while the person who stored the most food by the time the season ends wins. (Snowflake Games) (PlayStation.com)

3. Self-Care Challenges

In March, TikTok introduced a new game called Self-Care Challenges, which tasks users with caring for themselves and others while also seeking out entertainment. The game is inspired by TikTok user @_itsjaneis, who challenges others to care for her in a variety of ways, from brushing her hair to helping her put on makeup. The game has since become one of the most popular challenges on TikTok, with users playing the game daily. As for the impact of these memes on self-care, a recent study from the United Kingdom showed that people use social media to cope with stressful life events, and this trend is particularly prevalent on TikTok. Many users have reported feeling better after playing Self-Care Challenges, which suggests that confronting one’s problems on social media can be therapeutic. (The Guardian)

4. Beauty Challenges

A few weeks back, beauty YouTuber Miranda Sings uploaded a video in which she set a challenge for her followers. In the clip, she announces that she will be taking on the beauty and fashion industry with a new beauty line called Miranda Sings Beauty. The line will challenge the beauty industry by offering cruelty-free, hydrating, and antioxidant-rich skincare products that are effective and affordable. (Miranda Sings)

The beauty challenge was met with positive feedback from viewers, with many praising the initiative for taking on a notoriously aggressive industry. Since the line’s relaunch last month, searches for “Miranda Sings Beauty” have increased by 137%, and it currently sits near the top of its category on search engine Google.

What Will Disney’s Next Move Be After Aladdin’s Huge Success?

Disney’s plans for Aladdin after the film’s phenomenal success are just as exciting as the character’s new marriage. The studio is currently in negotiations with social media platforms to broadcast Aladdin’s live-action film premiere on TikTok and other platforms. (The Sun)

If that’s not yet been confirmed, fans will have to settle for the silver lining: at least they’ll get to see more of the magical kingdom of Agrabah. The question is, will Disney use Aladdin’s meteoric rise to continue expanding the animated film’s world and introduce new characters to expand the franchise? Stay tuned!