Many of you may already know that Robert Pattinson is a vegetarian. Well, he isn’t exactly a vegan, as he occasionally eats eggs and dairy products. But since there are so many vegan and vegetarian options on the menu at restaurants and cafes around the world, he doesn’t have to eat animals to keep his health. He has spoken publicly about his love for animals and environment issues, which is why we’re certain he’s a vegetarian.

However, it seems that not everyone knows this about the English actor, writer, and musician. We’ve gathered some interesting information about his dietary restrictions that may be of interest to fellow vegetarians and vegans.

Vegetarianism In Pop Culture

We often see celebrities speak out about their dietary preferences and restrictions. Many of them choose to remain anonymous, but some are quite open about their choices. Here’s a small sample of celebrities who are vegetarian or vegan. More details can be found on the referenced websites.

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  • I Love Steaks, But I Can’t Eat Animals: Emma Bunton reveals that she loves steaks but can’t eat animals because of her love for animals. It seems that she has chosen a vegan diet. Bunton says that although she would like to try new foods, she would have trouble being vegetarian because she is not a fan of tofu.
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  • Robert Pattinson On Being Vegetarian, His Great Supportive Wife Twice Baked Wendy-Cakes, And Why He Chooses This Lifestyle: Interview with Robert Pattinson discussing his love for animals and the environment, and how he chooses to be vegetarian. The interview was conducted by vegan blogger and author Wendy Baker. She provides a great deal of detail about RP’s diet, including the foods he enjoys and those he avoids. The actor also discusses the importance of family and friends in his life, as well as his respect for individualism and freedom of choice.
  • What Is Vegetarianism, And Why Do You Choose It?: Oprah Winfrey asks her audience to consider becoming vegetarian, or at least cutting back on the meat they eat. She provides a great deal of information about vegetarianism, its history, and the many ways in which animals suffer because of our consumption of animal products.
  • What is Vegetarianism and Why Do You Choose It?: Robert Pattinson provided an answer to this question on Quora.
  • Robert Pattinson Vegetarianism: Gossip Goes Here provides a great deal of information about RP’s vegetarianism, pointing out that many people don’t realize that he is a vegetarian. The author states that, while some people might think that vegetarianism is only for animal lovers or people with a strong spiritual connection to nature, it is, in fact, a very practical choice for the well-being of Mother Earth.

Veganism Vs Vegetarianism

People who choose to eat nothing containing animal products are often called vegans. Those who eat some animal products but choose to reduce their intake as much as possible are often called vegetarians. Here’s a quick comparison of veganism and vegetarianism.

Veganism emphasizes ethical, environmental, and health concerns, while vegetarianism focuses mainly on moral and ethical issues. This is one of the reasons why vegans and vegetarians often butt heads. While vegans promote veganism and try to eliminate all animal products from their diet, vegetarians sometimes feel that going without meat is not always the best option. They argue that a vegetarian diet can be harmful to your health. And although we love animals and would never hurt them deliberately, sometimes accidents happen. If you’re going to eat animals anyway, they say, then at least eat organic and sustainable ones.

We hope this article on Is Robert Pattinson Vegetarian? has educated you on the dietary preferences of one of the most popular actors/musicians around the world. As you can see, there is a wealth of information about his lifestyle choices on the web. And just because he is vegetarian, that does not mean that you have to be too. You might enjoy some of his food, but maybe not all of it. It’s your choice is it not?