Yes, indeed, it appears that our favorite leggy lad is once again donning a wig in a movie. But this time around, it’s not for a comedy; it’s for a dark, edgy thriller called Batman, which sees the Caped Crusader tangle with some very dangerous and intriguing characters. And what’s more, Pattinson plays a dual role, which means that sometimes he’s wearing a wig and sometimes he’s not; it’s probably a combination of the two. So let’s take a look at the evidence and try to figure out what’s going on with this mysterious transformation.

The Evidence

Here’s the deal: in the course of filming the movie, Pattinson sported two different wigs, and sometimes he wasn’t wearing any hair at all. And, as you’ll see in the clips below, he seems to alternate between the two looks on a regular basis, as if he’s testing out different styles or maybe trying on different personas (though who he’s pretending to be is anyone’s guess). In any event, let’s examine the evidence and try to understand what the hell is going on.

Back in June, shortly before filming began, the British press was abuzz with rumors that Pattinson would be sporting a Louis Vuitton diaper bag during the shoot. This was in addition to the normal swarm of paparazzi who try to corner the starlets as they arrive at set each day. So, of course, the press went wild, speculating that Louis Vuitton was sponsoring the movie and that the bag was some kind of a product placement deal. Well, let’s just say that the rumors turned out to be true. Pattinson does, in fact, have a Louis Vuitton bag slung over his shoulder in the first scene we’re going to show you; it even has the brand’s signature monogram on it. So there you go.

But the question is: why? Why would Louis Vuitton choose to appear in a movie with a male lead? Isn’t it usually about time for a woman to step forward and shine in a traditionally male-dominated arena? And, for that matter, isn’t it usually female film stars who get these sorts of brand deals? Well, maybe Louis Vuitton saw something in Pattinson the company hadn’t seen before. As for why he would sport two different wigs, it’s all about the performance. As we’ve established, Pattinson seems to believe that wigs are a great tool for performers who want to switch from good to bad or, rather, from bad to good; they allow for a more dynamic acting style. So he might have decided to put this theory to the test and see how it worked on camera.

The Ambiguity

As noted, sometimes Pattinson appears to wear a wig and other times he doesn’t. We’ll give you a few seconds to figure out which one he is wearing at any given moment; it’s not easy. Take your time. As for why he would wear wigs, maybe it’s for the experience. After all, it’s not everyday that you see a Hollywood starlet sporting a full head of hair. Maybe it’s a nod to James Bond, who famously used wigs in a number of films. Maybe it’s because he feels like he can get away with it. Who knows? It’s ambiguous. And that’s the point.

The Truth

As for what’s going on with Richard Simmons’ famous mullet; well, maybe it’s a tribute to The Beastmaster himself. Yes, Robert Pattinson is indeed wearing a wig in Batman, though it’s not for comedic effect. Instead, it’s to make him look different and, as noted, more dynamic. And, by wearing multiple wigs, he’s trying out different personas or styles; maybe even James Bond, maybe Charlie’s Angels. Who knows? No one does. Except, perhaps, Batman himself.